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    Quote Originally Posted by ATAG_Ribbs View Post
    Hi Nephilium.. are you just working on the stats page ..Or are you also working on the in game stats page? Just trying to get a feel for what were doing here..And what we need to focus on.
    To be honest I can do both but I would focus on website for the moment. Anyway I need Your ideas guys.
  3. Fotos im Cockpit

    Quote Originally Posted by baloueb123 View Post
    Hi Leute !

    Ich habe in einigen YouTube- Filmen Fotos im Cockpit gesehen .
    Wie bekommt man die dort hinein ??

    Gruß balou
  4. Dynamix Part III: Desert Fighters and the end of an era

    (1998-2001) Desert Fighters

    Following the release of Red Baron II/3D, Dynamix began development on a new era of flight sims. Several different project ideas were put on the drawing board. With the advent of fully 3D accelerated graphics, new games in the genre would be radically different than what had been done before.

    In 1999, Dynamix announced their next project, Desert Fighters. Flight sims were experiencing a particular spike in popularity at the end of the

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  5. настройка NVIDIA Driver

    Quote Originally Posted by Saylors View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by tango View Post
    аналогичная ситуация с полётами, да ещё и видюха стала глючить по полной (r9 200)... вот разжился новой - geforce gtx 1060 strix 6gb, сегодня буду втюхивать эту 30 ти сантиметровую радость в комп. кстати - какие настройки для боба нужно делать и нужно ли? у меня всегда radeon были, про geforce ни бум-бум
    Вот скрины настроек (которые мы настраивали), - Влад сделал по моей просьбе для поколений (советую сохранить
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