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Thread: Map rotation randomness?

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    Map rotation randomness?

    Noticed yesterday that K-kamp came on several times (separated by one other mission) and then when i woke up this morning it was on again. This isnt a moan about the mission - i dont mind it - but just wondering if the randomness script is maybe in need for a reboot?

    I cant remember all my uni stats lectures - in fact i think i dkipped those classes mostly - but realise its possible to have a cluster of events that dont look random but are still random. So maybe this is what is happening. But thought i would mention it just in case.


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    Re: Map rotation randomness?

    Yep...randomness is not real randomness...I can't true randomness would occasionally see the same map picked 3 or 4 times in there has to be a clause in the random cycle that it doesn't play the same map twice in a row...Just a heads up incase you thought that making a script for random map rotation was a walk in the park...

    Anyways...The clever folk who work their magic on this stuff will I am sure give it a kick and acknowledge your concerns...

    Good call Ez...~S~
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