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Thread: Coretex Design: F-18E

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    Coretex Design: F-18E

    F-18E Coretex Designs news:
    On September 25th we will be letting everyone know what we have been up to lately. We will release photo's and video's of our F/A-18E module in action. We will be also letting everyone know our future goals and our internal updates that involve changes within the Coretex group.

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    Re: Coretex Design: F-18E

    Coretex designs update
    Coretex Designs - 09/25/13

    First off I'd like to thank everyone for waiting this long for a new update and sticking with us. It has truly been a journey to get to this point where we can release an update.
    Throughout the past few months we have been hard at working developing Coretex Designs and the F/A-18E project. Through our journey we have had to remove members, and gain new members. This transition of old and new members has provided us with a dedicated team. We are now the most productive we have ever been. New items, features, and abilities are being developed/added weekly.
    This could only be possible with our new members. We now have some outstanding programmers, designers, and testers (real world experience). Combining the couple of members that have stayed throughout our journey with our new members we now have an excellent team of individuals that will go far.

    In the following weeks you will see a complete change in the way we function. We will be releasing regular updates and be more active with our trusting and strong community. We will now be updating not only through the forums but also through facebook, google +, twitter, youtube , vimeo , tumblr and our under development website. (links will be below)
    F/A-18E Module
    Now onto our most anticipated news, the F/A-18E module. During the past couple months we have accomplished way too much to list on this page but I'll highlight a few of the key points. The video posted below shows a short demonstration of what we have completed.
    The EFM (External Flight Model) is now at a point in it's stages where we'll be handing over the module to our testers to receive their input. One of the highlights of the EFM is our very own FCS (Flight Control Systems). By the time the final build of our module is published the FCS will have a mind of its own.
    External Model
    In the past month we have re-vamped several items on our external model. This includes the engines intake/outtake, and nose gear. Also, in the next few weeks our external textures will be getting revamped as-well. Our external textures are being completed by Jack from the forums. Also, we are excited to show work in progress photos of our very own pilot that will be featured in the module. Below you can find several screenshots showing the new models/textures that are a work in progress.
    The current status of our cockpit is that modeling, and animations are complete. We are still working on texturing, and scripting most of the cockpit functions. In the video below you can see that we have a functional HUD, EFD, and UFCD. Our L/R DDI's, and MPCD are still being scripted.
    Now, if you are wondering about our cockpit textures I can assure you they will look nothing like what they look like now in the final module. We are bringing on a very popular cockpit texture artist from the forums in the upcoming weeks that will start turning this cockpit into a beauty. We will post regular updates on this subject as-well.
    Here is a list of completed functions within the cockpit.
    APU Switch/Light
    ENG CRANK Switch
    Probe Extend Switch
    Formation Light Switches/Knobs
    Launch Bar Switch
    Taxi Light Switch
    Flap Switch
    Parking/Emergency Brake
    Gear Lever
    Hook Lever
    WingFold Switch
    L Gen Switch
    Battery Switch
    R Gen Switch
    Internal Lighting Knobs
    Canopy Switch
    Battery Gauge
    Hydraulic Gauge
    Vertical Velocity Gauge
    Altimeter Gauge
    Airspeed Gauge
    Attitude Gauge
    Brake Pressure Gauge
    Warning Lights

    Side Project

    We currently have a side project that we'd like to share with everyone today. We are still in the very early stages of development but I'm glad to say that we are now developing the CVN-77 Carrier for DCS. We are currently in the modeling/texturing stages. With the help of "John Dafermos" or better known on the forums as "Astoxos." Below you can find some work in progress screenshots of the carrier model/texturing. More news and updates to come as this project further develops.
    We hope you have truly enjoyed this new update that we have released today. We will be releasing new, and regular updates from now on. Please feel free to contact us through any of the following networks. Thank you!

    Video update #1

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    Re: Coretex Design: F-18E

    Coretex F/A-18E Update
    to The Carrier - F/A-18E Video

    Check out the first video in a series of videos featuring the F/A-18E landing on our very own USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) carrier! These videos will be released on a monthly schedule and will be showcasing some of our new (work in progress) features.
    The post processing is the style that our video producer enjoys creating. Some may like it and some may not. We plan to release more "raw" videos later on. As for the intro, there isn't really a intro but the first half of the video is showing the Super Hornet taking off from main land and returning to the carrier. If your looking for more technical stuff then this video isn't it. I don't want to give too much away for our next video but it will feature more technical footage from inside the cockpit.

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    Re: Coretex Design: F-18E

    Coretex Update
    We have listened to the majority of the community, and have decided to remove this video. Our next update will feature technical information and only "raw" footage of our module. Thank you for your patience, and support. -Chris

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    Re: Coretex Design: F-18E

    Coretex F/A-18E update

    Happy Holidays from Coretex Designs! (WIP Paint Scheme)

    Minor Update
    Paint schemes are being worked on. We're in the process of re-vamping panel lines, rivets, and weathering.
    Weapons systems are being scripted, and modeled.
    An additional programmer has joined Coretex Designs. This will increase workflow, and productivity.

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    Re: Coretex Design: F-18E

    looks good !!

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    Re: Coretex Design: F-18E
    Coretex Designs
    Update: 01-01-14

    In the past three months we've made some great progress throughout our development. Below you will find some of our development updates categorized by their areas of progress.

    Company Progress

    - We're in the process of registering Coretex Designs as a Limited Liability Company. We are expecting our registration to be completed mid-March.

    - A new programmer has joined to ease the workload of development.

    - A new cockpit artist has joined Coretex Designs to work on all our modules. (The_Fragger)

    F/A-18E Super Hornet Progress

    Note: Everything is a work in progress, and should not represent the final module.


    - We are still proceeding with testing and tuning the flight model to our testers feedback.

    Cockpit Programming

    -Weapons systems are being implemented.

    - Added Manual and CCIP modes in conjunction with Single, Salvo, Ripple Single, and Ripple Multiple sequences
    - EADI (Electronic Attitude Display Indicator) Added
    - EFD (Engine Fuel Display) Completed
    - AOA (Angle Of Attack) Indexer Added

    3D Progress
    (Photo's Below)

    - Hook Re-Vamped
    - Refueling Probe Re-Vamped
    - Pylons Re-Vamped
    - ECS (Environmental Control System) Auxiliary Duct Doors Added
    - KY-58 Control Panel Added
    - Wing Flex Added
    - Pilot Complete (Created By: Sven Borchert)

    2D Progress
    (Photo's Below)

    - Pilot Diffuse/Normal Maps Complete (Sven Borchert)
    - Cockpit textures are actively being worked on. (The_Fragger)

    At the top of this thread you will find a poll we have created that we would like your input on. Your input will determine our next course of action, and it would be appreciated greatly.

    As always, we hope you stick around to follow our updates, and support our development. If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions feel free to contact us through Skype, Email or any of our social media networks posted below.

    Thank You, The Coretex Designs Team

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    Re: Coretex Design: F-18E

    Looks good except incorrect G-Suit for US Naval Aviators, and lacking white helmet tape.

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    Re: Coretex Design: F-18E

    Coretex Facebook (video incoming).


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