Running Mission Red

Mission briefing codename "Joy Division" v07c

Last week a female resistance fighter managed to escape from a Nazi installation called

"Freuden-Abteilung". At this installation female french resistance fighters are forced to serve german officers.

During the last weeks the ladies "picked" up some interesting informations.

The germans are testing a new "Jagdbomber" (JaBo) at St.Omer Clairmarais.

Main target:

St.Omer Clairmarais advanced fighter base BE 19.6

The ladies collected some valuable information that could be veryfied by our reconnaissance pilots.

Major targets:

Amiens GESTAPO brothel BE 10.6

Hesdin fuel research facility BC 15.3

Licques fuel tanks BC 19.7

Therouanne Nazi leader mansion BE 18.2

Boulogne fuel tanks AZ 19.2

Amiens fuel tanks BE 10.2

Dunkerque fuel tanks BE 22.9 BF 22.7

Calais harbour tanks BB 21.8

Additional targets:

There is a tanker reported. Location: offshore Calais

After bomber escort duties the fighter pilots should take out targets of opportunity on their way home:


Boulogne town (heavy)

Boulogne airfield

Calais harbour (heavy)

Amiens Allonville airfield

Amiens industrial area

Desvres airfield

Tramecourt airfield


Le Touquet airfield

Pihen airfield

Calais Marck airfield

Oye Plage airfield

Gentlenmen, please refer to the images provided by the No. 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit PRU accessible at the Air Tactical Assault Group com