Running Mission Red

June 1, 1940 - Dynamo v1.4c

Weather: Clear skies, winds from the SW @ 4 knots.

Listen up, gents! Our backs are against the wall. The German attack through the Ardennes has caught us by complete surprise. The French government is near collapse and our army is cut-off and being pushed into the sea. Anything that floats is being pressed into service in a desperate attempt to save what men & equipment we can. God knows we are going to need them to defend England in the weeks & months ahead. Oddly enough the panzers have halted their attack so it's imperative we act now.

Fighter Command Orders

- Establish air superiority over the evacuation ships and beachhead (BD22). You fighter jocks need to do everything in your power to protect the ships and the beachhead so the Royal Navy can get our lads out of this mess.

- Intercept enemy air raids on the Dunkirk perimeter. We expect waves of Jerry bombers & dive bombers to keep the beachhead under constant attack. Ground observers will alert you to any raids that are spotted. Use Chain Home RDF (Tab-4-1) to intercept.

- Finally, Bomber Command is going to be very active in the area so help out where you can. There are plenty of soft targets that those 8 x Brownings will put a hurt on.

Dunkirk is at the limit of our RDF coverage but try using Chain Home RDF (Tab-4-1) to search for enemy bomber raids in the area. If you run into trouble try to ditch near the beach and catch a ride home as panzers have overrun the airbases around the beachhead.

We have one remaining airbase inside the perimeter at Oye-Plage. Only Hurricane units are permitted to operate from it and the base is under constant barrage from enemy artillery. Use at your own risk. Also, many of our Spitfires are still equipped with the de Havilland 2 pitch propeller but we have a few Spitfires with the Rotol CSP's operating out of RAF Manston & RAF Eastchurch.

Chain Home RDF Instructions: Press Tab then 4. Mission then 1. Chain Home RDF. First, you must connect to a dispatch controller. Press 1. Select Dispatch Controller to see a list of controllers within range. For this mission connect to Luton (Ash). Once connected to a controller select option 2. Get Radar Contacts for a report which will display in the chat console. Avoid using the 0. Back option, use Tab to exit instead. If you cannot connect to a controller you could be out of range.

Bomber Command Orders

- German armoured & motorized columns have stopped their advance towards the beachhead for unknown reasons. At any time they could push forward and storm the perimeter. There is an armoured column on the road SW of Coquelles (BB21.4), a motorized infantry column near Watten (BE20.7), and a panzer formation near Wormhout (BF21.3).

- If that's not enough to keep you busy, aerial reconnaissance has discovered a Jerry artillery battery NE of Licques in a forest clearing (BC19.8) that is causing heavy damage on the beach. Silence those guns.

- German Infantry and Motorized units have been unloading and marshalling at the Arques Railyard (BE19.3). Hit them hard before they can march towards the beachhead.

- The Luftwaffe has established a forward base at Rely Norrent Fontes (BF17.4). Knock it out of action to slow attacks on our transport ships.