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Thumbnail TacView support
This is TacView support version 1.0. Principal coder OBT~Eazy.

The installer creates a directory where flight files are saved and installs a DLL. Both these are in the install directory.

Consult the manual for more information.
ATAG_Oskar 38 0 1 Jun-15-2021, 19:53 Aug-24-2021, 18:57
Thumbnail Test Your Gunsight
Click here!

29 0 1 Jul-25-2020, 11:30 Jul-25-2020, 11:37
Thumbnail RAF manager
tools for changing loadout
I don't know who the author is and claim no credit
ATAG_JackMaxx 60 0 1 Jan-04-2020, 11:50 Jan-04-2020, 11:50
Thumbnail Barebone & low cost DIY headtracking (Part 2, Joystick Sketch)
This sketch turn the Arduino into Joystick, automatically detected by Windows OS within Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Devices and Printers/Arduino....
See the following link for the part 1 and the required libraries
Kwings714 32 0 2 Aug-31-2018, 18:44 Jan-03-2019, 23:47
Thumbnail Barebone and budget minded DIY Headtracking (EDTracker approach)
The original file can be download directly from Pololu's website and can be used for calibration.
Kwings714 25 0 1 Jun-09-2018, 21:11 Jun-09-2018, 21:11
Thumbnail REAL Virtual Cockpit with Server and Client

ATAG_Septic's version does not work remotely, i.e. you can only use it to output gauges to a second monitor, not to a second PC (despite what the instructions say).

This is the version you want if you want your instruments to display on a second PC, for example a laptop. (

This version also includes all the cockpits made available to date.

Doug97 225 0 2 Apr-15-2018, 04:22 Oct-31-2018, 05:06
Thumbnail Clod shortcuts
With this brilliant piece of software you can easily make some changes in some settings.You can change language, clouds, empty cache, zoom speed and delete that ubi video at the start.
I didn't made it, I only found it somewhere.
Stormrider 128 0 1 Apr-23-2017, 12:20 Apr-23-2017, 12:20
Thumbnail Profile for ReShade 3 + CoD
More info in this topic:
Tested CoD v.4.312 + Reshade 3.0

Update 4.04.2017
- Deband option.
YoYo 429 0 1 Apr-02-2017, 08:26 Apr-04-2017, 02:42
Thumbnail windows enabler
this tool makes it possible to enable or disable functions in software which are greyed out
Stormrider 44 0 1 Feb-22-2017, 09:42 Feb-22-2017, 09:42
Thumbnail New virtual cockpits background and layouts: Bf109, Bf110, Hurricane, Spitfire & JU87 NEW VERSION
I took the most excellent device link virtual cockpit for the BF109 for IL-2 Cliffs of Dover and added a cockpit graphic background and resized and positioned the dials to match.

Thanks to the original creators of the device link code and the excellent cockpit gauges and dials. I have just edited the Bf109e4 (2 different layouts), Bf109e4b, Bf110c4, Ju-87, Hurricane and Spitfire cockpit files and I have included all the files required to run these virtual cockpits. If I have time I'll try an...
Aces_sim123 127 +1 1 Jan-27-2017, 16:05 Jan-27-2017, 16:05
Thumbnail New virtual cockpits background and layouts: Bf109, Bf110, Hurricane, Spitfire & JU87
Five virtual cockpit layouts for Cliffs of Dover for Bf109 E4, Bf110 C4, Ju75 b2, Spitfire and Hurricane for using with device link.

Make a folder called Virtual Cockpits or whatever you wish to name it. This doesn't have to be in your Clod folder but can be if you wish..

Unzip all the files in my download into this folder, make sure to keep the folder structure but it should just unrar this way anyway.

Run CLoD

Run the "RD_IL2CloDTF30.exe" file lo...
Aces_sim123 30 0 1 Jan-26-2017, 12:56 Jan-26-2017, 13:24
Thumbnail Opentrack 2.2 Stable Profile
Hello !

Following Boosterdogs upload of a profile for Opentrack 2.3 i thought I'd upload mine for Opentrack 2.2 Stable

(available here

I get on really well with this and have tweaked it a touch after reading through Boo's post on his 2.3 version.

Getting these "just right" is going to be different for all of us so anyone new to ED Tracker I'd suggest you both and tweak to your hearts desire. I'm not ...
ATAG_Highseas 84 0 1 Jan-12-2017, 12:49 Jan-12-2017, 12:49
Thumbnail OPENTRACK 2.3 Conf File for ED Tracker PRO

This config file SHOULD allow your ED Tracker pro work correctly with Opentrack 2.3.

Opentrack 2.3 uses a version of the Accella Filter that is much easier to adjust in order to avoid jittering when your view is zoomed in than version 2.2.

Setting the rotational dead zone to 11 degrees (Thanks TWC_FLUG) stops any jittering and provides a very stable view that doesnt strain your eyes.

I couldnt find any official documentation relating to the use of OT 2.3 with EDtracker (only 2.2...
BOO 99 0 1 Jan-11-2017, 05:06 Jan-11-2017, 07:53
Thumbnail IL-2 Menu Music Modification
Download and overwrite the existing oog files found in Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD/music.
DetCord 176 0 1 Jan-04-2017, 08:44 Jan-04-2017, 08:45
Thumbnail CLoD Key Commands v1.0
I recently recieved a PM asking for am posting here.

No updates to this, but this was the original file uploaded to

Not sure if I have all the original files that I used to make this anymore.

I no longer frequent these forums or fly CLoD.

If you need to contact me about these files, I can be reached via e-mail at marmusman at yahoo dot com


Cliffs of Dover Key Command Kit v1.0

In this package is listings of Key Commands for IL-2: Cli...
Marmus 857 0 2 May-16-2016, 21:29 May-20-2016, 13:42
Thumbnail loadout 2.1
This a utility I use to change the loadout.It is something I found on this forum(am not sure), it is NOT created by me, who it made I don't know.A big thank you for the one who made this great tool!!!
Stormrider 156 0 1 Oct-30-2015, 08:09 Oct-30-2015, 08:09
TF Edit:

************************************************** *
************************************************** *

This forces CloD.exe to run. It fixes a problem with "WriteProcessMemory" caused by maddox.dll

In normal people talk: If your game crashes on startup or before startup, or doesn't launch... use this to get your game to run!
ATAG_NakedSquirrel 629 0 1 Oct-10-2015, 08:45 Jan-16-2017, 19:21
Thumbnail ps3_eye patch
For those who want to start with freetrack.This patch makes it posible to use a ps3-eye with freetrack.You only need to buy/download the drivers for it and get your head in the game!!This patch is NOT made by me Iam only making it available for those who need it.
Stormrider 30 0 1 Oct-01-2015, 10:38 Oct-01-2015, 10:38
Thumbnail Virtual Cockpit Complete
Virtual Cockpit with all Luftwaffe cockpits plus Spitfire, Hurricane and Blenheim cockpits in one simple .zip

Just extract contents to desktop, run VirtualCockpit.exe, select desired plane, select monitor, hit start and enjoy.

None of the included work is mine. All I have done is combine everything into one package to make it easier. Please see this thread

DoubleStandards 707 +2 1 Jul-07-2015, 15:42 Jul-09-2015, 10:42
Thumbnail ATAG's Server Commander
For instructions see:
ATAG_Colander 130 +3 1 May-22-2015, 15:34 May-22-2015, 15:37

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