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Thumbnail DEXAL's RAF convergence calculator
This is a folder with 2 MS Excels spreadsheets that help you calculate convergences.

All worked out by Dexal - you can adjust the H and V for each gun and see where it will be at any distance.
BOO 108 0 1 Mar-24-2017, 09:56 Mar-24-2017, 09:56
Thumbnail Sidewinder Troubleshooting Guide

A quick guide on how to sort out the loss of FFB on the MS sidewinder. Should fix the loss of FFB when firing MGs, when the AI fires and when Ordinance is dropped. Also contains a file to subdue the initial kick of the cannon in the 109 if that bugs you. Thanks to ATAG_DAVE for the help with this.
BOO 389 0 1 Aug-16-2016, 02:55 Aug-16-2016, 03:49
Thumbnail TS with notifier
A working version of TS with notifier installed for anyone experiencing issues getting notifier to work in clod. You must already have TS installed on your system for this to work.

Rename your existing TS 'start in' folder and keep as a back up (& of course remember what you called it......). Then unzip this and move the file structure to the original TS 'start in' location ensuring the name of the main folder exactly matches your 'start in' location (right click your desktop icon, click pro...
ATAG_Dave 29 0 1 Jun-08-2015, 18:00 Jun-08-2015, 19:06
Thumbnail Cliffs of Dover map
If you know who made this, please tell me, so I can give credit where it is due.
ElGringo 642 +1 1 Jun-05-2015, 09:49 Jun-05-2015, 13:08

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