New virtual cockpits background and layouts: Bf109, Bf110, Hurricane, Spitfire & JU87 NEW VERSION


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New virtual cockpits background and layouts: Bf109, Bf110, Hurricane, Spitfire & JU87 NEW VERSION

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  • Aces cockpit remakes for CloD 23.09 MB

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I took the most excellent device link virtual cockpit for the BF109 for IL-2 Cliffs of Dover and added a cockpit graphic background and resized and positioned the dials to match.

Thanks to the original creators of the device link code and the excellent cockpit gauges and dials. I have just edited the Bf109e4 (2 different layouts), Bf109e4b, Bf110c4, Ju-87, Hurricane and Spitfire cockpit files and I have included all the files required to run these virtual cockpits. If I have time I'll try and work on other aircraft.

Installation and usage notes:

Make a folder called Virtual Cockpits or whatever you wish to name it. This doesn't have to be in your Clod folder.

Unzip all the files in my download into this folder, make sure to keep the folder structure but it should just unrar this way anyway.

Run CloD

Run the "RD_IL2CloDTF30.exe" file located in your "Virtual Cockpits" folder

Run the "VirtualCockpit.exe" file located in the same folder

Once in a mission in CloD pause the game, alt-tab to the RD_IL2CloDTF30 window and click on "open" and then click on "read" you should see lots of data appear in the columns. That means that the data is being read from CloD.

Alt-tab to the VirtualCockpit window and double click on one of the cockpits that matches your chosen plane

Click on the windows labelled "monitor" and select your second monitor (the monitor not being used by the game"

Click on the window labelled "Start" on the bottom right

The cockpit will then appear on this monitor and, when you unpause the game you'll see the instruments in the second monitor display come to life.

That's it, once "RD_IL2CloDTF30.exe" and "VirtualCockpit.exe" are running you can then change planes in Clod and make sure that you change to the correct cockpit in "VirtualCockpit" before you start to fly.

Hope you enjoy using them.

Best regards


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