Drogo Rescue


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Drogo Rescue

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Single Player mission: "Drogo Rescue".

"On 23 May 1940 54 Squadron Pilot Officer All Deere took part in a daring rescue operation. He and Pilot Officer Allen escorted their flight commander, James "Prof" Leathart, to France where he was to land a Miles Master trainer and pick up the CO of 74 Squadron F.L. "Drogo" White who had made a forced landing on the airfield at Calais-Marck after being damage by the return fire of an Henschel Hs 126. The pick-up was made, with Allen watching from 8000 feet and Deere circling at low level. An approaching formation of (twelve) Bf 109’s was spotted by Allen as the Master taxied out for take-off.

As the Bf 109’s began their attack Deere singled one out, fired a short burst and sent it crashing into the sea. Deere, climbing to help Allen, crossed the path of two more109’s, one of which turned towards him. Deere also turned, firing at the second one, which rolled over and dived away. Pursuing the first at treetop level, he fired off his remaining ammunition before the German escaped.

Heading back towards the coast Deere called up Allen and was relieved to hear him answer. In the interim the Master had taken off and headed for Hornchurch. In the action three Bf 109’s had been shot down and three others severely damaged."

An AI Bf 108 "Aldon"* disguised as Miles Master (or Magister, depends on where the tale is told) will made the "rescue".

A formation of twelve BF 109 of Jg 27 came along the coast, six will jump player and their AI wingman Spitfires...but no one is ace.

A German army armored column advance for airfield, defended by two BEF guns, (Ctrl+F2) for camera view.

Returning land in Manston airfield (IRL the "Aldon" return to Hornchurch).

* "In 1939, the RAF impounded (2 or) 4 Bf 108s from the German embassy and got one from a UK dealer (A.F.N. Ltd).
They operated them with No. 24 Squadron (located at Hendon) under the designation Messerschmitt Aldon (contraction of Harold John Aldington, name of the English dealer)."

BTW - All default CloD skins for Jg 27 have an Yellow Nose (Hollywood effect?), not appropriated for May 1940, but "Miles" skin is my first and last attempt in this matter.

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