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CLoD Key Commands v1.0

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I recently recieved a PM asking for am posting here.

No updates to this, but this was the original file uploaded to

Not sure if I have all the original files that I used to make this anymore.

I no longer frequent these forums or fly CLoD.

If you need to contact me about these files, I can be reached via e-mail at marmusman at yahoo dot com


Cliffs of Dover Key Command Kit v1.0

In this package is listings of Key Commands for IL-2: Cliffs of Dover (at BETA PATCH v.1.08.18956 - issued August 4, 2012)

1. Key Commands listing as .PDF
2. Key Commands listing in .xls MS Excel File format
3. Key Commands listing in generic .csv format (generic spreadsheet)
4. Keyboard Layout Graphic Template in .PDF format for use in manually working out your keyboard key command layout.
5. Keyboard Layout Graphic Template in .TIFF format, for custom modifications.
6. Keyboard Layout Graphic Template in .PNG format, for custom modifications.

The database information provided in these files includes a unique "_ID" for each command...these values are of my own making, used for reference only and have no purpose or association in the game. I also included the command name found in the "ConfigUser.ini" file for each key command.

I have included the "default" key settings that came with the game when I purchased it...I assume these values may change based on different purchase dates. I have left out any default joystick commands. At the end of the listing are the "Axes" commands for joystick setup.

I am sure there will be errors in this data. I discovered during my work that the listing in-game can change based on the information provided in the configuser.ini file. For example, if you enter two different key commands assigned to the same key...the key command will be listed twice in-game. I also found that the developers have slightly changed the names of some in-game command names during their patch releases. For example, "Loosen Shoulder Straps" has become "Lean to Gunsight." At a minimum, this document should get you started in working out your own setup.

Feel free to use this data as you wish. We only ask the courtesy of an acknowledgement to the “II/JG53 Co-Op Squadron” if used to produce some other guides, graphics, etc for Cliffs of Dover. Our goal is to share information for the betterment of the Cliffs of Dover community.

August 24, 2012
II/JG53 Co-Op Squadron
  1. Jack Hammer
    Outstanding work on these CLod Keybindings! Thanks very much!!
  2. tommy3133
    Thank You
  3. Mgelieb
    Appreciate this help

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