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Thumbnail Basic Canadian Hurricane markings (maybe not historically accurate)
I'm new here and to Cliffs of Dover. Thought I'd share some skins I modified from the default ones given.

Maybe not entirely historically accurate for BOB, but I like it. 15 0 1 Mar-22-2020, 17:36 Mar-22-2020, 17:39
Thumbnail Hurricane P2923 AG Lewis 85 Sqdn
This is unique and battle worn aircraft was one of the 85 Squadron aircraft flown by South African AG Lewis DFC and bar, a double "Ace in a day" He flew this aircraft during the July of 1940 at least. A brief summary of his life and career can be found here -

The aircraft has its under surfaces roughly overpainted in sky and traces of the previously applied "Battle of France" Black and White scheme remain on its port side fuselage. The sky is roughly a...
BOO 72 0 1 Jan-01-2018, 05:52 Jan-01-2018, 05:52
Thumbnail Stanford Tuck's Hurricanes (Reworks of Shado's Skins)
Two skins for which I take no credit. They are re-works of Shado's original skins produced some time ago and updated to use the TF4.5 colours as per Major Setback's default skin in game. If Shado produces updated versions ill probably delete these.

They represent Stanford Tuck's Hurricanes from mid to late 1940 and early 1941.

Personalisation, kills and codes were taken from Shado's work and edited before being transferred to the new skin.

I added a yellow edged roundel to the lower w...
BOO 144 0 1 Dec-31-2017, 07:27 Dec-31-2017, 11:28
Thumbnail Hurricane and Spitfire Black wing Schemes
This pack consists of blank black and white and black and sky schemes for the Spitfire and Hurricane. Both schemes where used to help with friendly AA recognition. The Black and White scheme was used up to May 1940 and in the Battle of France. The Black ad Sky Version was used between Nov 1940 and Mar 1941.

Players can use the in-game markings whilst also being able to (almost) historically correct roundels on the lower surfaces and one or two other little additions.

In additional to the ...
BOO 156 0 1 Dec-30-2017, 07:40 Dec-30-2017, 07:40
Thumbnail Hurricane, RAF, 312 Squadron, DU-L
Hurricane, RAF, 312 (Czechoslovak) Squadron RAF, Pernhos, January 1941, DU-L (V6678). More screenies: . Skin done by YoYo.
YoYo 122 0 1 Dec-30-2017, 05:31 Dec-30-2017, 05:31
Thumbnail Hurricane, RAF, 306 Squadron, UZ-V
Hurricane, RAF, 306 Squadron, 1940, UZ-V (V7718). More screenies: . Skin done by YoYo.
YoYo 104 0 1 Dec-30-2017, 05:08 Dec-30-2017, 05:08
Thumbnail Hurricane, RAF, 316 Squadron, SZ-T
Hurricane, RAF, 316 Squadron, 1941, SZ-T (V6798). More screenies: . Skin done by YoYo.
YoYo 109 0 1 Dec-30-2017, 05:05 Dec-30-2017, 05:05
Thumbnail Hurricane, RAF, 303 Squadron, RF-E
Hurricane, 303 Squadron, Northolt, Pilot P/O Mirosław Ferić, RF-E (P3700). More screenies: . Skin done by YoYo.
YoYo 138 0 1 Dec-30-2017, 05:01 Dec-30-2017, 05:01
Thumbnail Hurricane, RAF, 303 Squadron, RF-A
Hurricane, RAF, 303 Squadron, Northolt, September 1940, Pilot F/O Zdzisław Hennenberg. RF-A (P3120). More screenies: . Skin done by YoYo.
YoYo 122 0 1 Dec-30-2017, 04:57 Dec-30-2017, 04:57
Thumbnail Hurricane, RAF Flying School, 4
Hurricane, RAF Flying School "4", Gunnery Flight Central Flying School, Upharon 1940, L1873. More screenies: . Skin done by YoYo.
YoYo 108 0 1 Dec-30-2017, 04:53 Dec-30-2017, 04:53
Thumbnail Hurricane, RAF, 46 Sqadron, PO-N
Hurricane, RAF, 46 Sqadron, PO-N, Bardufoss, Norway, May 1940. More screenies: . Skin done by YoYo.
YoYo 111 0 1 Dec-30-2017, 04:49 Dec-30-2017, 04:49
Thumbnail Night Hurricane, RAF, 85 Sqadron, VY-X
Hurricane, RAF, 85 Sqadron, Gravesend, late 1940, VY-X (P3119). More screenies: . Skin done by YoYo.
YoYo 75 0 1 Dec-30-2017, 04:34 Dec-30-2017, 04:49
Thumbnail Hurricane skins
Here are the skins of the Hurricane I posted recently.
Ceaser87 125 +2 1 Jul-19-2017, 07:09 Oct-29-2017, 17:59
Thumbnail Setbacks TF4 Night Hurricane I LKP, Heavy wear/New/Generic
Setback's TF4 Night Hurricane, Isles of Scilly June-July 1941.

Hurricane I P3149/LK-P flown by Plt Off I J Badger, No 87 Sqn, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly,
June-July 1941.

This aircraft has an extended tail fin flash marking.

"To counter Luftwaffe reconnaissance flights over the UK's south-west approaches,
'B' Flight of No 87 Sqn was detached to the tiny aistrip at st Mary's in the Scilly Isles
on 19 May 1941. Immediately after arrival, Ivor Badger was scrambled to the south-west...
major_setback 419 0 1 Jul-16-2015, 15:14 Jul-18-2015, 12:27
Thumbnail Setbacks TF4 Night Hurricane I DZ-D, Heavy wear/New/Generic
Setback's TF4 Night Hurricane I DZ-D flown by New Zealander Flt Lt 'Blackie' Smith at Wittering 10 May 1941

Markings - Light weathering
Markings - Very heavy weathering
Generic - Light weathering
Generic - Very heavy weathering

'All-black Hurricane I V6931 / DZ-D of No 151 Sqn wears the New Zealand fern leaf decoration
chosen by its regular pilot, Kiwi Flt Lt I S 'Blackie' Smith.
The ace made his first night claim - and his last flying the Hurricane - in this
aircraft dur...
major_setback 390 0 1 Jul-16-2015, 15:01 Jul-16-2015, 15:01
Thumbnail Setback's TF4 Sea Hurri' Catapult plane, FAA colours (dark slate & Dark sea grey) Weathered & new
Setback's TF4 Sea Hurricane Catapult plane, LUB in FAA colours (dark slate grey & dark sea grey) Weathered & new.

Sea Hurricane 1A V6802/LU-B of Plt Off A C S Lumsden, Merchant Ship Fighter Unit,
MV Daghestan, North Atlantic September-October 1941.

This aircraft has no arrester hook, the pilot would bail out if he couldn't make it back to land.

- Very heavy weathering, markings and codes
- Nearly new, markings and codes

CAM Hurricanes (Hurricats):

Due to the Royal navy...
major_setback 461 +1 1 Jun-29-2015, 14:15 Jun-29-2015, 14:20
Thumbnail Setback's TF4 Hurricane I DT-H new & very heavy wear (version 2)
Setback's TF4 Hurricane I DT-H 257 sqn Cotishall 1940.
Version 2, with improved colours and also now including a very heavily weathered skin.

- markings, new
- markings, very heavy wear
major_setback 568 +1 1 Jun-22-2015, 14:13 Jun-22-2015, 14:36
Thumbnail Setback's TF4 weathered Hurricane KWZ (very heavy wear).
Setback's TF4 weathered Hurricane KWZ (very heavy wear).

Very weathered version of Hurricane KWZ. All wear/dirt/oil and markings are my own.

Use with in-game weathering turned off.

-Weathered with markings (very heavy wear)
major_setback 238 +1 1 Jun-12-2015, 15:43 Jun-12-2015, 15:43
Thumbnail Setback's TF4 Hurricane KWZ
Setback's TF4 Hurricane KWZ
major_setback 219 +1 1 May-25-2015, 12:06 May-25-2015, 12:06

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