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Thumbnail Large formation of fighters and bombers meet for battle at contrail height
Honestly, nothing but 6 very short quick combat battles in the contrail zone above a snow covered France.
Six Missions.
3 with weather, 3 without.
Each Mission can be flown from either a Spitfire, 109 or 110. Exactly the same mission, just given a choice from a different side. Spitfires are escorting Wellingtons. Wellingtons are not going to drop bombs, this is simply a meeting in the sky between two adversaries to have some fun in the contrail zone......and there is flak too

Cheers, MP
Mysticpuma 129 +1 1 Jun-25-2019, 07:08 Jun-25-2019, 07:08
Thumbnail Dunkirk - Operation "Dynamo" SP Campaign. Hurricane.
Credit to Piper_Kiev for this campaign.
Thanks to 1lokos for "repacking" and improving it's features!
I have added No.213 Squadron. (Hurricane).
During Operation "Dynamo" (British, French and Belgian troops are cut off by the German army during the Battle of France at Dunkirk), Hawker Hurricanes operated from British bases are helping with the evacuation.
No.213 Squadron was withdrawn from Merville during the Battle of France to England, from where it flew constant patrols over ...
SD_MBen 1,820 +2 2 Feb-20-2019, 11:40 Mar-26-2019, 14:53
Thumbnail Spitfires Against All Odds
Spitfires Against All Odds!

You're piloting a Spitfire MK1a 100 octane with your flight approaching Occupied France when you spot a huge formation of Heinkel 111's approaching you. Here's a quick mission to practice your gunnery (and survival) skills...but watch out! Some nasty surprises await you and your mates.

Good luck!


load this mission into C:/Documents/1C Softclub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover/missions/Single

Thanks to: Colander for the original basic mission (now ...
ATAG_Snapper 249 +1 1 Feb-09-2019, 16:25 Jun-24-2019, 20:20
Thumbnail Luftwaffe Experten - 1 install
Revised and improved Luftwaffe Experten Missions - 1 install. v1.2.
Fly against the Luftwaffe's best!
I have added new Airfields and new Illustrations!
Good Luck!
SD_MBen 472 0 1 Jan-23-2019, 10:58 Jan-23-2019, 14:44
Thumbnail The Central Flying School.
As a Member of the Volunteer Reserve you have been called up for Squadron Training.
You will report to The Central Flying School, Upavon, Wiltshire, no later than the 1st August, 1940.
There you will report to Senior Training Officer Smythe at The Training School, Block B.
A train ticket is in the post.
The Air Ministry.
SD_MBen 650 0 1 Jan-18-2019, 11:06 May-17-2019, 07:27
Thumbnail Dynamic Mission - The Oden
Dynamic Mission release 5 - links for Release 6/7 are unavailable (see in SimHQ link).

EDIT - Release 6 in this post: 383
Direct link for download:

Topics about:
1lokos 258 0 2 Nov-26-2018, 14:09 Dec-03-2018, 10:29
Thumbnail Bombsight Practice
A practice mission to see how close to the ground target you can hit. Drop single bombs and see your distance from the target on the HUD.

Daytime, evening and night versions are available.

Now with British and Italian bombers.

Unzip the file to:

C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Single

The mission files should be in:

C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Single\BombsightPractice
ATAG_Oskar 115 0 1 Aug-06-2018, 17:38 Aug-16-2018, 19:51
Thumbnail A day in the life!
Fly four sortie's in this mini campaign!
It's a hard day in the Battle of Britain!
I have added skins, just install to your MOD (Blitz) folder.
Good luck!
My special thanks to Alfred Price, - 29/2/17.
The author of "The Hardest Day" from which I have used many quotes for this mini Campaign.
Many thanks, Alfred.
SD_MBen 1,240 +1 2 Apr-16-2018, 17:23 Mar-24-2019, 11:17
Thumbnail Postkutsche
RAF bombers are making night raids on our airfields. Intercept them with help from ground controllers.

Unzip the file to:

C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Single

The mission files should be in:

C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Single\Postkutsche
ATAG_Oskar 121 0 1 Apr-15-2018, 17:13 Jul-18-2018, 11:31
Thumbnail Night Intercept
Fly the Bf 110-NJG over Calais-Marck to defend against Blenheims.

Use Tab-4-1 for navigational beacon bearings.

Use Tab-4-2 to request runway lights.

Unzip the file to:

C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Single

The mission files should be in:

C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Single\NightIntercept
ATAG_Oskar 124 0 1 Jan-28-2018, 21:07 Jul-18-2018, 11:32
Thumbnail TEF Dynamic Campaign Beaufighter mod
Modification of the TF Dynamic Campaign by TheEnlightenedFlorist to enable the Beaufighter to fly ground attack missions. A new campaign + updated DLLs to accept the UK ground attack missions. WIP.
bb5000 336 0 1 Dec-25-2017, 15:26 Dec-25-2017, 15:26
Thumbnail Enlightened Forest Dynamic Campaign
Manual Install of The Enlightened Forest Campiagn that was once part of 4.3 and now omitted from 4.5
Brigstock 508 +2 1 Dec-20-2017, 16:06 Dec-20-2017, 16:06
Thumbnail The World at War. (Music)
To commemorate the start of hostilities I have added music from the award winning BBC series "The World at War!"
For those with a liking for "Big Band Music" I have added...
"King Porter Stomp". (Traditional)
On July 1, 1935, Benny Goodman and his orchestra recorded Fletcher Henderson's arrangement of the number, "King Porter Stomp". It was released on July 31st, 1935 as Victor 25090, and became a sizeable hit and a standard of the Big Band era.
Goodman's recording featured the well kno...
SD_MBen 203 0 2 Sep-03-2017, 16:23 May-17-2019, 12:37
Thumbnail Dunkirk - Operation Dynamo SP Campaign "repack"
Piper Kiev Dunkirk - Operation Dynamo SP Campaign, translated by SD_MBen "repacked" by Sokol1

- Text adaptation
- Added slides, pictures
- Bf 110 behavior less "twist"
- Added a extra mission (11th, by Sokol1)
1lokos 1,352 +5 1 Sep-01-2017, 00:50 Sep-23-2017, 16:10
Thumbnail Adlertag +2. A day in the life of the fighter pilot's.
Adlertag ("Eagle Day") was the first day of Unternehmen Adlerangriff ("Operation Eagle Attack"), which was the codename of a military operation by Germanys' Luftwaffe (German air force) to destroy the British Royal Air Force (RAF).

Adlertag +2. A day in the life of the fighter pilot's in The Battle of Britain!
SD_MBen 390 +1 1 Oct-03-2016, 18:53 Dec-22-2016, 19:22
Thumbnail Attack at Cherbourg
(fictional mission)

You are part of the Blenheim MK VI No 106 Bomber Squadron.
In this mission you will take-off from Thorney Island airfield and
bomb a german destroyer going to Cherbourg harbour.

Plane: Blenheim MK VI (skin included)

Don't let the destroyer get to the harbour, there you will not
have a chance to drop your bombs because of a heavy anti-air.

danperin 547 0 1 Jul-28-2016, 23:15 Jul-28-2016, 23:20
Thumbnail Night Attack!
(fictional mission)

You are a member of the No 218 Bomber Group.
In this mission you need to attempt a night attack at
Le Havre bay. Bomb the fuel storage tanks near the
coast to sabotage the German fuel supply logistics.

Plane: Blenheim MK IV (skins included)

danperin 295 0 1 Jul-28-2016, 23:05 Jul-28-2016, 23:20
Thumbnail Dover Harbour Attack
(fictional mission)

Bomb the ships in the Dover Harbour.
You will fly with the (ZG 2 - Stab I) group and the (ZG 2 - Stab II).

Plane: Bf-110 C7

To help in your mission, BF-109 E-3 squadrons will escort your flight!

danperin 513 0 1 Jul-28-2016, 22:57 Jul-28-2016, 23:20
Thumbnail Patrol the Coast
(fictional mission)

You are a member of the No 25 Fighter Group.
Your task is to patrol the coast from Eastbourne to Folkestone and
land at Hawkinge. The command reported a german plane flying next
to your route, maybe a reconnaissance plane. In addiction to your
mission try to intercept that plane.

Plane: Hurricane DH5-20 (100oct)

danperin 278 0 1 Jul-28-2016, 22:26 Jul-28-2016, 23:21
Thumbnail Nacht Angriff
(fictional mission)

The Britsh have a vital complex of fuel storage tanks at Leysdown.
The area is heavily protected by day time with anti-air and fighters who
have their base at Eastchurch near the complex.
The only way you can bomb the complex is by a night attack.

Plane: Bf-110-C7 NJG3.1- L'1+CH (skins included)

danperin 251 0 1 Jul-28-2016, 22:20 Jul-28-2016, 23:21

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