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REDUX RAF campaign

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This is a full rewrite of the stock RAF campaign replacing the old bugged version.

REDUX campaigns feature missions designed by Heinkill, with scripting by Bolox and Gabuzomeu, giving you a historically based pilot career with campaign kill counts, medals and promotions.

The TF MOD version has been enhanced with high altitude missions, new objects and different aircraft types including 100 Octane RAF and LW fighters.

If you have a campaign in progress, you can just install straight over the top and continue where you left off. More detail in the extensive README documents.


  1. regloh1
    Hi there,

    got your cRAF Redux campaign...

    The missions are really cool and well done. However I cannot get the right briefing text. Still the old ones from stock campaign, although missions are new. Also no keeping of the score and after mission fail I get to fly the next one. Is there any solutionj to that? I simply downloaded the file and installed in the Bob/mission/campaign folder.

    Thanks for advice and your work.

  2. regloh1
  3. DOMIXX_
  4. falklander1989
    Great mod
  5. Cloudcreepin
    Ok then. Lets see....I've heard only good thinga about CoD recently, even though I haven't played in what seems like...well....forever. I'm reinstalling now to have another look.

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