Canyon Run Variations


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Canyon Run Variations

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Here are two variations of the Canyon Run mission uploaded by Oskar:

Canyonrun - reverse

It is basically the same mission as Oskar's, except that it goes the other way round to fly downhills instead of uphills. It starts all the way south and ends in Derna.

Other changes:
  1. time set to late afternoon (better lighting in my opinion)
  2. HUD now shows time, both average altitudes above ground and above sea, and a score
  3. changed the start and end lines to be yellow markers (you have to pass between them), and color-coded the cones along the way: RED cones = LEFT turns, BLUE cones = RIGHT turns

I added the average altitude above sea level back for the following reason: once you pass through the departure cones and trigger the timer, you could climb a little, set direct course to the finish line over the plateau. As long as you keep close to the ground, your altitude over ground will be low, but your time will be much lower as if flying though the canyon. By showing both altitudes you can ensure people fly through the canyon...

The scoring is very simple. I basically multiply the time in seconds by the sum of both average altitudes, and divide by 100 to keep the numbers low.

The lowest score wins.

Canyonrun - 2

Same as above except that this goes through the "hidden Derna canyon" (to the north-west of the other). It is deeper, narrower, and has much tighter turns than the other one.

Not for the faint hearted!!

I changed the default plane to a G.50 (because why not?) as the F4 was too fast, at least for me, to go through the tight turns. But you can change that to you preferred plane by clicking on "ESC" then "Customize".

Edit 2020.11.24: spawning from further out + added other nationalities

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