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Thumbnail DH-82A | AKA Tiger Moth | Extended Camouflage |
This was a little project of mine, If you see glitches or things you would like me to change on it just leave me a comment I will be glad to respond

Project Logbook:
No.331_Fredrik 0 +1 0 Nov-10-2017, 16:52 Nov-10-2017, 17:08
Thumbnail DH-82A | AKA Tiger Moth | Green Camouflage | RNoAF
I am happy to be the first one to upload a DH-82A Skin. Once again one of my personal skins for me and and the 331st Regiment.. Yes I am well aware that this is not an accurate depiction of the 331st regiment planes that fought during the war. I hope you enjoy it. (Screenshots: | |

Use without markings
No.331_Fredrik 0 0 0 Nov-09-2017, 20:20 Nov-10-2017, 16:37

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