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Thumbnail Basic Canadian Markings (maybe not historically accurate)
I'm new here and to Cliffs of Dover. Thought I'd share some skins I modified from the default ones given.

Maybe not entirely historically accurate for BOB, but I like it. 9 0 1 Mar-22-2020, 17:33 Mar-22-2020, 17:33
Thumbnail Spitfire and Hurricane AA Black Wing Schemes
This pack consists of blank black and white and black and sky schemes for the Spitfire and Hurricane. Both schemes where used to help with friendly AA recognition. The Black and White scheme was used up to May 1940 and in the Battle of France. The Black ad Sky Version was used between Nov 1940 and Mar 1941.

Players can use the in-game markings whilst also being able to (almost) historically correct roundels on the lower surfaces and one or two other little additions.

In additional to the ...
BOO 131 0 1 Dec-30-2017, 07:37 Dec-30-2017, 07:37
Thumbnail Spitfire Mk.IIa, P7962/RF-A "Inspiration", 303 Squadron
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I-Mk.IIa. Repaint for Mk.IIa, P7962/RF-A "Inspiration", 303 Squadron, Northolt. More screenies: . Skin done by YoYo.
YoYo 211 0 1 Dec-30-2017, 04:19 Dec-30-2017, 04:35
Thumbnail Spitfire Mkla (100oct) | Green Camouflage | RNoAF
This is a personal skin that I made, I decided to upload it just because. Yes I am well aware that this is not an accurate depiction of the 331st regiment planes that fought during the war. I hope you enjoy it. (Screenshots: |

Use without markings
No.331_Fredrik 0 0 0 Nov-08-2017, 01:07 Nov-10-2017, 16:39
Thumbnail Jnk's Spitfire 3 Color Camouflage
10 - 3 Color Camouflage skins plus 1 USA airshow skin. If you like my skins, please consider donating at
Jnk 52 0 1 Jul-21-2017, 13:35 Aug-17-2017, 19:30
Thumbnail 457 Squadron "Grey Nurse" RG-V with JNK's Shark Mouth

This skin is 90% JNK's and Keefy's work given it uses JNK's brilliantly done mouth and the brilliant CM6 Template. I just did a bit of crayoning in here and there.

Aircraft depicted to be something of a mix between the slightly stylised airshow queen currently in existence and the original with the kill markings of Wing Commander H R Gibbs.

Obviously its a few mks early!!
BOO 104 0 1 Jul-11-2017, 08:54 Jul-11-2017, 08:55
Thumbnail Virtual Cockpit 3D Skin for the Spitfire (DOWNLOAD)
UPDATED: Final Version, 3D Spitfire, put it in the Cockpits folder. If you like my skins, please consider donating at
Jnk 103 0 1 Jul-08-2017, 14:02 Aug-17-2017, 19:31
Thumbnail Virtual Cockpit Skin for the visually challenged (DOWNLOAD)
A 4:3 Virtual Cockpit Skin for the Spitfire. If you like my skins, please consider donating at
Jnk 36 0 1 Jul-07-2017, 13:46 Aug-17-2017, 19:33
Thumbnail Jnk's Classic (Red & Black) SharkMouth Default Skin Pack (Red Nose)
Classic Red & Black Shark Mouth on all the default Spitfire skins. If you like my skins, please consider donating at
Jnk 85 0 1 Jul-05-2017, 16:25 Aug-17-2017, 19:33
Thumbnail Jnk's Grey Nurse (Black) SharkMouth Default Skin Pack (Red Nose)
If you like my skins, please consider donating at
Jnk 53 0 1 Jul-04-2017, 03:52 Aug-17-2017, 19:32
Thumbnail Spitfire VB - W3834 'Corps of Imperial Frontiersmen'
Spitfire I or II representing a No.401 Squadron RCAF Spitfire LF. VB based at Ramsgate in 1943. Based on Check My Six's template.
Lythronax 7 0 0 May-11-2017, 12:45 May-11-2017, 12:45
Thumbnail Fortis Group - Dunkirk Film
Spitfires from the film 'Dunkirk' from Christopher Nolan. Modified from a stock IC Maddox skin.

Forum thread -
Lythronax 46 0 1 May-10-2017, 19:27 May-10-2017, 19:31
Thumbnail Balkan Air Forces 351. and 352 Squadron 281. RAF Wing
Quick history:

Formed at Benina, Libya on 22 April 1944, the squadron was the first Yugoslav-manned fighter unit to be formed in the Mediterranean. Equipped with Hurricanes initially, it received Supermarine Spitfires in June and in August moved to Italy to join No.281 Wing RAF. The squadron provided escort for fighter-bomber squadrons and engaged in ground attack missions for the rest of the war, using the island of Vis as an advanced base until 1 January 1945, when the squadron's air eche...
MBARBARIC 0 0 0 Jan-20-2017, 21:12 Jan-20-2017, 21:15
Thumbnail Captured Spitfire T9 - TK
Originally the paint work of the Luftwaffe on a captured Mk.IX.
This Historical skin was adapted to be used on the spitfires featured on il-2 COD.
The air frame under section and tail was painted RLM2 a and the upper section was painted RLM 74 on top of the RAF scheme, the original camo outline can still be noticed underneath.
Fritz Wolf 40 0 1 Mar-26-2016, 14:48 Mar-26-2016, 14:48
Thumbnail Spitfire Mk.lla MR-Z - Tancos - Portugal - 1942
Portugal air force had 112 spitfires in 4 different versions.
They play the role of fighter planes until 1948.
After that date they became high performance trainers.
In Portugal the last Spitfire retire from duty in 1955.

This particular airplane, MR+Z, entered service in 1942 and served in "Base Nº3" in Tancos.
It can bee seen today in the "Força Aérea Portuguesa Museum", Alverca, Portugal.
Fritz Wolf 61 +1 2 Mar-21-2016, 00:23 Mar-21-2016, 00:26

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