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Thumbnail BF109-E1 2.JG26 Red 4 WNr 3884
BF109-E1 2.JG26 Red 4 WNr 3884
danperin 203 0 1 Sep-10-2017, 16:18 Sep-10-2017, 16:36
Thumbnail 109E1 9.JG51 France 1940 Yellow 13 - likely at least based on a Capt Farrell skin
This is part of the second tranche of skins relating to the 109 work of Cpt Farrell. All of these skins are also available on and are uploaded here to ensure that there are multiple sources should anything happen to one site or another.

In the main, the skins relate mainly to the E3 (see the E3 section) although there was one E1s and some more E4s which I have also uploaded to relevant section.


Many of the skins were not originally stamped with Capt F...
BOO 58 0 1 Oct-04-2016, 12:15 Oct-04-2016, 12:21
Thumbnail Capt Farrell's 109E1's France JG2, JG27, JG52, JG53 and JG54

These are Cpt Farrell’s beautifully produced skins kindly provided by Mystic Puma from his personal collection.

They are split between E1 and E4 variants and then into various Jagdgeschwader. The E4s ( available in the E4 section) of JG 26 are split between (obviously) Major Galland’s aircraft and other notable pilots.

I don’t think there is any need for pictures. These are Cpt Farrell’s skins. That’s all you need to know!

It doesn't take a genius to realise that the...
BOO 449 0 5 Oct-01-2016, 14:03 Oct-01-2016, 15:23
Thumbnail I./JG27, Ain-el-Gazala Airfield, Lybia, spring / summer 1941 E7 (for E1-E4N) Modern Modified
This original aircraft is depicted in a series of shots taken by official German photographers shortly after 3rd Staffel´s arrival in North Africa. This Emil ended his life in Cyrenaika,
when it fell into British hands during the German retreat. Later on, the fuselage, without its engine, was seen at a wrecking yard.
The camouflage scheme consisted of RLM 78 undersides and RLM 79 sand yellow uppersides. Dark green RLM 80 spots over the uppersides were intended to mimic
the typical look of th...
III./JG27_Kimbak-2 61 0 1 May-18-2016, 09:38 Jun-14-2016, 14:18
Thumbnail I./JG27_Black3, Ail-el-Gazala airfield, Libya 1941, one without Swastika and one with Swastika
One of the most interesting tropical Emils is 'Black 3'. She wore a typical European camouflage scheme of RLM 71 and 02 on the uppersides and RLM 65 on the
undersides. It was darkened with dark green (RLM 71 in all probability) stripes on the fuselage. This modification was done by ground personel of probably another unit
in Europe as a similarly camouflaged Emil was photographed in JG 3 service. Formerly all-yellow cowling was overpainted with the same colour on its uppersides.
The older fus...
III./JG27_Kimbak-2 65 0 1 Apr-20-2016, 06:36 May-18-2016, 09:42
Thumbnail 2./JG 77 - 1 Red - Hptm. Hannes Trautloft - "Juliusburg, Germany, September 1939"
2./JG 77 - 1 Red - Hptm. Hannes Trautloft - "Juliusburg, Germany, September 1939"

Red ‘1’ was flown by veteran of the Spanish Civil War, later become an Ace and received the Knight’s Cross.
Hptm. Trautloft's airplane was an example of the oldest camouflage scheme used on the E-1.

It was with this aircraft that Hptm. Trautloft commanded his Staffel during the Polish campaign.

The upper surfaces are in the standard irregular patterns of two dark greens, RLM 70/71.
The sharp demarc...
Fritz Wolf 148 +1 1 Mar-19-2016, 22:45 Mar-19-2016, 22:45
Thumbnail 3./JG 101 - 7 Yellow - "Hoya , Germany, November 1939"
3./JG 101 - 7 Yellow - "Hoya , Germany, November 1939"

Old scheme used on the E-1.
The upper surfaces are in the standard irregular patterns of two dark greens, RLM 70/71.
The sharp demarcation between these and the lower RLM65 was very low on the fuselage.
Fritz Wolf 122 +1 1 Mar-19-2016, 22:43 Mar-19-2016, 22:43

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