OPENTRACK 2.3 Conf File for ED Tracker PRO


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OPENTRACK 2.3 Conf File for ED Tracker PRO

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This config file SHOULD allow your ED Tracker pro work correctly with Opentrack 2.3.

Opentrack 2.3 uses a version of the Accella Filter that is much easier to adjust in order to avoid jittering when your view is zoomed in than version 2.2.

Setting the rotational dead zone to 11 degrees (Thanks TWC_FLUG) stops any jittering and provides a very stable view that doesnt strain your eyes.

I couldnt find any official documentation relating to the use of OT 2.3 with EDtracker (only 2.2) and the device didnt work correctly with the default file, requiring a number of the axis inputs to be swapped in the configuration.

This config is just a rough "up and running file" to let you try the 2.3 software for yourself. You can change anything you like later.

To use, first download Opentrack 2.3 from here

To install, find the Opentrack 2.3 folder containing the "default" config file and simply add the file to that folder. I think the file should be installed in your documents folder as a matter of course when you install opentrack 2.3.



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