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Thumbnail Contact Spotting 5.5
This is a simple mission (created by some generous unknown community member) that I use frequently to note how well my PC system can spot distant contacts. There are 16 contacts at increasing distances; I can usually spot 12 of them.
ATAG_Snapper 11 0 1 Mar-01-2024, 10:16 Mar-01-2024, 10:16
Thumbnail Boulogne Bombing Event
Two track files of 1) Boulogne Raid and 2) Calais Raid on the TWC Server on Jan8, '23 by The Wimpey Squad. These tracks have been run through the Track Editor to enable external views.


Oops, the zipped file is too large to upload here.

Please try this link:
ATAG_Snapper 0 0 0 Jan-09-2023, 17:14 Jan-10-2023, 17:27
Thumbnail Lorenz Practice Mission
Try out the Lorenz landing system with this mission.
ATAG_Oskar 62 0 1 Sep-14-2019, 17:01 Sep-14-2019, 17:01
Thumbnail Airfield Templates and Missions
Here are my copies of airfield templates salvaged from another site. Can be opened in FMB or copy/pasted into an existing mission folder. Use at own risk, your mileage may vary.
=FI=Murph 79 0 1 Jul-03-2017, 13:40 Jul-05-2017, 15:52

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