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  1. Strange behaviour of 109 RPM.
  2. TFBT Team Fusion Bug Tracker
  3. Bug with the cannon force when firing the 20mm (force feedback)
  4. Timeout in ATAG's Server since last mod.
  5. Call for Feedback!
  6. Elevator Trim Indicator Window - 109
  7. JU87 emergency power don work
  8. ju88 dive warning tone dont work
  9. AI aircraft don't take off
  10. game freezes
  11. Game Lockups
  12. Can No Longer Change Ammo Loadout
  13. Night time settings - visual do not work
  14. Co-Ops?
  15. Spitfire IIa: On throttle reduction mixture lever snaps back to rich too early?
  16. Damaged aircraft freezing
  17. In Game and Conf.ini settings?
  18. visual bug with smoking planes
  19. I turned my sound=1 to 3 CTDS or lock up
  20. Quick Mission Crashes
  21. E3/B and E4/B loudouts with bombs
  22. 2 things: LoD and ffb
  23. Updating my control configuration
  24. Seeing things through clouds
  25. Black Death track stuttering and bad FPS after TF 3.0
  26. AI Crash Landing - Spit I and IIa for sure and probably all
  27. Mission turns into slide show
  28. Server Error Message
  29. Broken aircraft flying around
  30. Texture flashing
  31. game unplayable since installing mod
  32. Game crash in external view over land
  33. Gunner Operation
  34. Plane marks dissapearing
  35. Mission error: Spitfire Spawn at Hawkinge guarantees sever wingtip damage.
  36. Windows 8 and installer problem
  37. Lofte bombsight bugs
  38. screen tearing.
  39. Gunsight (allied and axis)
  40. Freew view and gunsight
  41. Microstutters?
  42. Contrails (right angle)
  43. HD 7970 problem.
  44. Strange damage model issue
  45. Sound bug
  46. Seems the track recorder causes server timeout in-mission with 3.01...
  47. Need help,
  48. Changing texture quality
  49. Desastersoft compatibility issue
  50. Blenheim Turret Gun Loadout
  51. Automatic Prop-Pitch 109: Works after damage
  52. My Bug List
  53. Going too fast!
  54. IL2 Error in windows XP SP3
  55. "Start recording" crahes the game :(
  56. Any chance for a loadout selection fix?
  57. Wing loadings and wings ripping off the Bf110
  58. Damage sounds issue
  59. Mission builder bug in TF 3.1 for Clod
  60. The game is collapsing, after looking at bombsight Ju 88
  61. Cloud opacity
  62. He 111 SP Mission Crash
  63. Cloud Shadow Strobing
  64. MOD 3.1 Does Not Load
  65. Vanishing Roundels/Crosses
  66. Ground objects visible through clouds
  67. The sun does not always set in the west!
  68. AI in Bombardier position wont move
  69. Ctd :(
  70. A potential future problem
  71. damage hurry returning from france...how???
  72. Tail skid lock?
  73. Difficulty with running patch
  74. Black line over water?
  75. Graphic settings constantly changing
  76. Unable to save progress
  77. load outs reset themselves!
  78. Hey Guys ~S~ Back after a wee break...A Question if you please
  79. White Horizon seen through cockpit
  80. Problem - sim image much too bright
  81. Stats reset ...
  82. Crash files
  83. Runtime error
  84. Reverted back to original game
  85. No Luck with 4.0
  86. Where is NJG1?
  87. 109 gunsight disappears
  88. Beige rectangle in upper left corner
  89. BR.20 bombsight view CTD...
  90. Fiat G.50 engine temperature gauge not working...
  91. RAF font fix
  92. 109 FFB gone when firing guns
  93. Gunsights in patch 4.00
  94. Always installing MS VC redist package
  95. Clouds
  96. Microstutters and FPS glitch
  97. Proper prop prang
  98. Is Autopilot working?
  99. Invisible tracers
  100. Love 4.0 and flock of gulls and some momentary freezing
  101. I wish to register a complaint
  102. FPS hit when rounds impact
  103. Wheels down in 4.0
  104. AI cannot fly properly with the new high speed maneouvering changes
  105. Weird colors and effects in track replays
  106. My bombers wing likes to fall off (very inconvient)
  107. Game freezes in aircraft selection screen (patch 4.0)
  108. Hurricane Turn Rate!!
  109. WIND SOUND with Canopy Open with TFv4.00
  110. Microsoft visual runtime library c++ crash on ATAG server winter map, night-time
  111. Loadout presets not working?
  112. Had 4 crashes in FMB tonight
  113. Parachute not opening everytime I bail.
  114. Spit, Hurri no prop or throttle off line
  115. BF110's and engine fires
  116. 109 Spawn but not being able to start engine..
  117. No skin folder for Bf 110 C7-late
  118. Ju-88a
  119. Bombsight in German bombers
  120. No smoke trails or exploding bullets for cannons in Bf110C-7 Late only
  121. Operation Homeplate glitch?
  122. "Mod Installer.exe has stopped working"
  123. Server problem
  124. TF4.0 installation error
  125. Cloud distance help please
  126. Too bright cockpit during night flight
  127. Track recorder
  128. Toggling wheel brakes in Ju-88
  129. Br.20 flying by itself online
  130. Disappearing clouds and gunsight
  131. Can't fly anymore (launcher crashes)
  132. Game Crashes on Menu Screen - Vista
  133. Connection lost: timeout only on atag axis vs allies 4.00
  134. Game crashing while selecting new plane while spawned in
  135. So here is the issue plaguing my setup...
  136. Hits/Kills not registering in MP?
  137. night Cliffs Of Dover
  138. Grass
  139. aircraft.hitNamed to damage aircraft does not work for multiplayer
  140. 109 Bugs..
  141. Cannot get past the golden crosshairs....game locks up on start up
  142. Blue screen "Bad Pool Caller" 0xc2
  143. Wrong max speed for FW200
  144. Cliff OfDover confused IAS and TAS in the file .mis
  145. In game render box showing
  146. TF, is it possible to implement this check in the game loop?
  147. The track editor seems to be having some troubles atm
  148. Bf109E JaBo engine sound (possible bug)
  149. Bf-110 Engine Sounds
  150. Bf-110 Spinner Colors
  151. Complete loss of force feedback on the axis x and y - (Sidwinder FF2)
  152. Binding assignment loss
  153. Blenheim
  154. Check to make sure all ur guns are firing in Brit fighters
  155. Tiger Moth passenger
  156. Missing Damage Wing Texture on Spitfire 100 Oct?
  157. Invisible planes
  158. radiator perforations - this is not just a hit box issue
  159. Error when joining any server with new patch
  160. Speed of merchant ships too fast
  161. Skip bombing woe, 110C-7
  162. High Altitude
  163. Ju87 siren
  164. Boost vs RPM in CSP aircraft
  165. Skip bombing and Warships accuracy in TF 4.0
  166. Bug Prevents Final Line Up At Runways.
  167. Weird sound bug + game crash
  168. Error while bomb dropped
  169. Le Havre Octeville - Runway issues
  170. Error when loading the server!
  171. Correction of 6./JG26 markings
  172. Install error
  173. Grey square in top lh corner of the screen
  174. Bf 110 braking profile need tf attention
  175. Important Information Regarding the TFBT and 4.3
  176. RAF speeds and overheating TF4.3
  177. Flickering shadows since TF4.3
  178. Blenheim Turret
  179. track recorder
  180. Game crashes when starting TeamSpeak
  181. In Cockpit Sound is Stuttering
  182. Bad Spawn points Video - (not TF patch related)
  183. vapor bug
  184. Brakes and starter - Spit
  185. Heinkel Lotfe
  186. Error loading into ATAG server
  187. Bailing out spitfire
  188. Radar tower damage bug
  189. Graphics problem (Dotted rectangle)
  190. G50 external sounds porked
  191. Prop graphic strobing at low rpm
  192. could not restart engine in wind
  193. Bf109 markings gone in 4.3
  194. Sandbags in patch 4.3 are now privet hedges ?
  195. Several Flak guns not fireing
  196. Are we happy with weathercocking in revetment at 4 m/s?
  197. Horizon white out except for gun reticule.
  198. DM bug video
  199. 109 gun sight issue
  200. Bug Reporting: Please read this first
  201. Bomber swagger remains on the AI He-115 B2
  202. Maybe this is the reason for the "white mist" or "comet like" effect?
  203. Everything disappearing from map in FMB when placing static object.
  204. Unintentional bomb release
  205. Sunderland bailed out, plane decided to fly itself.
  206. Ju 88 nodding in LotFe bomb mode 22
  207. windsocks,wind, runway boards all disagree
  208. ME-109 flying backwards and sideways
  209. Radiator problems Spitfire IIa
  210. 40mm Bofors ammo fuzing
  211. Gray screen bug
  212. Floating aircraft debris seems to have increased
  213. Stukas porpoise up and down in formation
  214. AI Formation Twitches and Confetti Breaks
  215. E4/n its bugged in hotfix 4.31
  216. Team Fusion Campaign and launcher crash
  217. SKINS- Question?
  218. Bf109E-1 & E-1/B missing ammo in the wing guns?
  219. Possible bug or user error with rearm and refuel
  220. Spitfire: Fuel gauges
  221. Bailout animation error / .303 machingun sound
  222. Still NO SOUND when hit by 109 TF4.0
  223. AI Blenheims don't use brakes after landing?
  224. Graphical Glitches in replays
  225. Minor problem with 4.321 only
  226. IL-2 Won't work at all, even with 3.0 patch
  227. Teleport bug in single player only
  228. Still getting instant redouts and PK's from ground 2cm Flak 38's
  229. Can't select player army in my DF server
  230. patch bug
  231. Damage Modelling / Damage induced Drag imbalance
  232. Ai gunners not shooting
  233. Fuel Storage
  234. fps SHOW START problem with 4.3
  235. Biggin Hill bounce
  236. white rectangles
  237. Psychedelic lights and Joystick input bug
  238. Re-arm/Fuel with damage?
  239. Ships "Fly" into position as approached
  240. bf110 rear mg15 buged or spitfire hitbox problem ?
  241. Kills not registering issue
  242. Track bug
  243. Color Blotches
  244. version 43:12 does not match 4:00
  245. Graphics glitch on English Chanel map
  246. Bf.110C-4 NJG: Revi C/12CN – not black?
  247. Ju 88 smoke trails out of wack!
  248. Clod did work fine but after instal of 3.0 not
  249. Cold engine in a scramble? Chiefie is on charge!
  250. before I report...