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  1. First TF-Mod and Desastersoft
  2. Spitfire on my tail-part2- SP Campaign for TF V3.0
  3. Hotfix for AI planes not taking off - OUTDATED
  4. Desastersoft ststs update problems with patch
  5. LW Redux campaign available: version for TF mod on the way
  6. Luftwaffe REDUX campaign: Sealion, for TF MOD
  7. Desertsoft Aces Adolf Galland inop...
  8. Custom single player missions
  9. Collection of SP missions and campaigns.
  10. Keeping up with squad single player
  11. How can I integrate the destersoft-campaigns into TF-Patch
  12. Bf109 bombs not exploding in Luftwaffe Redux campaign
  13. Future Campaigns: What are you looking for?
  14. windows can't be removed
  15. Help with IL2 Campaign Tool?
  16. Autumn and winter missions
  17. heinkill: give these clouds in the campaign!!!
  18. External Sound Issues
  19. @Team Fusioners re dynamic campaign generator in 4.01
  20. Full Malta Mission Pack for Malta Mod now available
  21. Keeping up with friendly AI/landing procedures.
  22. Campaign-beta
  23. noob question
  24. Coming soon, Battle for Malta for TF4.01!
  25. AAR from upcoming Battle for Malta mission pack for TF Mod 4.01
  26. What is the best video card for the money?
  27. Strange Problem with Campaigns and Single Missions
  28. Campaign References after new install?
  29. How do you adjust AI skill?
  30. Single player loadout problem
  31. modding bombs
  32. rest of my flight
  33. Battle for Malta MEGAPACK coming for TF Mod 4.01
  34. Desastersoft: Channel Battles 2 is WIP: unofficially confirmed
  35. Skins problem in Desastersoft Campaign
  36. Can't install Luftwaffe REDUX campaign for TF MOD
  37. Aircraft of the Battle for Malta megapack for TF 4.2
  38. Exclusive for ATAG forum members...
  39. CoD Campaign narration accuracy.
  40. Controls questions
  41. Battle of the Beams (WIP)
  42. Is there any dynamic campaign mod ??
  43. Team Fusion campaign----my pilots are bloody disapearing
  44. TF dynamic campaign generator issue, no 100oct?
  45. Couple of newbie 4.3 campaign questions
  46. TF Dynamic Campaign Generation - Question!
  47. Change weapon loadouts in Desastersoft adons
  48. Battle for Malta Campaign - can not progress?
  49. A few questions about the DCG in 4.3
  50. Bombers in Dynamic campaign generator?
  51. Fmb ai settings after 4.312
  52. CFS1 Goes IL2
  53. machine gunner
  54. malta
  55. Another request for loadout
  56. Huninthesun campaigns updated for 4.3
  57. a1 aircraft
  58. Jg26 campaign
  59. Are there any training missions about
  60. Aircraft Stability
  61. Bomber campaigns
  62. News from Desastersoft
  63. Gun loadout does not work the same in Single Player???
  64. Team Fusion campaign: What airfield?
  65. Announcing: Murmansk Mission Pack - for TFMod 4.3
  66. Fiat G50 Campaign
  67. Desastersoft Adolf Galland HE111 Campaign
  68. How do I know my ID?
  69. Murmansk screenies
  70. SPOILER ALERT! RAF Campaign Mission 8 - need help
  71. Now available to download! Murmansk mission pack for TF4.3
  72. Spoiler Alert not really - REDUX RAF Campaign Mission 15
  73. Campaign Progress not being saved and No Mission Success.
  74. Controls suddenly stopped working properly?
  75. Operation Sealion Redux Campaign ? - Mission 3
  76. TF Campaign query
  77. Not abble to continue on a campaign whent quittin
  78. Desastersoft campaing problems...
  79. Questions for TF on future single player changes
  80. Any News on English Version of Desastersoft's Channel Battles?
  81. CoD Campaign
  82. Rear gunners....
  83. NEW Special Operations Executive Mission Pack
  84. campaigns question
  85. AI and Desastersoft.
  86. Mission briefings make no sense - no waypoints?
  87. Will the Dynamic Campaign be Getting any Love in 4.0?
  88. default convergence RAF in stock Quick missions??
  89. Ground Control Take Off and Circuits
  90. Desastersoft Channel Battles Lutfwaffe is now available!
  91. Desastersoft campaign ...again
  92. New SP campaigns for 109 and 110 pilots, and harder versions of my RAF campaigns
  93. Desastersoft Channel Missions - waypoint questions
  94. After a Week
  95. Updated (and historically accurate) airfields?
  96. Pack of single player missions
  97. SP loadout
  98. Some controls unresponsive in single player
  99. Single player-waypoints
  100. TF Dynamic Campaign problem
  101. Single Player: "Cross Wind Landing" Wind.zip
  102. Another Bloody Day
  103. The Kanalkampf
  104. Airwarfare.com Download Section is Locked
  105. Staffelkapitian Horst "Jakob" Tietzen.
  106. The Battle Goes On
  107. Spitfire on my Tail Part 1 + 2, Still available?
  108. A File hosting site.
  109. 18/08/1940, The Hardest Day!
  110. Request for mission makers.
  111. Luftwaffe Aces Series part II.
  112. Luftwaffe Aces Series III.
  113. Luftwaffe Aces Series IV.
  114. Luftwaffe Aces Series Complete.
  115. The Single Player Lounge.
  116. Luftwaffe Ace Series V.
  117. Luftwaffe Ace Series VI.
  118. Luftwaffe Ace Series VII.
  119. Spitfire on my Tail Problem :( + AI question
  120. Luftwaffe Ace Series VIII.
  121. TEF Campaign and finding the Hun
  122. Holy crap, why haven't I seen this before?
  123. Luftwaffe Ace Series IX.
  124. Dog Fight for Simulator Machine
  125. Best way to get wingmen to attack?
  126. Team Fusion Campaign - Missions with / without bombs?
  127. Squadron too fast (RAF Redux Campaign)
  128. Campaign advice?
  129. Do we have a Gallery/Screenshot section here?
  130. Team Fusion Campaign Jabo / Erpr. Gr.210 / my experiences and tips
  131. Corpo Aereo Italiano
  132. Single player dogfight practice advice please.
  133. Can anyone help with a super basic....but tricky mission please to drive a tank?
  134. Attack of the Eagles
  135. A Busy Morning
  136. AI behavior testing
  137. No Respite
  138. Luftwaffe Ace Series IX.
  139. Do bombers drop bombs in the Scenarios and Campaign Missions?
  140. Desastersoft Products and Team Fusion Questions?
  141. Bf 109 closing opening landing flaps.
  142. 18th August 1940.
  143. Luftwaffe Ace Series one install.
  144. Newbie question re Single Player, Single Mission
  145. 20th July, 1940.
  146. Any improvements for AI in TF5.0 ?
  147. How to offset camera view
  148. Various download links for Sp missions not working
  149. The Battle of Britain.
  150. Be careful saving your Desastersoft bought campaign!
  151. AI Pilots crashing - was it me.
  152. Team Fusion Campaigns "Save" Question
  153. Historical Mission - Hein 1,2, etc.
  154. Desastersoft archive
  155. Enemy AI
  156. The Two Campaigns Offered with Cliffs of Dover
  157. Can I use a MIDI-keyboard as a controler for prop-pitch/flaps....?
  158. Vehicle Control
  159. Dynamic Single Player Campaign
  160. Can someone tell me where to latest full mission builder manuals are please?
  161. Figure's in-game?
  162. What steps to be in RAF fighter on airfield as it is bombed ?
  163. How to? NOOB question
  164. Converting Single Player Campaings to Multiplayer?
  165. Nachtjagdgeschwader 1 - BF 110 SP campaign
  166. Regarding Single Player
  167. III / JG 26 Schlageter static single player campaign - by Piper Kiek, updated.
  168. JU 87 campaign
  169. Adlertag +2. A day in the life of a fighter pilot!
  170. Mediafire not responding?
  171. Very Lost in the Woods
  172. LuftwaffeAceSingleMissions.
  173. III./JG 3 Hauptmann Wilhelm Balthasar.
  174. Original CLoD campaign not working properly under TF mod?
  175. "The Hardest Day!" re-vamped.
  176. Operation "DYNAMO" SP campaign
  177. RAF Fighter Command Dynamic Campaign V5
  178. Operation Dynamo.
  179. Problems with Desastersoft campaigns
  180. take off in MB
  181. Dusk Raid
  182. Blood in the Skies 1 (Mission Pack)
  183. Desastersoft updates?
  184. Save my Campaign Profile?
  185. adjusting game display questions
  186. taking off as single player missing something
  187. in mission navigation to target change
  188. Team Fusion, COD and Desastersoft
  189. Heinkill's 501 campaign.
  190. Disastersoft Wick V Dundas issue
  191. Desastersoft: Channel Battles LW where are skins?
  192. TF campaign questions
  193. Dynamic campaign Script
  194. Quickest way to let a friend fly and shoot up trains or planes or ground equipment ?
  195. AIRWARFARE CloD files
  196. My very first mission for COD: "Attack on Lympne"
  197. Just want to download some campaigns boiiis
  198. Howdy
  199. Formation flying - how do I keep up with the group?
  200. RAF campaign mission 13 flak guns
  201. A persistent AI
  202. Edit TF campaign generator
  203. TF Campaign groundhog day
  204. Campaign and randomized missions
  205. how to adjust weather il2 style ?
  206. mission building mission file set up
  207. X and Y in mission building
  208. Taking the CoD Plunge
  209. Changing belts and conversion in offline mode with FMB
  210. Pilot Log Book
  211. Dynamic Campaign Quesiton
  212. For those who now feel the bomber gunnery in 4.5 is TOO good
  213. TF Dynamic Campaign in IL-2 Blitz?
  214. Desastersoft Campaign's: Program to convert Missions to 4.5
  215. which desastersof campaign to buy first?
  216. Downloading a Desastersoft Campain for 4.5?
  217. Beaufighter campaign for 4.5?
  218. How is wingman AI in 4.5?
  219. Flying Beaufighter in COD Blitz
  220. AI tweaks for Quick Missions (SP)
  221. How to modify the RCU file in Blitz
  222. AirWarfare by TheOden
  223. Updated Missions and Campaigns
  224. where can I download single player missions?
  225. AI Aircraft not following waypoints
  226. Where can I download quick player missions?
  227. So can I use the Campaign & Mission files created in version 4.3 in blitz edition4.5?
  228. How can I make this playable with FMB? <odens dynamic campaign>
  229. Are FMB mis files copy pasted from Blitz to prior MOD versions compatible ?
  230. Can't seems to change loadouts in CoD Blitz
  231. Multi Screen Bug ClOD Blitz
  232. Single player and X52 pro problem
  233. What single player works with 4.5 and what does not?
  234. How to Free Flight?
  235. Desastersoft Campaigns
  236. Default Load-out
  237. Il2dce
  238. Anyone have a link to Oden's Campaign Generator?
  239. which missions see Do17Z show its underside ?
  240. German Attack Column - Quick Mission. Starting point for TFS to fix vehicle Ai?
  241. The Central Flying School.
  242. I Can't Get the Bombs to Detonate.
  243. Blitz Campaign. Red.
  244. Mission with huge bomber formation
  245. :hpyflying:
  246. AI
  247. "This is the tower"
  248. Xml and dll files
  249. Desastersoft Campaigns
  250. Get the Self Inflicted Dynamic Campaign while it' s hot