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  1. A Hawkinge Story...
  2. World War II Combat Cameramen
  3. Richard "Bud" Peterson: P-51 ace on shooting at parachutes...enjoy!
  4. A big Thank You to the Admins !! (with original RAF Training film)
  5. A good, short documentary on breaking the Enigma code.
  6. 10 Shocking Ways the Second World War Could Have Ended Differently
  7. Honour Amongst Airmen. When, who, why and where?
  8. Another Great Documentary
  9. The He-113 and mythical planes
  10. Can you help me find this vid online?
  11. German Militaria.
  12. Spitfire documentary
  13. Hiro Onoda, the japanese soldier who refused to surrender diest at 91
  14. Hey Marchan.....
  15. Wimperis MK.IX manual
  16. Wake
  17. Joe Shea 357th FG P-51 Pilot interview
  18. Wedding Ring
  19. Stuka Pilot reminisces
  20. Amazing Collection of photos from the Pacific
  21. Looking for information on the Royal Winnipeg Rifles
  22. Mind Blowing Colourised Images of WWII
  23. The Wellington's Camouflage
  24. The Few!
  25. Color gun cam footage from Pacific
  26. Bookmark this!!
  27. Douglas Bader, the pilot with no legs
  28. Thought this was worth sharing
  29. What sort of person was Helmut Wick?
  30. Videos
  31. Restored Bf 109 video, with nice sound!
  32. Historic Photograph Discovered
  33. German and British BoB pilots talk about their aircraft
  34. Geschwaderstab size and insignia
  35. Canadian WWI soldiers' remains ID'd
  36. Swiss Armed Forces 1964 --film
  37. Film of Dunkirk evacuation
  38. Interesting link
  39. mE-262 discovered in the Netherlands nearby Deelen
  40. Then and Now
  41. Looking for lost documentary - Hitler's Deadly Mistake: War in the East
  42. Blenheims in the Battle of Britain
  43. did any relitives serve in a Sherman Tank ww2 ? numbers were not good.
  44. Battle of Britain Flypast
  45. Fascinating Aerial Photography
  46. The map of Europe in WWII (Day by Day)
  47. Battle of Britain: Brothers in Arms
  48. How Long was the Life of a Battle Of Britain Pilot..
  49. Schoolboy diary 1940
  50. Last Dambuster pilot dies: RIP
  51. He 111 - the sole flying example
  52. R.I.P.: Remains of WW2 Russian aircrew in P2 fighter-bomber found
  53. 97 year old pilot from 19 squadron, 'I'm an ordinary sort of chap'
  54. Warbird and information pertaining too.
  55. $h1t happens
  56. Free ebook website
  57. MGK-1000 Aerial Gunnery Training Camera
  58. Bletchley Park Tour
  59. Spitfire Excavation
  60. WW1 Aviation History -- Online study course
  61. George Preddy Gun Camera film
  62. British 100 Octane aircraft during the Battle of Britain.
  63. Declassified Footage - F14 Vs Mig23 [Gulf of Sidra incident 89]
  64. Larry69 - PLEASE READ ASAP!! Lost relative from WWII is looking for you! OMG WOW!
  65. Rare colorized pictures
  66. Great documentary
  67. Tiger Manual
  68. Audio of Lancaster Crew over Berlin as they drop... and shoot down an intercepting NF
  69. Where to access Luftwaffe records?
  70. Big gun submarines
  71. Condensed History: HMS Nelson
  72. Condensed History: The V-1 Flying Bomb
  73. Polish Aviation Museum have Digitalized its Documents
  74. Pics from the IWM
  75. Condensed History: Exercise Tiger
  76. Condensed History: DKM Gneisenau
  77. Could you tell me the most important and famous book(s) about Battle of Britain?
  78. Mechanical Gun Fire Control Computer
  79. Condensed History: The Ruhr Dam raids
  80. Only 20 E4/N were ever built.
  81. Bomber Command memorial, London
  82. Condensed History: The Schwerer Gustav
  83. Spit V vs 109F...
  84. Headwear for pilots
  85. Spitfire Ace documentary.
  86. Wierd bits of history (Italian navy)
  87. Condensed History: James H. Howard
  88. Lorenz encryption machine keyboard found on eBay at £9.50
  89. The Fighting Lady
  90. D-Day, some overlay images of current scenes with the past.
  91. Polish pilots in the BOB
  92. Willy Messerschmitt 1978 Newspaper Cut...
  93. 'The Battle Of Britain' 1969 Film Newspaper Cuttings...
  94. Oral History
  95. WTF? Aircraft Cross-Dressers
  96. To Command the Sky: HIGHLY recommended!!!
  97. Books from the Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot's Perspective?
  98. Condensed History: Invasion of Crete and the Fallschirmjäger
  99. Bob pics
  100. Pics from the War.
  101. What do you got there? Stuff? What kind of stuff, Nazi stuff?
  102. Period log book images/layout
  103. A Malta Story with a Twist...
  104. 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan
  105. High quality wartime colour aircraft photos.
  106. Anyone have good reading on bombing operations?
  107. 100 year anniversary of the first usage of tanks in battle
  108. Commemoration of the Battle Of Britain - 1 RCAF Squadron
  109. BoB Memorial for Polish Pilots
  110. Man'tiqueing
  111. Typical altitudes of bombing and battles?
  112. Condensed History: Volksjäger
  113. Met a legend yesterday...
  114. Land of Mine
  115. Dynamix Part III - Historical photos
  116. One for the bucket list
  117. IL2-Sturmovik Restoration
  118. RAF Coltishall Jag
  119. My most prized possesion
  120. A lost D-Day documentary discovered.
  121. Condensed History: The Life of Theodore Roosevelt Jr.
  122. Battle Of Britain Film 1969
  123. What is this?
  124. Not An F but surely a G6
  125. A bit of Family history...
  126. Excellent day out in Biggin Hill
  127. Actors who experienced the real thing...
  128. WWII Pacific Theatre
  129. Night bombers colour movie
  130. 69th Murmansk wrote a book: "Churchill's Secret War with Lenin"
  131. The Saga of Pappy Gunn, Kindle Edition is for free.
  132. Very funny if it's true...
  133. RAF Hendon Museum Visit
  134. Italian Chapel in Orkney
  135. The Spitserschmidt 110
  136. Beaufighter 'Bits' No.1 - Operation Squabble
  137. The world is going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  138. The Turbinlite Havoc
  139. Beaufighter - The Forgotten War Horse
  140. Operation 'FRESHMAN' - the first attempt to stop Hitler's nuclear programme.
  141. Knights of the Air - The RAF (A short war movie)
  142. Darkest Hour WW2 movie
  143. Juan Pujol García (Garbo)
  144. Beaufighter 'Bits' No.2 - Star Crossed Beaus
  145. What is that white smoke?
  146. The Beaufighter Mk. V - Boulton Paul turret and Merlin powered!
  147. Uncrating and Field Assembly of the P-47 Thunderbolt - 1943
  148. How the Harrier (Jump Jet) works...
  149. Coastal Command movie - anyone know how to get hold of it?
  150. Hurricane - The Real Victor of the Battle of Britain
  151. B-17F Memphis Belle™ Restoration Update
  152. It happened today!
  153. Beaufighter 'Bits' No. 3 - Desert Beaufighters Video
  154. New England to England Support 1940s
  155. Demo of rebuilt/running Merlin engine in Jay Leno's Garage
  156. Aircraft of the 9. Staffel of the Jagdgeschwader 26
  157. American Spitfire Recon Pilot
  158. Hispano cannons in bob?
  159. I would like to share with you something very very special happened to me
  160. Very cool article
  161. Interesting article about 'Pappy' Boyington
  162. 15 of September, 1940
  163. Former Hurricane Bomber to be Converted to 2 Seater.
  164. I-25 Japanese Submarine
  165. 610 sqd
  166. Sydney's Japanese Midget Submarine attack!
  167. The Kakoda track campaign
  168. Was the Bf-110 THAT bad?
  169. DEATH OF PELICAN-16. Avro Shackleton Crash
  170. British bomber crew radio chatter as they shoot down enemy plane
  171. Last Dambuster flies again
  172. The Fallen of WW2
  173. The Bolingbroke Edition of the Blenheim?
  174. The beginning of the end for Mussolini
  175. B25 sarnia ont canada
  176. P51 vs Me 109 G6..why the mustang was faster
  177. Aviation art
  178. das boat sequel
  179. what epic scale waste.
  180. Spitfire video
  181. HELP and INFO - 121 "Eagle Saudron" P/O Warren Vincent Shenk
  182. They Shall Not Grow Old - Official Trailer (2018)
  183. My Avatar
  184. Christmas in the sky
  185. Twin Mustang restoration
  186. Good looking Beaufighter in the Med book
  187. The Battle of the Coral Sea
  188. Collective (?) research project; 19 Squadron Spitfires autumn 1938
  189. Automatically color those old BW images
  190. Pilot found
  191. Midway movie remake
  192. war room re opens
  193. T-34 New wwII movie
  194. Historically accurate bomber formations?
  195. Big Gun Duel - German Artillery Targets England
  196. Bunkers & Batteries - Exploring German WW2 Fortifications Jersey
  197. White 4 - The Duxford Messerschmitt
  198. Shot Down Over Enemy Territory | Memoirs Of WWII #17
  199. Bomber Shot Full of Holes Over Japan | Memoirs Of WWII #11
  200. Veteran Fly in the Same WWII Plane He Jumped from on D-Day
  201. "Killer Tanks The Grant M3 Tank" - some WWII North Africa action
  202. Typhoon vs Gestapo - RAF Pilot Rogue Attack 1943
  203. Hawker Hurricane Heist - The Spy Who Stole an RAF Fighter
  204. American Zero Fighter
  205. Лидия Литвак
  206. 'Soapy' got lost. Harrier MIA
  207. First Spitfire Kill - The Battle of Barking Creek 1939
  208. This+is+your+life+ +Douglas+Bader
  209. "Messer-Spit"
  210. Images of the war.
  211. Anyone know anything about this pic
  212. Air Transport Auxiliary
  213. Dark Side of Glory-PTSD in the letters of World War I aces.
  214. The Mysterious Missing F-89 Pilot - The Kinross UFO Incident
  215. The Most Mysterious Ghost Plane of WW2
  216. This Fighter Jet Actually Flew in WW2 (And then the Allies Stole It) - The Me 262
  217. ww2 planes in the arctic
  218. pug sutherland vs saburu sakai
  219. Oral history project, interviews with aviation greats...
  220. Midway from the Japanese Perspective
  221. The Cold Blue (2018)
  222. Exploring OFF LIMIT Areas WW2 Battleship : USS Iowa
  223. A Logbook Talks.....
  224. Now on the BBC, Spitfire: The People's Plane
  225. rudels last flight
  226. The Mark 14 Torpedo
  227. Germany 1945: Sensationally restored film footage by George Stevens
  228. The Battle Of Britain With Ewan McGregor (Military History Documentary) | Timeline
  229. “Our Worst Mission” WW2 Bomber Gunner | Memoirs Of WWII #24
  230. Memoirs Of WWII #24
  231. 6 JUNE 1944 - The Light Of Dawn - Colorized
  232. German Soldier Remembers WW2 | Memoirs Of WWII #15
  233. WWII in Real Time - as it happened 79 years ago
  234. A-1 572’S Right Wing
  235. Battle of Stalingrad, 2945 colorized
  236. Looking for information on where Axis squadrons were based
  237. 'Flying Tin openers' 6 Squadrons Hurricane IId's in the Desert
  238. Maps!
  239. D Day Through German Eyes Book
  240. Desert air war books?
  241. Germany and Japan win and battle each other
  242. Stirling Bomber to be Raised From Dutch Lake
  243. YouTube lecture on operation Dynamo ...
  244. WW1 - 82nd Canadians Q
  245. Nazi Symbols - The Story Behind the Imagery
  246. ANZAC Day 2021
  247. Bomber #666
  248. RAF Constant Speed Propellers
  249. Gray Eagles Documentary (P-51)
  250. Johannes Steinhoff documentary