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  1. Gameplay (redux) - if the mods don't mind.....
  2. Show us your cockpit
  3. Damage PC related?
  4. couple of newbie Qs
  5. Face Book IL-2 Community Group
  6. What a difference a year makes or 'Tanks for the memory'
  7. Storm of War Campaigns: Battle of France
  8. What part of an aircraft is the 'Sponger'?
  9. Chat box detail
  10. Some quick questions
  11. Hyperlobby and CloD
  12. Are there any single player dynamic campaign mods?
  13. I need help with certain controls
  14. Something wrong
  15. My contribution to the CloD community as a whole.
  16. Swastikas on Luftwaffe aircraft?
  17. Clarification
  18. You are here
  19. FAO ATAG_Torian (Homemade Blenhiem Instrument Panel)
  20. Bf 110 Pitit heater switch
  21. blue stats/career night
  22. Convergences and Loadouts in User.in
  23. Track editor problem?
  24. Team Fusion and ATAG outside view tool
  25. Timeout crashes
  26. New project started: Battle for Malta
  27. Teamkilled over Oye Plage
  28. Heinkill's Battle for Malta released.
  29. Hurricane Hell - a graphic AAR
  30. Controls Problem with German Planes
  31. Engine control aids?
  32. Battle for Malta mission pack #1 preview video
  33. He111 Success!
  34. Pilot rescue
  35. A "correct" use of (MiA) pilot animation.
  36. Tracers...
  37. What is the max "black dot" distance?
  38. COD Map
  39. Ground takeoff on single mission / toe brakes&tail skid
  40. Ground drifting / Boost Cut Out/ Prop Pitch
  41. Learning the Full Mission Builder?
  42. Anti-Aliasing
  43. Now it is time...
  44. il2:CloD™ @ 5$
  45. 109 x ships
  46. (Home) Scratchbuilt Hurricane Cockpit
  47. Question regarding takeoff/landing clearance
  48. First kill!
  49. Gotta love business trips!
  50. A newbie practicing against the AI
  51. Server Time Out
  52. Changing name in STATs
  53. About radirator settings
  54. Question on " Re-Arm" ?
  55. Home built Hurricane Bucket seat Mk1
  56. POV question....
  57. Question on loadouts and fuel
  58. I've got to be missing something elementary
  59. Found bug in ATAG server......
  60. Starting A Same Game Server
  61. 75 year old Messerschmitt BF109 E4 flys again
  62. 92 Squadron Skirmish
  63. Quality of screenshots
  64. Track Editior
  65. Question on Flaps?
  66. Custom snap views?
  67. Hardware trims method
  68. Next chapter in the Malta Mod released: The Luftwaffe Arrives
  69. Question on CEM - namely fuel mixture
  70. The Luftwaffe airfields in France: what is left nowadays...
  71. Malta Mod part 3 preview
  72. Cliffs of Dover $5 (AU) on gamersgate
  73. Tips for keyboard & mouse players?
  74. Battle for Stalingrad - After reading the FAQ I think I will be sticking with Clod
  75. "(AI) Collided with Terrain", with alarming frequency
  76. New interviews with Oleg Maddox
  77. Weirdness with 'Advanced engine management' settings
  78. internet explorer 11
  79. Question on single missions beginning with engine running
  80. Question on weapon loadouts - amount of ammo?
  81. A question from a CLOD novice about pilot field of view
  82. Recommendations for a Teamspeak Compatible Headset
  83. CloD "biggest mistery".
  84. Oculus Rift
  85. I genuinely suck at landing
  86. Some new photos for my wartime scrap book
  87. Plane Explosion
  88. Malta Mod mission pack final, now avail
  89. Friend-or-foe tips?
  90. 2+ players in 1 plane
  91. FPS counter - where has it gone?
  92. interview about the Bf109
  93. Will this ever see the light of day?
  94. Star in a CloD movie?
  95. where is the fuel tank for bf-109 and spitfire?
  96. First Time CLOD Where is it ?
  97. Speed of Sound in CloD
  98. Control issues
  99. Fighter Aces! Adolf Galland - The Expert & 303 Sqd (review)
  100. Me109 lost tail :)
  101. COD fun fact
  102. Are Stats updating?
  103. Sorry Fiat G. 50
  104. Newbie question about landing....
  105. VR this year from Spain
  106. Stats are Stuck
  107. Got my first "kill"
  108. AI planes flyable in COD
  109. P51-b
  110. BoB dogfight
  111. Plane shaking / vibrations
  112. Viewing question
  113. Grahics settings recommendation?
  114. Compass and Declination.
  115. Language and shoulder shooting
  116. Toggle Plane Icons
  117. Convergences not saving??
  118. issue with brakes / rudder pedals
  119. Gunsight range question
  120. Got my first Ace after a week of playing
  121. No noises / bangs when my plane being hit by emeny fire
  122. CEM in the RAF planes
  123. Another great night on the server
  124. Mapping Controls
  125. WEP in 109 E4/B
  126. Trying something new
  127. Is my understanding of bearing/heading correct?
  128. User.ini file location with Steam Cloud Sync enabled
  129. The Myth of German Radar Supremacy
  130. Questions re AI wingmen, aircraft labels, and shooting
  131. Storm of War forum shut down?
  132. Vanila's Cliffs Radio
  133. Installing SweetFx or FlightFX Prevents Game from Starting
  134. who is behind me
  135. need a little help/ how to record trks?
  136. A few small problems - help?
  137. Commands Not Working
  138. Twitch TV WHMAstiff
  139. Look up for Blenheims
  140. A couple of noob questions
  141. Looking around during dogfights
  142. Died 17 times - but it was all fun...
  143. Single Player Blenheim Missions
  144. Servers with AI.
  145. Any experts on High Alt blenny bombing?
  146. Aboud wind
  147. Looking for Heli Sim (Helicopter Simulator)
  148. Video card question
  149. Controls mapping whith latest patch
  150. Any Scissors Experts?
  151. Help about English Channel Bomber
  152. What other theaters would you like to see?
  153. Battle of Britain The real story
  154. Bought the wrong joystick..... doh!
  155. startproblems
  156. Newbie: Planes Unstable, Slow, and prone to control failure
  157. Can only use shift keyboard commands once.
  158. Computer spec tips
  159. problems with desastersoft addon and other minor nuisances
  160. New pilot has noob questions
  161. Small amazing features in Cliffs of Dover
  162. Spitfire FM
  163. Aircraft Labels - what do they mean?
  164. New addition to Man Cave Gallery
  165. Map Font Size
  166. Wonderful, MUST SEE video of Spit fire.
  167. install question
  168. Brittish bomb fuze types
  169. Weird Fps issue
  170. Tail-dragger tip
  171. Is this normal?
  172. Thanks all
  173. Practicing in Single Player and have a question on end of game Statistics
  174. hurricane speed!!!!
  175. ATAG_Lolsav is BACK!!
  176. Interesting review about the torque in Cliffs of Dover
  177. How do I supposed to fly at night??
  178. Bombing in an 109 E3/B or E4B
  179. What caused my level bombing accuracy in HE-111 very poor?
  180. Map rollover question
  181. I have some really cool noseart pics to share....WARNING - NOSE ART NUDITY
  182. how do I extract savegames?
  183. Console window?
  184. How do you get over +6 boost in Hurr and Spit?
  185. Default controls
  186. Where are the curves?
  187. A few questions from a beginner (not really, but..)
  188. A great documentary from a top bloke.
  189. Battle of Britain movie - music themes
  190. facetrackNoIR trouble
  191. Request for Comments :-) - Channel Battles add-on?
  192. Chanel Battles by Disastersoft - Campaigns not showing in CloD ?...
  193. Blenheim flies again
  194. Moach - Clipped Wing Spitfire...
  195. facetrackNoIR settings
  196. 109 restorations (many pics)
  197. Server stats not updating
  198. Spit vs. 109 and the video with the two pilots
  199. Is there a way to preset the gunsight bars in advance?
  200. Need help with Key Binding and using a program like AutoHotKey
  201. FULL REAL, Do I still need to tap breaks, auto prop pitch, auto radiator to turn them
  202. Nice duel. Such fights I love
  203. Can't get above 5mph on ground, yet not problem with air start
  204. You RAF types are in big trouble...
  205. Installing steam to a different folder than Program Files will TF mods still work ?
  206. Are there plans to have Stirling Whitley hampden etc flyable and on raids ?
  207. How does one pan around the outside of an aircraft ?
  208. I need a good electric map for this game.
  209. "Hold to: events - what does that mean?
  210. Having trouble getting to change event values to mouse buttons
  211. What does the first of the two 'External View" events
  212. What does event/function "Hold to Adjust Field of View" do?
  213. What does "Camera Control in Independent Mode" do?
  214. View Positions and Camera Angles and Great Screen Shots
  215. FIAT C.R. 42 Where is it?
  216. What are the setup steps involved in flying a german marked 109 over snow ?
  217. Bomber escort: an observation or two
  218. Spitfire's rear view mirror.
  219. Campaigns/missions query
  220. SoW - Hall-of-Fame "50 mission survivors" page
  221. what are your settings for the (windows) in (Cliffs of Dover simulator)
  222. Congratulations on an incredible sim
  223. Wellington in "Riders in the Sky"
  224. Persistent aircraft in Multiplayer has arrived!
  225. New Video card ?
  226. Klu peete 8th mission
  227. Anyone tried the new Steam Broadcast?
  228. Night meres of a pilot....
  229. First time i sunk 2 ships..
  230. Storm of War Server - Why Can't I Spawn????
  231. WW II style joystick
  232. Please recommend a cheap non-HOTAS joystick for CloD
  233. KLu peete flys the spitty.
  234. My wife learned to fly tonight.
  235. KLu Peete. Joined the 5. J G. 26.
  236. KLu peete joined the 5,/JG 26
  237. Me 109 beatle
  238. Joystick and ingame info window problems
  239. Call the right place out.!
  240. Storm of War server - Reconnaissance Functionality
  241. The doomed bridges
  242. Improving clouds
  243. Kills O yes...
  244. 32" TV monitor
  245. Interesting thread on M4T re. BoB
  246. New Rig
  247. German tank found in the ground. .
  248. Il2 cliffs of dover brazil
  249. Banged in to .,, Atag Lewis"
  250. zooming out to see all instruments