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  1. Two suggestions for a future TF patch
  2. MG and exterior Sounds in Cockpit
  3. Spitfire mkIIb, a quick question.
  4. Maby somthing Team Fusion can look over
  5. Urging people to write positve CLOD reviews on Amazon
  6. Now look at that...
  7. NOTICE to all MovieMakers...
  8. Wow, you guys made me reinstall CLOD
  9. My first kill in ATAG server lost
  10. How to make mission with cold start up?
  11. Indy's Spitfire MkIIb is done! (with pics!)
  12. Banks Coop Lobby - Updated to be used with TF 3.01?
  13. Banks Coop Lobby Updated for TF?
  14. Nebelwerfer
  15. Bos will be coded for Oculus Rift!!
  16. Came back to game wow! Green smoke though?
  17. Has anyone contacted 1C studios re making code available?
  18. Mixture Settings
  19. Team Fusion is looking for Modders to work with Tanks and Vehicles
  20. Crashing issues
  21. Anyone have a list of the tanks available in CloD
  22. Suggestions about Tanks
  23. Breakthrough on the 109 Rad puncture bug
  24. Damage induced drag?
  25. The Moon
  26. about antiallising
  27. We are all very busy right now, so if we don't reply...
  28. Oversized 109 Radiator: Oops... it isn't
  29. Can't startup Clod
  30. Forum log-on problems
  31. Something to consider for the next patch
  32. Building detail level - bug?
  33. Sound
  34. Is Holygrail MIA?
  35. Distance when "dots" (aircraft) appear
  36. Multiplayer help/question.
  37. Official Detailed Video After Patch Release
  38. GUI inconsistencies
  39. How can I send to a ATAG member
  40. Here's one for ya!
  41. How do you end a sortie?
  42. Some Early Morning Screen Shots
  43. Oohh!
  44. Headtracking choppyness that just won't go away
  45. Tripping up when moving off
  46. Thanks for your interest: Beta testers applications closed for the moment
  47. Spotting aircraft issue
  48. TeamFusion Patches
  49. Team Fusion Release 4.0 Dynamic Campaign: Interested in developing a Campaign?
  50. Thank you all for reviving my interest
  51. What do the lines coming off the reticle at 12,3,6,9 used for?
  52. can somebody from TF provide a simple GUI for the banks coop function script ?
  53. Cliffs of Dover deal
  54. Update to the Friday August 23rd update video
  55. Personal skins in online gaming
  56. White Cliffs. Real photos.
  57. Malta
  58. Bit OT: CGI trailer for 'War Thunder'
  59. Glossy Surfaces
  60. Transparent 3D water
  61. Transparent 3D water
  62. Suggestion: Breda SAFAT 12,7mm and 7,7mm guns MOD
  63. Is OS change to 64-bit worth it?
  64. To the wishlist: torpedos on the Beaufighter
  65. Question regarding Spitfire windscreen
  66. Question for TF: Can the Mirrors be fixed to reflect an accurate image?
  67. Refuel Rearm
  68. IL2 Cliffs Of Dower Wikipedia
  69. Questions regarding track playback?
  70. Screen Resolutions
  71. Butt Kicker
  72. Deception plans...
  73. Agile development?
  74. Help with a small issue...
  75. New Flight School Section at ACG
  76. New aircraft in Clod?
  77. For Snapper! Collect all TF updates under one stickie thread!
  78. Finally running new TF Mod - Thank You!
  79. Ship Destruction
  80. Turret control
  81. Airfield issues for attention
  82. So, Steam OS + Cliffs of Dover?
  83. Team Fusion featured on PC Pilot website
  84. Name change
  85. Pssssstttt..... check the updates thread ;)
  86. online protocol
  87. Realtime damage
  88. Directional gyro
  89. Q for TF - Building LODs
  90. spotting contacts
  91. Generating more interest in CLoD and DCS WW11
  92. Targets' altitude
  93. DCS: WWll and Team Fusion?
  94. Are custom skins disabled in the current patch (3.01)?
  95. Setting Icons on the fly?
  96. +6 boost (unrammed)
  97. Where are we with changing the map?
  98. Burning cockpits...
  99. Idea for a new multiplayer mission
  100. What's left?
  101. Psssssssst Check the Team Fusion updates Forum ;)
  102. Friday!!
  103. It is safe to delete the contents of the cppcrash folder in the softclub game folder?
  104. Future patch?
  105. 109 convergence
  106. Sound issue question.
  107. JU-87 skins???
  108. My first post.... A BIG thank you to ATAG and TF! Plus more...
  109. Friday...almost
  110. A question about multiplayer
  111. Thank you Team Fusion
  112. Patch 4.00 impressions
  113. 109 roll rate
  114. Patch 4 checklist
  115. Will you lot
  116. Patch 4.00 videos, post 'em here
  117. Teamspeak plugin
  118. V4 - Best way to remove jaggies?
  119. Visibility issue
  120. Seasons
  121. Question about skins for "new" planes
  122. How to Change the cockpit/ dash PHOTO - VIDEO tutorial
  123. Blenheim course setter
  124. Placing a Picture on your Dash?
  125. Question on the clouds in TF4
  126. Just testing the Ai opponents, can some of you see if this is more challenging please
  127. Question on CEM with TF4
  128. Regarding 109 temperature gauges
  129. 3 winter and autumn missions for TF mod 4.0
  130. How are your framerates and were you able to improve your resolution without penalty?
  131. Game crashes always after a short while with 4.0.
  132. Zoom key, feedback.
  133. min/max FOV and changing speed
  134. server ATAG full
  135. Armed
  136. If you want to support Team Fusion, consider donating to ATAG Server
  137. Why does the new TF 4.0 patch kick arse? Here's why...
  138. Amazon reviews of Cliff of dover
  139. Thanks to Team Fusion
  140. New map tf wish!!!!
  141. Luthier about CLOD. Video from 2011!
  142. Pilot voices cause microstutters
  143. Quick TF patch 4 review...
  144. Nvidia Settings for AA...
  145. Shoulder shooting?
  146. Scoring System- Discuss
  147. to TF Team: Is it possible to match WT graphic metallic textures and reflections?
  148. JG4 Tank battles
  149. splash screen question??????
  150. Whatever you did to the clouds to make them bright and glowy...
  151. TF - any thoughts to working on a dynamic campaign?
  152. Stutters due to tree shadows
  153. Statistically lost.
  154. Icons
  155. Piano music after landing (from track replay)
  156. spit mkI Merlin III 12+
  157. Hurricane pilots help
  158. AI Lawndarting since patch !..Try this.
  159. De Havilland CS Props
  160. Launcher exe has stopped working suddenly
  161. Static campaign - the number of kills, etc.
  162. Spectating in Clod
  163. Why is SweetFx no longer necessary?
  164. Is there any way to make the AI less annoying?
  165. Spitfire Hot Start Pic
  166. Reds need to stop circling their fields!!
  167. An explanation of why the 109E-4N has WEP or 1.42ata power
  168. Blenheim Autopilot
  169. New Malta missions available :
  170. PC Pilot feature Team Fusion Patch v4.00 in online article
  171. Deastersoft Campaigns
  172. Photo in cockpit
  173. Turning the engine sounds down - fusion4 makes this possible?
  174. A small story..... I love those ... Breda SAFAT 12,7!!
  175. Trk files won't play Help
  176. TF V 5.0 suggestions
  177. Spitfire Recticle Brightness Questions
  178. Clouds
  179. Kill score system/net stats - suggestions
  180. Engine temperature in the 109s
  181. Bf109 E1 since TF V4.00 Question
  182. Something that no other proper sim has, which I believe would draw many to TF-CloD...
  183. Manifold pressure and RPM
  184. Made it back alive!
  185. Interested in comments on Missions which include vehicles
  186. Changing Fuel Setting in Quick Missions?
  187. The proposal for the future new aircraft types. It is in future real?
  188. Strange location of user.ini file
  189. problem with cloud
  190. but...where are the screenshot
  191. (kb2670838)....nooooooo!!!!!
  192. How do I get this to show up
  193. Canopy freeze
  194. Idea for v5.0 -- Pilots, Aircraft Debris and Dingys?
  195. Is this how the new visibility works?
  196. Anyone else getting this issue with Joystick centre point? Help!
  197. Strange on-line visual effect!!
  198. donation
  199. Botha died in a dive TF-4.0
  200. A little question
  201. Clouds blinking off and on?
  202. Winter Camouflage
  203. Request to clean up a little..
  204. Anyone having problems with menu screens not refreshing ?
  205. Tank Comanders Corner!
  206. ATI Card Problem
  207. 109 E4 prop pitch help needed
  208. Bf 110 Prop Feather?
  209. Thank you for 4.0 and a lot of help :)
  210. Water radiators on Ju 88 - Where are they?
  211. Cannon armed Spits possible?
  212. Very dark and shiny skins
  213. Bomb freeze.
  214. With BOS coming out will the fusion team keep going? I for one hope so, I love this.
  215. Question about online graphic settings
  216. For all those who had to sit through 'Pearl Harbour'...
  217. Custom skin folder for Bf110 C-7 Late
  218. Pilot's position in relation to the gunsight 109.
  219. Just some Zen shots.
  220. Any plans for Windows 8 fix in TF mod?
  221. Having trouble seeing aircraft. Is there a LOD, LOS or other distance setting?
  222. Il2 compare
  223. cloud Cliffs Of Dover
  224. The Red army & Blue army? Can this be changed?
  225. New aircraft?
  226. Some Questions
  227. "It's getting dark, too dark to see..."
  228. While we are waiting for more patches.....
  229. Aerodynamics - question about stall characteristics
  230. a little help
  231. Any thoughts on a new voice pack?
  232. The windsock no longer works since the 4.00 patch?
  233. The Damage Model - Weapon effects.
  234. Team Fusion, why are you making U-boats and U-boat pens?
  235. Any online campaigns?
  236. recording film
  237. Server stats refresh rate?
  238. I Love This Game!!
  239. stick a no show in 4.0
  240. How to use rear turret gunner in Blenheim...
  241. Screen on start-up
  242. zero vs spit
  243. Missing Gauges in Hurricane
  244. ┬┐Non steam nickname?
  245. Changing onscreen cockpit visuals
  246. Sound of 7.92mm machine guns
  247. Info Windows moving around...
  248. Fix 4.01?
  249. Has anyone figured out exactly what AI basic flying does?
  250. Gun Stats??