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  1. Mouse Freezes in Menu, but not the game
  2. An Attaboy for Dynamo Improvements!
  3. Information for a complete tracking Noob?
  4. Improve AI gunnery skill
  5. rearming at airfields
  6. Any love for JU 88?
  7. TrackIR and bombers
  8. Triple Screen Folks
  9. Accidental? Ramming
  10. Bf109 radiators are not effective enough!! imo
  11. Il-2 1946, ClOD, BOS DirectX 12 and into the future? 100%-500% better FPS...
  12. Three fronts, two sims, one good day!
  13. A new Logitech 3D Extreme Pro and questions
  14. Did Germany lose the Battle of Britain: or was it a draw?
  15. Shadows turning black in the cockpit
  16. Backward bombs
  17. TF RAF blackout G?
  18. Does Opentrack face tracker work in Cliffs of Dover?
  19. 5.th 26 Jagd Geswader ist klar for.. Desert fight.. lest go..
  20. Focke wulf 190.. 1941 enters the war !
  21. Ju 88 Squadrons Based on Map during BoB
  22. Quick mission help
  23. Suggestion: Hide mouse when I pan camera
  24. Do-17?
  25. Chevron Adjutant option for Luftwaffe fighters
  26. Slow running cut-out in Blenheim?
  27. Luftwaffe Winter skins?
  28. Missing Sounds?
  29. TF.5 Graphics.
  30. Wndows 7 Update KB2670838
  31. World War II Victory Capitol Flyover May 8th, 2015
  32. Oculus
  33. Of Oculus rift & other things
  34. Newbe here, map joystick?
  35. A thing that this community could do better!
  36. What's different about the Night Fighters?
  37. Oculus CV1 PC Specs Released
  38. Army personnel when airforce groundcrew should instead be seen
  39. Ju88's ventral gunner freedom of movement
  40. radiator flaps operation doesnt seem to work
  41. Started Buying Parts For The Rift CV1 PC Build
  42. Engines of Plane TF-5
  43. Windows 10 and Clod
  44. Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero
  45. BR.20: where is the love for the copilot position?
  46. Self-shooting
  47. Accurizing the map?
  48. Help with teamspeak
  49. Request for Information on Wellington IA/IC with Mk XIV bomb sight
  50. The Blitz in Team Fusion
  51. Request for Information on Ju-88C-2 Pilot Notes and cockpit and external views
  52. Request for Information on Gloster Gladiator Pilot Notes and cockpit for RAF version
  53. Microsoft explains what you’ll lose by upgrading to Windows 10
  54. P-51
  55. Stats page still displaying May results
  56. COD Skins
  57. Zero Would = "Total Knockout"
  58. Oculus Rift - Oculus Touch
  59. Question for TF re possible easy enhancement to weather
  60. How to save a file as a .trk
  61. Need pedals? This might be your chance!
  62. Compass Rose on AA gun mounts
  63. Grat box in the upper left hand corner woes.
  64. stand alone bofors on allied ships
  65. Can I change my username?
  66. Reshade + Sweet FX - stable at last!
  67. Thank you, Team fusion.
  68. Gone effect?
  69. Gone effect?
  70. How do you find cheats?
  71. TF mod on a non-steam version
  72. Spit seen 10 meters away from the cockpit of a He111 Britain 1940
  73. Non steam version, sorry
  74. Best setup of views for 109 gunnery/gunsight view.
  75. Spitty wheels up landing
  76. Moving video, guy cries when his life dream comes true: to fly a Spit
  77. ATAG patch 4.0 Trojan?
  78. Win 10 upgrade compatibility ?Clod mod
  79. Windows10+CoD+?
  80. Source Code Acquisition
  81. Retro games B17
  82. Clod in window 10
  83. Information On Modding
  84. Please change my forum name to Bramage
  85. Oculus Rift and ClOD. Any experience?...
  86. Question about online plane setup..
  87. Review of Occulus Rift Consumer Version
  88. How do you post screenshots?
  89. Problem With Patching
  90. G-Lock & Greyout in BoB-period combat conditions
  91. Default FOV
  92. Silly Question...but does the Sukoi have real guns?
  93. Red and Blue Target Arrows
  94. What kind of pc is ok for CoD?
  95. Window mode possible?
  96. Help for a newbie (Sweetfx and Team Fusion questions)
  97. Anoying boxes
  98. CloD Commands
  99. Getting the most from the Spitfire
  100. I've got the scripting bug
  101. What does this mean?
  102. Gradient of sky.
  103. negative g cutout
  104. B-24 Pilot Manual
  105. Objects on Ships
  106. Weathering and a/c performance
  107. Ground Targets Pictionary
  108. can't get the TPassThrough trigger to work
  109. How to reinstall or save BoS ( & for that matter CoD)before or after PC restore?
  110. Initia Patch Level of IL2 Cliffs of Dover Before loading TF 3.0
  111. does Skill modifer have any bearing on AI performance
  112. Won't load ! Orange circle flashes up and disappears...
  113. Fuel Cock Problems
  114. Steam will not play CloD on a complete reinstall.
  115. Still Cannot Budge the Fuel Cock in a Spit
  116. Resampling FRAPS videos
  117. New to CoD -- hello and a quick online question...
  118. Trouble ( confusion) installing Malta Map & Missions AND Murmansk Missions & Campaign
  119. Aeronautical/Mechanical or engine Engineer help needed
  120. AA / Artillery gun details
  121. War Emergency Power question.
  122. How do I get back info box?
  123. Trouble with a couple of things...
  124. GPU not initialising
  125. SetBacks skins?
  126. my dust and smoke is green
  127. No go boom!
  128. Having a few problems
  129. Any plans for single player?
  130. Resetting all all the controls in the Assignment list to default values?
  131. Review of the year!
  132. Run as Administrator Question WRT Team Fusion Mod installation.
  133. How to Record missions and dogfights in Single Player?
  134. Detailed discussion of offline AI vs human players
  135. Switching Aircraft Question. I don't seem to be able to.
  136. Default Convergences for BF109, Spit and Hurri weapons, please?
  137. Introduction and question
  138. Right and Left Mouse Click assignment Question
  139. lean to gunsight on spitfire sudden move to the center if you make big angle moves
  140. Enable/disable AI gunners
  141. Copie from another thread .....Newbie having a few problems installing Mod CLoD Files
  142. Change head effect
  143. German Radio Speech
  144. Remove silly sandbags from stand alone bofors please
  145. Dash Photo That Won't Go Away
  146. Help with padlock controls
  147. Grand.
  148. Hello
  149. Oculus Rift Pre Orders and Pricing
  150. Just testing... Oculus owners wanted
  151. A thought for TF's audio producer
  152. South African Spitfire Restoration Aid
  153. Question to RAF74_Buzzsaw
  154. Number of Joystick Devices supported?
  155. IL2 COD Campaign - Can someone very briefly explain what to expect please?
  156. Vr/ic/tf
  157. Eye candy - Screenshots
  158. A workaround to terrain shimmer at distance
  159. Pondering Oculus Keyboard Issues.
  160. I'm going back to base - Lazy AI pilots
  161. All Planes visible on map
  162. Team fusion comment needed
  163. Problems with patch 4.0
  164. Oculus Rift
  165. Night flights - Searchlights
  166. question to team fusion
  167. Beginners guide
  168. Desastersoft question
  169. Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Stick, Throttle & peddals setup
  170. Need help trouble with CLOD
  171. Oculus rift work around
  172. New PC, Smoother Running?
  173. Help needed with landing
  174. Dx9?
  175. Dornier Do17Z sound file who best to upload this to ?
  176. Correcting ground staff and groundcrew in CoD
  177. Hurricane CoD compare to genuine BoB differences spotted
  178. Need VR-Testers?
  179. Where are the enemies???
  180. CLoD and Windows 10 help..
  181. A question about the flight physics
  182. Thanks guys for your help
  183. Just About Ready For Rift CV1
  184. Remove/move Throttle icons
  185. reinstall of COD from DVD
  186. New Players Questions
  187. What about the FIAT G.50 for the TF 5.0 patch ?
  188. How to find ennemies?
  189. Oxygen systems in aircraft
  190. Sink rate
  191. Bf109 & Bf110 cockpit damage?
  192. How to snap to my 6
  193. Got my Oculus CV1 - Willing to test. Who to contact?
  194. Aircraft don't follow waypoints or drop bombs
  195. Help with new computer build.
  196. Symmetric bullet drop in COD
  197. Hallo?
  198. New computer at last - Can't start CloD- help please
  199. Help to go on-line with CLOD please
  200. Getting rid of ground shimmering ?
  201. S.m.K. Üb.m.Zerl. - Spitzgeschoss mit Kern Übungsmunition
  202. so fire in the 109 doesn't do anything?
  203. GUI graphic glitches - map broken
  204. The game crashes when trying to rotate the camera (new and desperate user!)
  205. Do projectiles ricochet from planes?
  206. How to add updates to a game I added to steam
  207. Could I through this excellent site thank........
  208. Stats for Jabo and Bombers
  209. A new chance for --Positive-- Steam Reviews
  210. Get The Word Out Everywhere.
  211. the annoying mouse arrow
  212. Saving Info Windows
  213. VR and touch controllers
  214. Post 5.0 request
  215. Cant get into multiplayer. Problem with map . It appears distorted
  216. How flaps affect Spitfire trim during landing.
  217. do it yourself A.I.
  218. Clouds Mission for you to try. Single Player - Free Flight - LOADS OF CLOUDS!!!
  219. Optimum system requirements
  220. Your Oculus Rift Is Shipping Soon.
  221. Some sweet for your eyes and soul
  222. About one team killer in particular
  223. New Install of Cliffs of Dover
  224. How do I change loadouts in single player campaign?
  225. Lowe resolution to spot contacts?
  226. Sound mod and Team Fusion patch?
  227. Couple of key questions
  228. Oculus Rift Arrived At Last
  229. MS FF joystick, sometimes disccontes, also 20mm cannon too much feedback
  230. Can we change some values in the config file?
  231. Non-functional bomb delay
  232. Do you fancy to take a ride in a 109 G12?
  233. Combat AI beats the Air Force's top tactical experts
  234. RAF redux campaign
  235. Blank box on all cockpit screens!
  236. 4k monitor, anyone have 4.3 successfully running on a 4K ?
  237. best aircraft
  238. Stereo/3D photos of aircaft (the sort you don't need glasses for).
  239. Impressed with Ammunition Types and Effects
  240. Invalid Redirect URL (http://www.theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/)
  241. Windowed Mode - 1024 x 768 highest level .. WTF?
  242. Team Fusion / Maddox
  243. Question Regarding 109E Gunsight
  244. Dynamic campaign
  245. Loving this !
  246. Will TF5 Ship with new single player missions/campaigns?
  247. view to the rear of the Emil, can it be changed?
  248. TacView Support
  249. bug ???
  250. Rudder and Elevator Settings