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  1. A treat from ATAG and a request to the community
  2. Dust from wheels
  3. Unpacking tool
  4. First Il2 Planes Moded
  5. Wheel breaks
  6. A Sigh for a Merlin
  7. Aircraft Technical Data readily available for modders.
  8. I can offer audio services for modding
  9. Just a thread of appreciation for you guys who are actually working under the hood! ;
  10. Question
  11. DOT range
  12. about loadouts options
  13. Just to clear up any confusion. . .
  14. Can I suggest a "how to" Sticky thread?
  15. is there an existing mod/script that provides AI ground activity on airfields ?
  16. any chance of fixing the on-line recording option?
  17. can anything be done to reduce building popup + improve the poor visibility bubble ?
  18. How join as gunner im MP?
  19. Fire effects- how awesome were these?! :)
  20. SoW Map tools?
  21. Has the ATAG-Group ever thougt of...
  22. More Oculus Rift goodness
  23. Markings on Stationary airgraft mod available?
  24. Team Fusion decided on!
  25. band of brothers goes 8th airforce
  26. Donations for Team Fusion?
  27. Bf110 - Proberbly the most effected aircraft in the game.
  28. Dear Team Fusion members: be careful of burn-out
  29. Coolant loss?
  30. Possible early version and shader files
  31. May i ask some questions?
  32. What is possible?
  33. Will we get a news letter when patches are released?
  34. Mission builders - your feedback is requested. . .
  35. Expert Mode?
  36. Rain
  37. Suggestion - Speed, flaps and gear damage
  38. Really like the efforts by Team Fusion - but...
  39. Highlighted name and stats
  40. Default Skins
  41. Aircraft DM
  42. Clod Wishlist thread
  43. Do any of you TF guys know what is causing the "grass bug"?
  44. Launcher crash
  45. Tigers sounds for CloD? One hopes soon!
  46. Version lock
  47. Comparisons of Historical Sources
  48. Skinining Request: 109 E4/N
  49. any new prgoress screenshots to reveal?
  50. questions to the 109FM we get
  51. Suggestion For Team Fusion
  52. Nose bounce - all aircraft
  53. Heads up for tomorrow
  54. YOUTUBE Ver. of Team Fusion new Video!
  55. A (hopefully polite) request/ question(s) about read-me and patch documentation
  56. The DM for Spits!
  57. Thoughts on new FMs in Team Fusion patch
  58. Playability and FPS question
  59. The bf110 (and other types?) Gunner Bug
  60. Suggestion: Enhanced Joystick Management!
  61. Patch and Sweetfx
  62. Guns, guns, guns
  63. 109 stall and roll rate!
  64. Damage info
  65. Visible Cockpit Damage?
  66. Has the team delved into any possible future addons via maps/planes yet?
  67. Question to TF!!
  68. Last two questions to TF (I Promise)
  69. Water Radiator Controls
  70. Desastersoft Compatability?
  71. Friday coming up!
  72. Heeeey Team FUSION!!
  73. Two year anniversary
  74. Using custom made skins with TF patch
  75. Bf-109 flight testing at Team Fusion Headquarters - rare insight in the process
  76. Smoke draw distance and old style bullet holes?
  77. This was posted in the Developers Diary section of the New IL-2 Sturmovick Forum
  78. Will Team Fusion be able to make improvements on the AI?
  79. Track file graphics problem - smoke turns into big white blobs...
  80. Beaufighter
  81. New FM's, flaps, trim, and engine management?
  82. A small idea.
  83. Cant find the thread about the zooming issue...
  84. Found an interesting video...
  85. March Madness
  86. destroy aircraft more quickly
  87. Fiat CR.42 and G.50 field mods.
  88. Team-Fusion fact played
  89. Update. (Not really :D)
  90. HE111 Crew
  91. When will server 1 switch to the new patch?
  92. The new "two weeks..."
  93. Multiple installs, how to?
  94. It's the communication, stupid! ;)
  95. A small request
  96. Blurry markings after TF patch.
  97. Best mission/setup for testing for frramerate improvements
  98. Just a thought about the 109E radiator damage
  99. Two Noob questions: AA and on-screen messages
  100. forum.1cpublishing and team fusion?
  101. Can the reflections be toned down a bit?
  102. Please help a desperate offline Player
  103. Stuttering prop/clouds?
  104. Should the E-3B/E-4B have their engine sounds replaced?
  105. Team Fusion Wiki Page Released: Aircraft Manuals and Information
  106. Bug or does my ability to fly a SpitfireMK1 100oct suck?
  107. A minor modification to aircraft starting settings
  108. A minor modification to aircraft starting settings
  109. Problems with the reflections from planes?
  110. Comander for TF patch??
  111. Anybody else ordered an Oculus Rift?
  112. where to buy CLOD?!
  113. The 16:9 vs. 16:10 question
  114. After a week with the Team Fusion Mod
  115. ini confusion??
  116. Friday Update - the week after our first release - Team Fusion team photo ;)
  117. Need some help please .
  118. Hurricane elevator trim wheel graphic update for next patch?
  119. Best Patch... Ever!!
  120. Instlling a new camapign with new mooded version?
  121. 109 Quirks
  122. All game launch executibles missing
  123. Useful airfield location website?
  124. What PC for COD + Team Fusion?
  125. Help Please - 120 Hz Gaming Monitor Search
  126. Model changes to existing planes & new planes?
  127. See if you find a relation between TF work and final official patch
  128. Spit and Hurricane compasses all read 180° opposite heading
  129. Will next Patch contain P-Control??
  130. A Question to TF and all othe gents
  131. TF, COD, and the Oculus Rift?
  132. LOD Problem suggestion..
  133. All my controles have been wiped
  134. Thanks Team Fusion!
  135. "Track to Guncam Converter" - New mod to make process simpler - Video of WIP
  136. Irc?
  137. Error messages in log.txt file
  138. Anything new?
  139. Afterburner in the 109's
  140. Some more praise for TF via a mini AAR
  141. suggestions : change the "unstrap belts" thingy
  142. Bf 110 bombing - a chart?
  143. CloD: Original Damage Modelling
  144. New player question: Track IR 5?
  145. question about reflections
  146. Vertical trim
  147. wind in COD
  148. Oh,eef only the ATAG Modders could make the Beaufighter flyable
  149. Holes in wings or fuselage should lead to a shaking cockpit
  150. The control and use of Guns
  151. Game reset
  152. UG!!! If I see another AI plane barrelroll into the deck ..
  153. 109 E4 - Engine shake
  154. Overheating the Spitfire 2a
  155. Awesome Battle of Britain documentary!!
  156. The infamous 3 second burst
  157. Well done
  158. height of cloud
  159. [Problem] Aircraft weight and Fuel
  160. [REQUEST] Could you help a me?
  161. Height of clouds, some questions
  162. SimHQ article: Game Changer_The Team Fusion Mod for IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover
  163. head set/sound issues anyone?
  164. Engine starter does not work
  165. 109 Engine Sound?
  166. TF 3.01 released.
  167. Adjustments to FLAK and AA.
  168. Radio messages and text messages - one true the other not?
  169. Clean install
  170. New "Chat" Commands
  171. Team Fusion should...
  172. More 109's, quick and simple addition?
  173. Messerchmitt Bf-110 D modelled in future TF patch?
  174. Chino california air show may 4-5 2013
  175. A little video
  176. Spitfire in Head on Head Situation
  177. network statistic
  178. A/C disappearing at about 1500 - 2000 yards, then reappearing muuuch closer...@ six..
  179. Please add skins for G.50
  180. No sight of the source code then ??
  181. Can someone please explain....
  182. miss shilling's orifice?
  183. MOD won't launch
  184. Help! its all gone wrong
  185. Control settings...Rich-Lean Mixture
  186. Announcing: RAF REDUX campaign now also updated for TF MOD
  187. Damage Models / TF patches
  188. AI Heinkel speeds and IAS/TAS
  189. A propos of ....
  190. Control Sensitivity help
  191. Fuel cock dissappeared :l
  192. Missing bf110
  193. Editing Quick Missions
  194. Radio message text colour
  195. Skins for ATAG
  196. "MOD" request - Afterburner
  197. gun sound of british fighters
  198. Nacy just posted this video in the chat bar
  199. Re trim wheel motion on Spit 1a (100oct)
  200. Spitfire engine cut out under negative G
  201. Very quiet from TF?!
  202. Speculation thread: "Revolutionary feature" to come
  203. how do you load a bomber with bombs?
  204. Oculus Rift Co-Founder dies in police chase incident
  205. Damage modeling: what exactly should be changed?
  206. Looking for a Programer
  207. Disabling mouse pointer/interface?
  208. Better map?
  209. "IL-2 Cliffs of Dover: Damage Model"
  210. Twin-engine flight modeling
  211. Landing Direction
  212. Bf 109 Weight and CG Question?
  213. de havilland prop vs ground handling
  214. a little problem
  215. How about a community skinpack??
  216. Team Fusion Friday Update -Improved spotting/LOD problem WIP
  217. Public Chat Lobby required
  218. Funny Clod glich.....
  219. Engine Fire Management Q
  220. Spitfire Mk1B ?
  221. Bf109 E/B Why so fast down low?
  222. Anyway to fix AI behavior?
  223. If you want to see progress on the Mod and you have skills...
  224. Had a flight to London today..
  225. Height adjustment lever for seat
  226. Is it possible for TF to mod new cloud types in CLOD?
  227. If I get a GTX 780
  228. Screen freeze at about 2minutes-can it be cured?
  229. stock config file?
  230. Skins from planes
  231. We do read your posts and welcome your comments
  232. Famous Landmarks
  233. How Can We Get More People to Play Clod?
  234. Anyone up for a quick dogfight map from time to time?
  235. Planes stuttering when in close formation.
  236. Indy's Project
  237. How Can We Get More People to Play Clod?
  238. Request for help
  239. Question about hickups
  240. Problems with Track Recording Playback
  241. dim 109 gunsight
  242. A quick guide to patch up CloD from CD to the last Team Fusion update
  243. question about a graphic irritation
  244. Jolly Cooperation
  245. Question about upcoming patch...
  246. *wpf.unavailable
  247. Dot visibility
  248. Contact ex CLOD users via Steam?!
  249. Blenheim bombing?
  250. Lots of advances recently