View Full Version : Still NO SOUND when hit by 109 TF4.0

Apr-05-2014, 07:25
I have suffered with this problem for some time now and it get extremely frustrating, majority of the time i know if i have a 109 on my six
but to find that half of my wing has been destroyed or baddly damaged and haveing heard nothing to indicate this is surely wrong, im not
sure which ammunition is the culprit but can hear the machine gun fire when it hits so maybe its just the cannon rounds, i dont think i am
the only red suffering with this and i would be gratefull if TF could have a shot at fixing it,

Does anyone else have this problem? maybe there is already a fix that im unaware of? please help as this is taking away the enjoyment
of playing for me.

Thanks in anticipation.:ind:

Apr-05-2014, 10:08
First of all make sure that the in-game sound level is set to max. Elsewise, the game won't generate some of the sounds.

About the hit sounds: As far as I know you never hear all the hits on your plane. Some hits are simply soundless.
I do not know if this is an issue that TF is working on for TF 5.0. But that would be great.

Apr-05-2014, 10:14
Same here regards not hearing cannon fire hits and I am not aware of a fix, wether it's a problem for others or even if there is supposed to be some sound or vibration effect.

My game vol is max (which was one of the suggestions to fix missing sounds). At the moment, I am just grateful its my wing that gets blasted and not the pilot.....:)

Apr-05-2014, 11:03
Hi Gents,

It appears there has been a problem with this since the last vanilla patch. But unfortunately most people hear hit sounds, some say they hit them intermittently, and others none at all, so it quite hard to track down the cause.

There are actually hit sounds and many of them, for each surface and gauged by strength. Everything including fabric, glass, ground, metal, water and wood.

Personally I have never had this problem and I have done everything possible to recreate it (short of removing my sound card) but to no avail. When I hear a hit sound I jump sometimes as some are quite strong.

We give the 100% in game volume fix because it works in most cases.

We are rebuilding the sound engine for TF5.0 which should hopefully fix these issues.

Hope this helps


Apr-05-2014, 11:11
Thanks for the information, Slipstream!

Btw: Why isn't your forum name displayed in royal Team Fusion purple but only in peasant ATAG blue? :D

Apr-05-2014, 11:13
He's saving up for the purple paint scheme ;)

Apr-05-2014, 13:59
Thanks for the information, Slipstream!

Btw: Why isn't your forum name displayed in royal Team Fusion purple but only in peasant ATAG blue? :D

lol DUI.

Just how the colour scheme goes I guess, ATAG members always have blue.

He's saving up for the purple paint scheme ;)

Lol MP, yep. That royal purple paint is quite expensive!

Apr-06-2014, 18:42
Big Bump on this. Just a couple moments ago I got shot down in a 110 without even noticing that I got a burning plane under my butt with a missing engine and shot away tail surfaces until I got a pilot injury and bothered looking around. Rage quitted afterwards at the thought that that Spit guy behind just got a kill presented and laughed about that stupid 110 pilot that did not even start evasives. Oh well. Yes, have the ingame sound at 100%.

Really hope you guys find a solution to this, if you need a guniea pig for testing this, I am all game. Right now it ruins the game for me.