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Jan-07-2012, 19:07
Hi all,

Colander has coded a pretty cool feature with regards to the TS3 server and our IL2COD servers.

Basically, if you join TS3 and enter the game, you can now switch channels in-game.

How this works: This is completely dependent by not only which side you are on but what server as well. For instance if you join the red side (in-game) once you pull up the in-game radio command menu, select the "Mission" menu and you'll see all the red TS3 channels listed for whatever server you have selected to fly on. From that list you can not only choose what channel you want to switch to (flight#1, bomber flight #1, etc.,etc.,), it will also allow you to see who else is in each of those channels by selecting it.

So for those that fly both sides, or don't like alt/tabbing to swap channels, you can now be automatically moved to w/e channel on w/e server for w/e side (phew!) you fly on.

Btw, the only way this will work is if your TS3 name is identical to your in-game (steam) name.

A big thanks to Colander for this! :Grin:


Jan-08-2012, 02:19
This is awesome.

Jan-08-2012, 07:44
Or better still, just have an old laptop next to u running coms :Grin:

Seriously tho, a big pat on the back for Colander for all his efforts in these coding
feats for ATAG. Well done and thank you.

Jan-08-2012, 09:02
Just what the doctor ordered for calling up fighter support from the bomber channel.

Thx Colander. :dthumb:

Jan-09-2012, 08:12
Yes Yes Yes !!!!! The Bomber gang has been discussing this, which actually consists of me and Dutch (but we will recruit more)

Thanks You Colander, I'm gonna check this out today !!!


Jan-09-2012, 11:59
Colander :dthumb:

Jan-09-2012, 12:40
"pull up the "in-game radio command menu" is this a "key-assign" item ?

Knuckles (scratching his head)

Jan-09-2012, 12:49
Quick question (and probably a stupid one): Does CoD have to be launched from the provided link in Teamspeak for this to work?

The reason I ask is because I use the Warthog TARGET programming software which fires up CoD from the launcher.exe location I provide it from C:\Program (x86)\Steam\......... I think this then "associates" the joystick/throttle programming to the game itself.

This Teamspeak channel-changing feature ingame is too good to pass up. If necessary I'll have to find a way of associating the Teamspeak game executable to my TARGET programming.

Jan-09-2012, 14:45

All that is needed for it to work is your TS nick to be exactly like your game nick.
The tool pulls the nicks from both TS and the game.

It does not matter how you start TS or the game, not even if you close either and re-open it. As soon as the tool finds a match on both sides, the menu will be enabled for that nick.


Jan-09-2012, 15:11
Thanks Colander, but where is the ingame radio command menu? How do I pull it up? Where is it?

Thanks, sorry for being obtuse, I'm a career software noob. :Grin:

Jan-09-2012, 15:15
You have to open the "in flight" comms menu, normally with the tab key.
Once there, select "4 Mission"


Jan-09-2012, 15:33
Ohhh......that one! Sorry, told you I was obtuse.

One last question: My ingame name is the same as my TS name, but my Steam account name is different.

The comms menu doesn't appear at all when pressing tab when online, only offline.

Is this because of the Steam account name?


Jan-09-2012, 15:46
I'm unsure why you don't see the comms menu when online, it should be there!
Do you get absolutely no menus when you press the tab key? Perhaps your tab key is assigned to other function?

The TS functionality only affects the sub menu "Mission" and I think is currently turned off in Server 2.

Jan-09-2012, 15:49

Same with me . online server 1 nothing

offline tab brings up the comms menu


Jan-09-2012, 15:58
Sorry mate, menu comes up fine offline, no menu in server 1.

Offline, the '4.Mission' line is disabled, which I presume is correct for offline at the moment.

Have to go out now but will check in again in a couple of hours.


Jan-11-2012, 14:34
Sorry folks, but I can't get this to work.

The tab key brings up the menu fine when offline, but online is no go.

No other controls are assigned to this key, my names are the same, so can anyone throw any light on the problem?


Jan-11-2012, 14:55
Very strange :inq:

Do you happen to have the latest version of TS3 installed?

Jan-11-2012, 16:20
Just checked and "Yes" I do.

I'm sure there is an answer for this issue,


Jan-11-2012, 17:57

Just a wild guess here but I see you are on a Blenheim. Have you tried it on another plane?


Jan-11-2012, 18:17

Just did some testing here: (actually got the idea from JG52Krupi.

All German aircraft : will work. Comms come up using the "Tab" button.

however I could not get any British aircraft to respond to the "Tab" key

Hope this helps


Jan-12-2012, 11:06

I tried it yesterday with a server on my machine and I couldn't duplicate the issue. I'll hop on a British plane today on the real server and see if I have the problem, however, it might be a game issue unrelated to my code.


Jan-12-2012, 11:40
Be interested what you find: This is an issue for me as well as "Krupi" and "Dutch"


Jan-12-2012, 13:26
Be interested what you find: This is an issue for me as well as "Krupi" and "Dutch"

Do you know if it does work for any other RAF pilot? I'm wondering if is only with some people.

Jan-12-2012, 13:34
Interesting: just know it didnt work for me Krupi & Dutch

I'll follow up on that today !


Jan-12-2012, 17:58

Just asked the gang on Red channel . about a dozen of them, call but one could NOT bring up comms using "Tab" One guy said he could.

even re-keyed "Tab" to another key, still nothing


Jan-13-2012, 10:19

I did some more testing last night and...
I connected to the ATAG server and indeed, if I choose the British side, the menu does not come up. However, I copied the mission and the ".ini" files from the server to my machine in order to run the exact same thing on a private server and did not experience the issue.

I have the feeling is a problem in the game. I wanted to try it on a fresh server start but the mission on the ATAG server didn't restart before I disconnected.

If you have the opportunity, please try bringing up the menu just after the server restarted. Maybe is something that stops working after X players are connected or after some time running.


Jan-13-2012, 10:31
I'll try that today !!!

So odd that out of about 12 guys , one guy was able to bring it up

He's a relatively new player with the name of "Snargalpuss" worked with him for about a hour in a Blenheim and had him verify several times that tab worked.

As I am retired I can easily work on these things so dont hesitate to call on me.


Jan-13-2012, 12:42
Colander: Checked Comms right after mission started

But first: here are a series of photos I made eariler on the blue side
Photo 1. Note color of "Mission" TS. was not turned on

Photo 2. Note color TS was started before COD (you probably know this)


Photo 3. when I hit the number (4) mission this is what I got, and it wouldn't do anything than what you see, I clilck on No.1 and got nothing



Jan-13-2012, 12:46
Now as per the below photos: I caught the server just as it was going down.

Photo 1. ending

Photo 2. I was the only one in

Photo 3. Comms came up. (However as per my last post I forgot to start TS. so I went back in, there were about 10 people in and comms would not come up

Hope this helps:

let me know if I can help further



Jan-13-2012, 16:48

From what I see, everything is working as expected.
If the game does not find an exact nickname match on TS, it will disable the mission menu. If it finds a match, the menu will be enabled.

Note that the above only happens when you enter a plane so, if you start TS after jumping in a plane, the menu will remain disabled until you switch planes (or positions inside the same plane).

As for what you saw once you entered on the mission menu, this is how I made it. If you are on one of the valid channels by the time you enter, if will show you the list of users in that channel. If you are inside a channel and select "0 Back" it will take you to the list of channels.

In short, so far it seems like the menu opens for the British side when there are not many players in the server but after X number, it will not open any more. Smells like a game bug to me :(

Thanks for all your tests!

Jan-13-2012, 18:21
Got it thanks: Just tried that in blue, worked great got all the available channels

Dang !! wish it would work in red, really could use that, it least I will in the future.

I'm would really like to collect and train a "Bomber Group" for ATAG, especially for special events. I suppose the old alt-tab will suffice

Certainly appreciate all your effort


Jan-13-2012, 18:28
Not to beat a dead horse:

the server just re-set ( not that I was waiting just clicked at the right time)

2 player = worked
3 players = worked

4 player = stopped working

Didn't take much

Jan-13-2012, 18:54
Yeah, Bliss was telling me that he saw this issue after the last path and before I put my code in place. I guess there's not much else to do but keep waiting for the next patch :sad!: