View Full Version : Team Fusion (small) update - April 5th 2014 - Preparing hotfix for release

Apr-05-2014, 14:05
Seriously just a small update.

Last-week we released a small hotfix patch but sadly within hours of it going live a few issues came to light and the patch was removed. Currently members of the team are looking over the new version and doing as much testing as we can to make sure there aren't any similar issues leading to game crashes, freezes and some features not working.

We personally want to get this out as soon as we can, but after the last release we really are looking into as many areas as possiblejust to make sure we nail all the required features that needed a Hotfix after patch v4.3. We hope it will be soon, so keep an eye out for further news...but don't expect it just yet!

Hopefully to appease those of you who follow the updates, here's a small video made using the newly optimised Flak effects in v4.3, just so you can get a flavour of what a sky can look like now without stutters and freezes!

50+ 88mm Flak vs 12 Blenheims ;)



Cheers, YF

Apr-05-2014, 14:10

Thank you MP!


Apr-05-2014, 14:13
Thanks for the info and the movie, MP!

I already see it coming: it won't be a TF 4.3x but a TF 4.x patch. :D

Apr-05-2014, 16:24
Thanks for the update and the video Mystic, very nicely done - great choice of music as well!

Apr-05-2014, 17:03
Excellent video! Flight in eternity.

Apr-05-2014, 17:33
Outstanding job MP, just the quality level you've got us used to after so many years, mate :salute:

What a contrast, such a moving sunset vs flak lethality!

Just a constructive critic, not about flak but burning fire on hit planes: I am not aware whether TF have it scheduled out in a coming future, but I miss impact fires illuminating a bit more burning planes when hit by flak. A fire in such a slightly lighted scene should, IMHO, be more visible than it shows in your video.

This kind of detail has me amazed on BoS when a burning plane lights up the ground its going to crash into less than a second before impact :thumbsup:

As said before, superb video MysticPuma.


Apr-05-2014, 17:57
Great as always, Neil!

Cheers! :salute:

Apr-05-2014, 19:37
That's one of your best for me MP.

Septic. :salute:

Apr-05-2014, 20:26
That was an awesome video.
Thanks a lot for that.
Watched it twice in a row.

Apr-05-2014, 20:37
THAT, was beautiful. Amazing work.

Apr-06-2014, 02:55
So DO NOT install the 4.3 patch????????????
I am sooo confused.....

Apr-06-2014, 02:59
Noooooo. I said the hotfix AFTER v4.3 which we released last-week and we then pulled.

We are working on a new hotfix......patch v4.3 is the most recent version you should have installed.......it's very safe!

Cheers, MP