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Apr-06-2014, 15:30
Any chance to have (in future) a single patch from vanilla to the latest TF release ?
I'm just wondering because I'm forced to try to install again the whole game due to the (unsolved) launcher crash so having a "single-download-click-install" would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your dedication.

Apr-06-2014, 16:02
Nothing right now but I know that is on the list.

Never found out what that crash was huh?

Apr-06-2014, 17:48
Negative, I tried almost everything without success. Let's see if re-installing will help solving this issue or not.

Blazin' Saddles
Apr-07-2014, 10:53
I'd like to second this request. I was helping a friend setup Clod for the first time today and it was quite a pain to go through all the patches. I feel like it would be pretty intimidating for some people. Not all gamers are super computer savvy, and those of us who are still don't mind an easier way.

Apr-07-2014, 10:58
We all would like that boys. BUT there is a problem. A certain number of files (created when the game is launched) is required for the next patch, so on, so on. Once that problem can be overcome maybe there is a solution. Belive me when i say TF is aware of that and willing to work out a solution. When they find one they will implement. So far, our job as users, has been the hard work of downloading and double clicking a EXE file :)

Apr-07-2014, 11:31
Of course this is not a big issue, just a suggestion for the future ;)

Apr-11-2014, 04:43
A good idea this, I second that!
It's good to hear it's in the pipeline!

Apr-11-2014, 11:00
Looking at il-2'46 history see that - a unique patch - was never possible...


The only thing I ask is for TF standardize patch's names, every they came with slight different one (no real deal) - on picture are renamed.



Apr-12-2014, 06:36
Ok understand the problem.
Thinking to computer noobs isnt it possible to create a sort of mega patch that will just automatize the 4 patches in a row ? A kind of *.bat file or a macro like some windows softs do ?
And to group the 4 patches in a big file thus a new comer will just have to DL 1 file then clic a single time.

Apr-12-2014, 08:40
Thinking .bat, I would think it's perfectly possible to write one that runs the installer, starts the game, kills the process (if it would be enough without starting a mission), deletes cache, runs next patch and so on. Myself I think clicking on the .exes four times is easier than writing that and accounting for all problems that could happen.

Like Lolsav wrote, I see having to run the game in between as the greatest problem for an unified install.

In old il-2 it wasn't much different. Install forgotten battles and patch it up to 4.12 (or whatever it is now) with all the expansions. Before 1946 came out it was a pain to do a complete reinstall... aep, pf, pe-2, patches...

I think steam auto-updates spolied us :)

Apr-12-2014, 08:56
I hope this will help a bit:

v3.0 (https://www.yousendit.com/dl?phi_action=app/orchestrateDownload&rurl=https%253A%252F%252Fwww.yousendit.com%252Ftra nsfer.php%253Faction%253Dbatch_download%2526batch_ id%253DUVJoTXRjNnlCSWZtcXNUQw)
v3.01 (https://www.yousendit.com/download/UVJnSU5FdVVGOFJqQThUQw)
v4.0 part1 (https://www.hightail.com/download/OGhmYkJ0RkU3bUNGa2NUQw)
v4.0 part2 (https://www.hightail.com/download/OGhmYkJ0RkVlM1Q0WjhUQw)
v4.3 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/wwqh3dm71lppczk/Team_Fusion_CloD_v4.3_Patch.zip)
v4.312 (https://s3.amazonaws.com/TFMOD/TF+MOD+4.3/TF+4.312+Mod+Installer.zip)

Apr-12-2014, 10:55

We need understand that this is not practical: join all patch's - even for individual install latter - in a big 2.2+ GB file.
It's only complicated the download - and probable will need divide the file in parts with the complication to join then after.
Just add possibility of complications occur on the process.

TF is not a publisher, so need find a place for host these files.

Us, as players need to collaborate and make the "sacrifice" to install - and test - patch by patch. Is part of the "game". :thumbsup:

Of course as "gammer's", have the right to complain. :)