View Full Version : some general guidelines about pasting/ posting aircraft data

92 Sqn. Philstyle (QJ-P)
Apr-11-2014, 07:52
hi all.

some really interesting conversations going on at the moment about various aircraft components. There's some great data being shared too.

However, can I suggest that people take the time to reference their data sources, so that others can go to the sources and potentially review them against the hierarchy of authority that historical document generally follow.

In all cases, it would be great if people could list as much of the following as possible with the sources they post/ paste.

Author (be it an individual or an organisation)
Publication date (if known)
Title of the source (be it a book, manual, web-page or whatever)
ISBN number if it is a book
Weblink (links to the home page and the source's direct-link page if possible)
Page number of other relevant guide for helping find the information.


Apr-11-2014, 12:36
Rgr that!

Apr-11-2014, 14:56
Also, we do not place any importance on edited or otherwise altered submissions.

If you are going to submit anything, make sure it is in complete original form... ie. a complete original page, photograph, etc.

2nd hand sources, ie. books which are not primary sources are not considered as useful.

People should also remember TF has already gathered huge amounts of data, sourced from visits to museums, official records, etc. all around the world.

So if you don't get a response on your submission, it probably means we already have it.

We can't take the time to respond to every post made. :salute: