View Full Version : Can't select player army in my DF server

Apr-12-2014, 08:34
I have recently found a problem that when I set up a server I can no longer select the player army. two weeks ago I was hosting with no problem. I can join a server and fly but setting up my own is not working now, even with a stock DF map. This was in 4.3 and the 4.3.1 update.

Any clues will be appreciated

Apr-12-2014, 08:40
Make sure you have the "Can switch armies" enabled in the options.

Apr-12-2014, 10:40
Make sure you have the "Can switch armies" enabled in the options.

Is the "Cannot Switch Sides", no?


Leave tick or untick? :stunned:

Cannot Switch Positions - inside his aircraft (navigator/bombardier/gunner)
Cannot Switch Planes - on mission (to "take the (AI) plane that shoot you down and collide with the terrain" - CloD manual :doh: )
Cannot Select Planes - other than one set for spawn point?
Cannot Switch Sides - avoid become a "turncoat" :D
Cannot Select Sides - so is not able to fly, serves for? :doh:
Cannot Create Groups - or you are not allowed created a flight... - serves for? :doh:


Apr-12-2014, 18:02
Well thanks guys, slap my old aunt bessie on the backside and ride the ripples, I have no idea why or how these settings got to be all set to on, it must have happened in the last two weeks. So all is ok now. I won't forget this problem again :)