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Apr-14-2014, 01:37
I started my mission and have a question.

I noticed on the first airfield I am adding things too that the yellow marker boards go both ways, indicating to land either way even though I have wind coming in one direction.

Is this a bug? Or perhaps since I have two flows it is confusing the boards? While I have multiple flows, they both go in the same general direction, just different elevation.

Any ideas? The airfield is... ummmmmm not on my PC so not in front of game... its the Que.... one in France on the shore.

Apr-14-2014, 05:35
Is this with a custom airfield? have you ticked the 2 way box?

There is also a problem with boards sometimes not being cleared from previous mission (particularly if custom airfield is used). A clean reeboot of CoD clears this.
AFAIK it is nothing to do with multiple flows, the boards are set based on ground level flow

Apr-14-2014, 08:24
Hmmm.... by custom what do you mean?

I just opened FMB, picked my map and started adding RED objects to the blank field, also I never saw any 2-way box... where might that be?


Apr-14-2014, 12:05
If you add a runway it adds boards but you don't need to add that since airfields already have boards even though they can't be seen in the FMB.

Apr-14-2014, 13:14
Ok I see, and no I didn't, I just started adding structures to the existing field. I will check things over again when I get home tonight.

Apr-14-2014, 13:17
I find the runway boards are sometimes inconsistent. As well as the "lingering" boards from previous missions (I always get this unless I actually restart the whole game), sometimes they don't appear when they should, and sometimes they seem to be pointing the wrong way (and I know, coz I've set the wind!). I think (finally) they're a terrific idea, and almost come close to justifying the k-razy spawn points on the default map. I can see what they were trying to do - eye candy runway indicators that only appear in your game on your computer for you, whether SP or MP.

But I do think they're sometimes unreliable.

Out of interest, Spiritus, is your runway north-south or east-west? If it's north-south, and the FMB has the default westerly wind (blowing out of the west towards the 090 compass point), maybe the game is "in two minds" about which runway direction would be best? Maybe?

Apr-14-2014, 13:36

I do believe when I was checking certain elements with the flows I did play the mission multiple times and flipped the wind between plays, so perhaps since I didn't exit the game and clear the cache they were showing both sides.

Apr-14-2014, 20:47
Simple, that is what it was... just confused that I had switched wind direction and didnt restart the game and clear cache.