View Full Version : Despawn Script for My addestrative Server

Apr-17-2014, 03:35
Hi guys, Im 22GCT_Mamba.

By few weeks i dedicate my time to learn CoD and i create one my personal server for my addestrative session with doghfight mode.

I read that exist one script for immediate o retard in second despawn for planes that one landed player leave in the end of the task. In this modality i will never see any abandon planes that go on fly ad AI or planes that are destroid in the airport!

I read a post in this forum with many scripts for this but the scripts are broken and not function with my mission.

There is a gentleman that suggest a code script o exact script to correlate with my mission?

Name mission: 22GCT_Mamba_addestramento.mis - mission file
Name mission: 22GCT_Mamba_addestramento.cs - script file
Name briefing file: 22GCT_Mamba_addestramento.briefing - Briefing file

Thank and Regard

22GCT_Mamba - Simone