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Apr-17-2014, 05:55
Hi everyone,

Dedicated Bomber Squadron (DBS) is hosting an online event on Saturday the 26th of April at Battle-Fields3 server. The mission will be on a DF server with the scenario of the Battle of Midway available through Hyperlobby.
We are flying IL2 HSFX 7.0.2 with expert on and a necessary modpack.

You can find the details and the download link to the modpack here : http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre/showthread.php?25698-SIGN-UP-DBS-Mission-6-Battle-of-Midway

The number of available slots is limited, so signup is necessary. Join our forums and ask for a slot in the link above and we 'll have it reserved for you.
VARP, II/JG77, 4thFG, and Stg77 have already agreed to participate. Single players who are not part of a squadron are welcome as well.

Hope to see you guys there


Apr-17-2014, 17:10
I loved to do this , but I am out at work

I will tip my unit about this

Apr-18-2014, 20:15
signed up cant wait