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Apr-17-2014, 14:28

Anybody knows how copy a Misson (built in the FMB) in another/new map? (f.expl: a whole airfield form the summer-map in the autoumm-map)?



Apr-17-2014, 14:46
I just read about it somewhere in this thread but can't find it.

A quick way would be to create a mission with the map you want, then open up that file and compare it to the mission you want to change the map, then locate the line of code where it shows the map in use would be my first attempt since I can't find that posting.

Apr-17-2014, 14:53
use a text editor on .mis file- summer map has this line near the top

MAP Land$English_Channel_1940

to change to autumn

MAP Land$English_Channel_1940_Autumn

to change to winter

MAP Land$English_Channel_1940_Winter

Apr-17-2014, 16:28
Thanks bolox!!!

It works fine. Now I know how to change the seasons!

But my problem is still there.

The reason why i like to change the mab is, my new mission "duxford"(screenshots, yesterday) is broken. :-(
everytime i will open the mission, it shows that:

so my idea was to load up the map new. the problem is not the objects in the mission. It dosent load up the map correctly.

..but it dosent work! the file/mission is broken :-/

Best Regards

Apr-18-2014, 04:38
Ah. I don't think there's an easy answer for this. I have had missions crash the game for all sorts of only guessed at reasons. Most recently a squadron mate had populated Dover with all sorts of objects. It looks spectacular! But he'd put balloons in, which don't have tethers. So I replaced them all with "winches", which have the balloons but also the winches. CloD would NOT have it. Even the FMB crashed.

So I think sometimes the game crashes if there are too many objects of a certain type. But good luck with trying to find what's crashing yours. If you find the problem, please post it here. All information is good!

Apr-18-2014, 04:39
I think you are going to have a great deal of trouble, editing .mis files can be problematic (partic if there is some sort of corruption in the .mis file) and it just might be your install has corrupted somehow, :recon:

Editing mis files I find awkward- the stuff at the top and the bottom can be cut/pasted ok, messing with statics I gave up:stunned:

Apr-18-2014, 08:38
I have had that error occasionally, I exit out of game, clear cache and then try again. That always works for me, although I never have messed with the .mis files. It usually happens after I change a major thing within FMB without exiting and clearing cache.

Also, the only other time I get that error is a dead give away telling me that dreaded windows update has somehow snuck back in, although I think I finally conquered it.

Hope that helps, keep us posted.

Apr-18-2014, 14:26
Puhhh.... I got it again back!


I saved the mission WITHOUT the 3D-Landscape!

..then left COD, and started the game new up!

and it worked! :thumbsup:

I have to notice, that e misson like this one takes time when i save it. ( I Left COD/ and PC late at night very quick, just before the whole misson was COMPLETLY saved.) I think that was the reason i lost the misson.

Thank`s Guys for helping!