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Apr-17-2014, 16:04
Hello all! :D

Recently we launched our online dynamic campaign system, HRCODWAR (http://www.halconesrojos.com/hrcodwar/en/home) (presented here (http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9396) on this forum).

Seeing that some people are getting troubles installing and preparing a campaign, and some others aren't yet sure of what's all about, we in Halcones Rojos are thinking of making an international HRCODWAR campaign, with the purpose of giving the chance to learn how the system works and make the organization of any future campaign a bit easier to anyone interested.

Being the main purpose to learn how to manage the system once you are in the campaign (move units, manage resources, etc) we would prepare the map with the battle area and the initial templates, sou you'll only have to worry about managing your units and resources and fly the campaign.

Each squad will need at least 5 pilots, and a person willing to act as commander.

So if ATAG or any other squad are interested in participate, let me know :D

Apr-17-2014, 19:10
Great :thumbsup:

I was looking at your campaign when Sokol pointed out for it a few months before you introduced it to the community.

Last few years in old il2 I was only flying online wars SEOW and Airforce war

If you can make something like AW for everyday use it would be great.

I saw you're flying something like SEOW for about a year and thats nice.

Apr-18-2014, 02:54
Hola Naglfar, as I said to Barripower please count Regia Aeronautica in :thumbsup:

Jun-30-2014, 05:14
AT wich time and day of week the campaign takes place? When will the next one start?

Jul-09-2014, 22:34
This type of online war system is very interesting since me and my squad mates still fly SEOW campaigns with IL2-1946 running HSFX 7

Depending the day and time JG77 may be able to provide several pilots. . .