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Apr-19-2014, 06:10
Spanish AvioDev team release a teaser of the C-101 trainer aircraft to DCS: World


After a few months of hard work, the project is progressing nicely, and prior to the official announcement of our C-101 project (coming soon!), we want to present to you a short teaser video showing the behavior of the simulated TARSYN start-up. Stay tuned!

Recommend to wach it in HD 1080


Apr-23-2014, 04:54
Aviodev search personal:


Wanted: Flight model developer to create advanced
flight model for C-101 AvioJet and future projects.
Must have strong engineering background. Please
apply via Private Message.

Buscamos: Desarrollador de modelo de vuelo, para crear
un modelo de vuelo avanzado para el C-101 y futuros
proyectos. Se requiere una base sólida en ingeniería.
Por favor contactar vía mensaje privado.

Deseable buen nivel de inglés, hablado y escrito.

The C-101 project is developed by AvioDev who are officially
licensed DCS developers. The aircraft is in the advanced
stages of development, and we will make an official
announcement soon.

El proyecto del C-101 está siendo desarrollado por AvioDev,
desarrolladores oficiales para DCS con licencia. El avión se
encuentra en un estado avanzado de desarrollo, y realizaremos
un anuncio al respecto pronto.

Best regards,

Apr-25-2014, 04:55
Aviodev Update:

Apr-30-2014, 15:46
Aviodev C-101 Update


Another work-in-progress preview prior to the official presentation.

May-25-2014, 09:59
some photos from VEAO on Duxford show the C-101 of AvioDev.


Jun-09-2014, 05:38
C-101 Aviojet official presentation on ED forum by Aviodev 3rd party:


Dear Everyone,

We are excited to announce to the community our first project, the CASA C-101 "Aviojet".

The CASA C-101 Aviojet is an advanced jet trainer and light attack aircraft, entering service with the Spanish AF in 1980.The C-101 was also operated by the Air Forces of Chile, Jordan and Honduras. Through many years of service, the Aviojet has proved itself as a reliable aircraft, being an excellent platform for training and aerobatic flight, and is used by the premier aerobatic team of the Spanish Air Force, the Patrulla Águila.

The team behind the C-101 for DCS World is AvioDev, who are located in Spain and the UK. The team is comprised of 4 members:

Peyvolt : Modeller
Tango : Systems developer
JO : Textures
Alezmad : Technical Advisor

Also you can follow us in our facebook page:


Development on the C-101 was a painstaking task, in order that the models, textures, and systems accurately matched the real aircraft. Thanks to working directly with pilots and technicians of the real aircraft, we are able to bring you an exceptional simulation. At the current time, the aircraft has been developed with SFM and full clickable cockpit, but AFM is planned, and we are currently looking for an AFM devolper to create the flight model for our C-101 project, and possible future projects. If you would be interested in this position, please contact us via PM.

Our C101 project teaser: Recommended to watch it in 1080.

Jun-09-2014, 08:41
Aviodev C-101 Technical info:




Hi everyone!

We are very excited to make this announcement regarding the C-101! The following is an overview of the systems modelling.

* All relays, switches and breakers modelled
* All busses modelled with complete switching logic
* Battery drains under load without generator or external power connected (WIP)
* Accurate electrical loads by electrical consumers (the more you try and run on the battery, the quicker it fails) WIP
* Systems highly granular, with sub-systems tied to their respective bus and associated circuit breaker

* Highly accurate air data simulation
* ASI simulates effects of compressibility and effects due to angle of attack
* VSI has lagged response
* Mach meter
* Organic simulation of blocked pitot and static systems - results in accurate "down stream" behavior of altimeter, VSI and ASI without special programming (WIP)

* All flight controls dependent upon availability of hydraulic pressure (current SFM limitation means that aileron, elevator, and rudder operate regardless of configuration)
* Hydraulic system manual reversion accurately simulated (WIP)
* Flight controls accurately drain system pressure

* Pressurization schedule accurately modelled
* Pressurization affects oxygen usage
* Incorrect configuration leads to pilot blackout (WIP)
* Canopy fogging reacts to ambient conditions/"cold soak" (WIP)

* Affected by cockpit pressurization
* Accurate usage based upon conditions
* Normal and high flow modelled (WIP)
* Oxygen affected by crew member count (WIP)

* VOR, ILS and TACAN accurately modelled
* "Cone of silence", and range vs. altitude determine reception area
* Each beacon characteristics accurate to their type
* TACAN test mode fully modelled, including failure states
* Terrain masking (WIP)

* Highly accurate start-up/shutdown
* Effects of maneuvering/acceleration introduce errors
* Highly accurate self-erect function with inhibit modes implemented
* Independent vertical and horizontal gyros
* Manual modes fully implemented

* Effect of blocked static port (WIP)
* Vibrator modelled with ability to tap glass (WIP)
* Needle will stick if vibrator failed/no power

* Turn coordinator and slip ball will react correctly on the ground
* Turn coordinator will topple if start-up time not observed
* Attitude indicator errors implemented

* Fuel system fully modelled
* Inverted fuel tank simulated and reacts to g and NOT aircraft attitude
* All fuel tanks correct modelled with complete fuel transfer system and auto logic, as well as manual modes
* Mis-configuration of fuel system can lead to fuel starvation and engine flame-out
* Fuel quantity indicator system fully modelled
* All functions tied to their respective busses and circuit breakers

* Engine start/stop logic fully implemented
* Engine ignition system auto/continuous mode fully modelled
* Engine flame outs under certain conditions modelled
* Engine failure if abused/limits exceeded (WIP)

* VOR test mode implemented (WIP)
* Display test mode
* Display dimmer/OFF implemented
* Independent of nav radio - can fail independently

* Display test mode
* Display dimmer/OFF implemented
* Blinks on invalid frequency selection
* Independent of comm radio - can fail independently

* Test mode implemented
* TACAN X band implemented
* TACAN able to tune any valid DME source from VOR/ILS/DME in addition to TACAN/DME
* Independent of TACAN radio - can fail independently

* Independent DME receiver can fail independently

* All beacon types include correct frequency of tone, keying rate, repeat rate, and interleave
* Audio panel WIP

* Cockpit lighting integrated into model
* Accurate area illumination (within limits of renderer)
* All lights independently modelled (single lights can burn out/fail)
* All lights tied to correct dimmers/switches

* All external lighting independently modelled (except formation lights)
* Individual lights can fail (except formation lights)
* All lights tied to correct switches
* Multi-stage lighting

* Boarding ladders
* Wheel chock
* Pilots helmet(s)
* GPU (when requested)

* Boarding ladders
* Helmet (WIP)
* GPU All systems are tied to their respective busses, and circuit breaker(s) where installed.

Items marked as WIP are experimental, may be missing, broken, or will not make it into the final product.


We hope you enjoyed reading some of the key features of the C-101 systems and depth of modelling. We aim to bring you the highest fidelity systems simulation possible, thanks to advice and feedback from our real-world pilots and maintenance technicians. We are extremely grateful for their help.

Best regards,

Jun-09-2014, 09:35

C-101 AVIOJET MODEL PREVIEW We are pleased to showcase our cockpit and external models to you! Please note that everything is still WIP and EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Enjoy!!

C-101 EB



C-101 CC


Jul-12-2014, 21:45
Aviodev C-101 Update


Un par de capturas del C-101 en EDGE (el nuevo engine para DCS:World). El C-101 se encuentra en fase de testeo interno, antes de ser enviado a los testers de ED.
A couple of screenshots of the C-101 in EDGE (the latest terrain engine for DCS:World). The C-101 is under-going final internal testing prior to being sent to ED testers.

Apr-24-2015, 19:56
C-101CC Aviodev Progress


Progress update on the C-101CC
We know we’ve been a bit quiet lately regarding the C-101CC, so here is a brief overview of where we are with progress.
* Air Data Computer - the foundations of the ADC were in place with the EB, and it has been further refined and expanded to supply additional systems with data, and drive failure logic in those systems.
* Flight Director - this system is proving to be a major under-taking. The system as installed in the EB is fairly rudimentary, however the system in the CC version takes into account many more parameters in order to refine steering commands.
Due to the inter-relations between various systems that feed into the Flight Director computer, it is taking significantly longer than anticipated to get this system working as per the real unit.
Progress is in the right direction, and we are not far from making a major break-through that will hopefully see this system suddenly completed. Emoticono grin
* Weapons System - this was actually fairly trivial to implement, though the apparent simplicity of the panel belies the underlying logic that drives it.
* HUD - WIP.
* Electrical System - work on this will follow the work on the Flight Director. There are some 20+ additional circuit breakers to implement, in addition to re-assigning some existing circuit breakers to different systems as it is not 100% identical to the EB.
* Navigation Radios - the ADF radios are now implemented and working in basic form. Left to be added are complex systems behaviors associated with such a system, including mountain effect, coastal effect, night effect, static effects, and quadrant error due to relative position of the station to the aircraft. We are aiming to have the most comprehensive simulation of ADF radio in existence.
* Advanced Flight Model - work is progressing very well on the AFM.
We are working like crazy, and we look forward to getting this out to you!
Muchas gracias,


Jun-03-2015, 17:16
C-101 develop little update


Quick update DCS C-101:

We just wanted to let you know that the last couple of months has been complicated for the team, having a tight schedule in our day jobs. In any case, we remained focused on our main target to finish the CC version, and AFM for both modules. We have been receiving a lot of questions regarding the Steam release; it will be available as soon as the CC version is released. We are working hard to have it done soon. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience. Great things are yet to come!


Sólo os queríamos hacer saber que los dos últimos meses han sido complicados para el equipo, teniendo una agenda apretada en nuestros trabajos diarios. En cualquier caso, nos mantenemos concentrados en el objetivo de finalizar la versión CC y el AFM para ambos módulos. Hemos recibido últimamente la misma pregunta, referente a la salida de la versión de Steam; Estará disponible tan pronto como la versión CC sea lanzada. Estamos trabajando duro para tenerla lista lo antes posible. Nos gustaría pedir disculpas por los inconvenientes. Grandes cosas están aún por llegar!

Jul-16-2015, 05:27
Aviodev Facebook C-101 Update


Hola a todo el mundo:
Durante estas semanas de verano daremos información de todos los avances que estamos realizando tanto de la versión EB y versión CC, iremos poco a poco dando información de las próximas actualizaciones. Hoy vamos a mostrar las texturas finalizadas tanto del EB como el CC con los specular mejorados, los PDS estarán a vuestra disposición en la próxima actualización. Durante estas semanas daremos información de las cabinas tanto del EB como el CC que incluirán una vez terminadas las cabinas traseras de ambas versiones. Daremos información de las bombas creadas por nuestro modelador y que serán utilizadas por la versión CC.

Hello everyone:
During these summer weeks we are going to tell you all the progress that we are making of the EB and CC version. We will be gradually giving you information about upcoming updates. Today we will show textures which they have been improved of the EB and the CC with improved specular texture, the PDS will be at your disposal in the next update. During these weeks we are going to give information about cockpits of EB and CC and it will be included once finished rear cockpits of both versions. we will give you information about bombs, created by our modeller and they will be used by the CC version.


Jul-23-2015, 13:06
Pics of weapons in production to the C-101CC


Hi all:
those are the bombs models of C-101 CC aviojet.





CBLS-200 (4*BDU-33)

Mar-31-2016, 10:02
Aviodev C-101EB spanish manual


DCS C-101EB Flight Manual in Spanish language available.
Click on the following link.
DCS C-101EB Manual de Vuelo. (https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpb7nb99mlqarhr/DCS%20C-101EB%20Manual%20de%20Vuelo.pdf?dl=0)

May-20-2016, 16:35
New Aviodev C-101CC develop update



We keep working hard to complete the C-101 Project, software development takes time and also we want to pay attention to each detail, we have a very clear idea about what we want once is finished.
- fixed several bugs that will be corrected in next update.
- working on radios WIP.
- Rear cockpit implementation WIP.
- Progressing to have a stable AFM version.
- CC weapons and sight WIP.
- Several other items with 3D models, textures,
- Fixed localization issues and other general issues.
- Completed C-101CC Flight Manual, that is, the C-101 Flight Manual Annex I.
Seguimos trabajando duro para completar el proyecto del C-101. El desarrollo de software requiere tiempo y además queremos prestar atención a cada detalle. Tenemos una idea muy clara sobre cómo queremos que quede una vez completado.
Tareas en el tablero
- Corregidos varios errores que serán subidos en la próxima actualización.
- Trabajando en las radios WIP.
- Implementado la cabina posterior WIP.
- Progresando para tener una versión estable de AFM.
- Sistema de armas del CC y gunsight WIP.
- Otras correcciones en el modelo 3D y texturas,
- Corregido problemas con la localización y otros temas generales.
- Completado Manual de Vuelo C-101CC, es decir, el Manual de Vuelo del C-101 Anexo I.

Jun-24-2016, 16:46
From Aviodev Facebook, C-101EB and CC reconstructed from scratch and radio implementation.


The complete C-101EB/CC structure has been redone, as again we were not happy with the previous results, and for two seaters functionality was mandatory task.
Also lot of work on radios development. That means do it four times, C-101EB and C-101CC front and rear cockpit, but definetely the gate for multicrew is open. We have succesfully implemented radios dependency in front/rear cockpit in both C-101 You can take the radio priority in any of both cockpits and tune the frecuency, with all the functionality. It takes time but we are happy to get motivational results.
Step by step until achieve the target!
La estructura completa C-101EB / CC se ha hecho de nuevo, ya que de nuevo no estábamos contentos con los resultados previos, y para la funcionalidad de la multicabina era tarea obligatoria.
También mucho trabajo detrás en el desarrollo de las radios. Eso significa hacer el trabajo cuatro veces, C-101EB y C-101CC cabina anterior y posterior, pero definitivamente la puerta para la multicabina compartida está abierta. Hemos implementado con éxito la dependencia de radios en la cabina anterior/posterior en el C-101. Ahora es posible tomar la prioridad de la radio en cualquiera de las dos cabinas y sintonizar la frecuencia, con toda la funcionalidad. Nos ha costado tiempo, pero estamos contentos de ver resultados motivadores.
Paso a paso hasta conseguir el objetivo!


Aug-04-2016, 16:54
Aviodev update. Radio and intercom implemented, expected release on a next update.



I know, communication is not our best asset, and it's something we have been trying to improve, and we will keep trying for sure. Apologies for that.

As our first projects, we were ot free to make mistakes, and bad choies at some points, for example thinking to take two variants of the same version, it would be not so hard to achieve. Then we found those two variants had more diferences than we expect, and also both are two-seaters. That means in terms of code, manage four cockpits, ang brings a massive time invested to implement them in the best way. Just multricrew meant rework and reestructure a big part of the code to make it possible, in talking EB/CC that means do it twice. Add to this, AFM integration with systems and get a proper results.

But when beta was released, we acquire a compromise with the community about the features in the C-101, and we feel we must complete the project with this features even it means lot of extra time invested. It is a very special project for us, and we won't be happy with us if for release something quickly, we have to a lite version of DCS C-101.

This week we implemented Comm UHF and VHF radio + Intercom in front and rear cockpit on EB. It took time to achieve this milestone. We were waiting to make a post with this feature and a video showing how they work now, so there was no news in almost one month as we wanted the whole pack of comms radio ready. This will be available on next update.

I know this post can be understood as excuses, or doesn't help to dissipate some concerns. As some of you could think this looks very bad, but after all this months, and with all the problems, hey we are still alive and ready, as we never had any doubt about this project, and we keep everyday focused and working on the target.

We really want to thank you very much to all these people who still sends their support to us, it really means a lot to us. And for those who has lost their faith on this, we just hope our work and commitment will reverse this.

Aug-06-2016, 06:21
AvioDev develop video show C-101EB radio procedures and use on cockpit.

The new C-101EB update cockpit on ModelViewer (800000+ polygons).

Aug-14-2016, 15:37
AvioDev C-101CC update cockpit, from Facebook:


In the meantime C-101EB rear cockpit is being implemented, we keep improving the module, reworking the magnetic compass and HUD. :)
Mientras se implementa la cabina posterior del C-101EB, seguimos mejorando el módulo, mejorando la brújula magnética y el HUD.

Aug-28-2016, 06:42
Aviodev C-101 more progress


Step by step, we are bringing to life the rear cockpit. Implementing all systems, not just mirroring them from the front cockpit, but doing it in an independent way. This will allow us to generate failures for an instructor/student role in addition to the IFR training hood option.
Some of the modifications made are the compass housing, slip indicator, instrument flags smooth animation, correct altimeter implementation, as well as cockpit clock, electrical system improvements and its corresponding circuit breakers, CC cockpit corrections, like for example the HUD.
And many other corrections have been made, which list would be too long.
Paso a paso vamos dándole vida a la cabina posterior. Implementando todos los sistemas, no sólo replicándolos desde la cabina anterior, sino haciéndolo de forma independiente. Esto nos permitirá generar fallos en el papel de instructor/alumno en conjunto con la opción de la capota para entrenamiento IFR.
Algunas de las modificaciones realizadas son la carcasa de la brújula, el indicador de resbale, animaciones de banderas de instrumentos, correcta implementación del altímetro, así como del reloj, mejoras en el sistema eléctrico y correspondientes cortacircuitos, correcciones en la cabina del CC, como el visor (HUD).
Y muchas otras correcciones cuya relación sería muy extensa.


Sep-11-2016, 08:33
Aviodev develop update


Hi everyone!

This past week we reached some interesting milestones.
- During a trip to Chile, crossing the Atlantic to the far side of the world, we couldn't let pass the chance to jump on a C-101CC in the Museo Nacional Aeronáutico y del Espacio - Santiago de Chile, in order to take videos and pictures from each possible angle. We would like to thank the Director of the museum and Staff for allowing the visit to the aircraft and opening front/rear cockpit for us.
- We are now taking advantage of all aerodynamic data available from C101 in order to keep working on AFM, which will hopefully give good results once they are fully implemented.
- We have been reestructuring all the livery folders to reduce the module size, deleting duplications, reducing our installation from 2Gb to 1.35Gb.
- We keep implementing systems on EB/CC rear cockpit, working on both cockpits integration, fixing some bugs and tuning some systems.
- Texturing work has started in our the new F1 model.
¡Hola a todos!

La semana pasada llegamos a algunos hitos interesantes.
- Durante un viaje a Chile, cruzando el Atlántico hasta el otro lado del mundo, no podíamos dejar pasar la oportunidad de saltar sobre un C-101CC en el Museo Nacional Aeronáutico y del Espacio - Santiago de Chile, a fin de tener vídeos e imágenes desde cada ángulo posible. Nos gustaría dar las gracias al director del museo y del personal por permitir la visita a la aeronave y abrirnos la cabina anterior/posterior para nosotros.
- Ahora estamos aprovechando todos los datos aerodinámicos disponibles del C101 con el fin de seguir trabajando en el AFM, que esperemos dé buenos resultados una vez que se implementen completamente.
- Hemos estado reestructurando todas las carpeta de libreas para reducir el tamaño general del módulo, eliminando las duplicidades. Hemos reducido la instalación de 2 GB a 1.35Gb.
- Seguimos con la implementación de sistemas de la cabina trasera en el EB/CC, trabajando en la integración de ambas cabinas, corrigiendo algunos problemas y ajustando algunos sistemas.
- El trabajo de texturizado se ha iniciado en nuestro nuevo modelo de F1.


Sep-24-2016, 11:51
C-101 AvioDev Update


Not a big priority right now (as we have already the 3D model completed and released), but we will update the 3D model of C-101EB/CC, starting from the scratch. The reason? is simple, with all the time we have invested on this project, we want to care about each single detail. So we feel that we can provide a more detailed 3D model and updated to the new standards. In the same way we are revising and rewriting most of the systems in order to provide the module we once dreamed.
No es una gran prioridad en este momento (ya que se ha completado el modelo 3D y lanzado), pero vamos a actualizar el modelo 3D del C-101EB /CC, comenzando desde cero. La razón? es simple, con todo el tiempo que hemos invertido en este proyecto, queremos cuidar cada uno de los detalles. Por lo que creemos que podemos proporcionar un modelo 3D más detallado y actualizado a los nuevos estandares. De la misma manera estamos revisando y reescribiendo la mayoría de los sistemas con el fin de proporcionar el módulo que una vez soñamos.