View Full Version : Resource heavy?

Apr-20-2014, 11:57
Are spline roads a huge tax on resources?

I've seen a few screens of using them as concrete for tarmac and taxiways but in the quantity I wonder if it taxes the systems too much?

Anyone have any experience?

Apr-20-2014, 13:00
I haven't hit any resource limits with splne 'roads' yet. Although they only work in single player games. Unfortunately they don't appear in MP mode, at least not yet

Apr-20-2014, 13:19
Good to know Salmo! Thanks for the response... I was toying with the fact of using some in my MP map... that would have been a lot of wasted time and effort.

On a related note, is TF planning on creating more lively realistic airfields that are part of the map? I am more than willing to help out if that is on the radar screen.