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Apr-24-2014, 06:42
On Sunday 27th, at 1900 UK time, Air Combat Group resume our campaign. This is Mission 13, the 2nd series of 6 missions in Kanalkampf and the early attacks on the British mainland, the start of the 3rd series campaign missions for ACG.

This is an invitation to squadronless pilots who are interested in something new, something immersive and historical yet non-competitive and fun who wish to try us out. Our campaign has human fighters on both sides and AI bombers with a target on a date, time and flight path in WW2 history.

Please see the details in my sig for more information about us, or go here: http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=861

....otherwise you just need:

1. At least one functioning eye and ability to hear and speak
2. Ability to move a joystick (not necessarily in a coordinated way)
3. Teamspeak 3 and a microphone/headset

Turn up in Teamspeak @ and join in, we'll give you the connection details for the server. Don't be concerned when you see 50+ squadron guys in the TS ready to go, you are more than welcome so please say hello. We'll find you a squadron or staffel to go with and take it from there. German speaking 109 flyers welcome too, we have a German unit. I cannot iterate enough that standard is not important to us, we are a history group and our campaign has no winners and losers since this was won 75 years ago already. The fun is in being there, being a good chap and having a laugh. Our RAF and Luftwaffe are pals in ACG :)


Apr-24-2014, 06:53
....otherwise you just need:

1. At least one functioning eye and ability to hear and speak
2. Ability to move a joystick (not necessarily in a coordinated way)

lol :D

Apr-24-2014, 07:19
:) it's true lol

I forgot to mention as a taster. Those plucky enough to jump in with us will experience Wing/Gruppe sized take-offs - we have 3 squadrons/staffel on each side. I don't think there is anywhere which has these kinds of numbers taking off and flying out to the engagement together. It is an awesome sight actually, makes you go all gooey inside.....

Apr-24-2014, 07:37
lol :D

Osprey has seen my flying, lol :flying2:

Anyone up for some great immersive BoB fun will have a ball on our campaigns. All the guys a very friendly, so just jump on the old TS and say hello.. :thumbsup:

Apr-24-2014, 07:46
Nice coordinated takeoffs are fun... especially with the new groundhandling in 4.3. Never have I had more cold shiver down my spine than on these takeoffs:D
That and of course, don't be in the way when 64 decides to scramble:D

Apr-24-2014, 10:58
Hi Osprey,
Just to confirm, it is UK time not Zulu time - am I correct?

Cats . . .

Apr-24-2014, 14:41
Indeed. That's gmt+1 right now

Apr-24-2014, 15:45
3. Teamspeak 3 and a microphone/headset

"Polish" pilot, only talk "Ies", "Noti". Can join? :)


9./JG52 Reinhart
Apr-25-2014, 00:37
If you join, you won't regret it.


May-04-2014, 13:55
Here's some footage of last week's mission in this thread.


Again, we open the invitation to new chaps who are interested in some serious immersion in a relaxed, non-competitive campaign. As in my sig, join our TS, post on our forums etc. All new pilots will be assigned a squadron or staffel to fly with for today's mission.

All standards welcome


May-25-2014, 13:03
Here are a few videos from the previous mission from different pilots and again an invitation to new pilots to give us a try today. Meet on our TS by 1900 UK time




Details in my sig

Jun-04-2014, 02:27
When will the next one be? This Sunday again?

Jun-04-2014, 08:09
Yep - this Sunday :) Join in - it's the most fun you can have with 60 other blokes all squeezed into little perspex bubbles. Sidcot optional.

Sep-26-2014, 07:26
Haven't been here for a while.

Campaign has rolled on to Mission 25 for this Sunday, the 1st in a new set of 6 missions. Mission 25 represents one of the raids on the 13th of August 1940 (NB: "one of")

See this thread for a little more about who we want to join us today.

Nov-02-2014, 08:36
Thought I'd bump this to invite any new COD people to experience a big campaign. We're up to Mission 30 now, meeting on our Teamspeak no later than 1900GMT. We don't care for standards other than being able to take off and land, if you need help with that then just come in ealrier for some tuition.

Same details in my signature.