View Full Version : can't get missions to open channel menu

Jan-26-2012, 19:38
I read some of the other posts and I checked my user name and my teamspeak name and they are the same . In the chat room I can hear people come and go.(the teamspeak conneations page) but in the online mission there is no sound of voices and the mission command is dead. I notice that there is a padlock by my name in the COD list on the teamspeak program page. The progam indicated that I'm connected and people enter and leave my channel??? I'm new to this and now I'm totally confused. help

Jan-26-2012, 21:16
Hi Chair, and welcome to the ATAG Forum.

I'm sorry to read of your troubles with Teamspeak and wish I had the savvy to help you here. With any luck, our ATAG Teamspeak Admin, Striker, will see this and soon have you merrily chatting away with us.

Looking forward to seeing you online!