View Full Version : New to IL-2 CLoD, request Bf-109 training.

May-05-2014, 00:33
Hey all,

Highly experienced simmer, come from primarily IL-2 1946 simming under full real settings. I am finding CLoD to be quite a bit different than 1946 and I think I need a good training class to learn how this plane works in this game. I am in the USA, but work nights, hence I am available in the mornings and very early afternoons here, which puts me perfectly into the afternoon and evenings GMT. If anyone can offer me a training class during the week, please let me know! I am a quick study and have the basic controls set up on my stick, so I just need some instruction on technique and such.

May-09-2014, 15:06
I'm really surprised no one is interested in training me. Sad. :doh:

May-09-2014, 15:12
you should post in the atag flight school section.

Godfather Actual
May-09-2014, 17:06
Hello Heiden if you ever see me on the atag teamspeak i will be willing to help you out. I can give you the basics about the 109 to get you started.

May-09-2014, 17:31
S! Heiden,

Welcome to CloD - long time no see

You'll be a quick study - hop on the ATAG comms and you should be able to get some help!