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May-12-2014, 18:18
Courtesy of THOR:

DBS Mission #7 - discussion

With the popularity and rarity of PTO missions, it has been decided (well I have ) that we will run our MDS Coral Sea next.

The map is in final polishing stages and almost ready to launch. There will be some changes in comparison with MDS Midway:

No more AI recon planes. All recon flights will be human and limited to 4 pilots in the air at the same time with 8 available planes in total.
Radar or FoW has been decreased. From 5 grids radius on Midway, it will now track aircraft at 2.5 grids radius, and not below 50m. Small ships will have simulated visual radius of 1 grid and no altitude limitation.
Up until now an honor based rule, death penalties will be enforced. If you die, you will have to sit out before being given permission to refly. Currently suggested penalty duration is 10 minutes*.
Home base icons (carriers) will remain static throughout the Mission, further preventing the one team to locate the other.
A/C type will no longer be visible on the scoring screen.

*Because of longer flying distances than on Midway.

Unlike Midway where we had to use AI bomber flights on blue side to simulate vast number of flights and overall attack on Midway Atoll, there will be no AI bomber flights here. We do have a mission version with AI flights as a backup if all else fails and there aren't enough pilots to populate both teams (bomber slots) but that will be a last resort. Since this will be primarily a human pilots oriented mission, carrier AAA effectiveness has also been increased. During our latest testing we found that the IJN carriers with the same settings spit out at best 1/2 or 1/3 of the fire of what USN carriers are capable of. Thus we might increase them even more to balance it out.

Now for the date. My suggestion is to run this on 31st of this month, again Saturday. In the same time frame we ran Midway. Reason being this will enable US guys to join in again and Europen guys to stay up late and not worry about working tomorrow and lack of sleep (wife permitting though). Another reason being our participation on SEOW MTO Multisektor, phase 2. Both =VARP= and JG/77 guys fly the same campaign. If we were to run this on Sunday it would have to be earlier than SEOW and our usual get together, not to mention way too early for US guys.

Nothing is fixed in stone and we are open for suggestions. Fire away.

EDIT: Notified =VARP=, JG/77, AG-51 and 4thFG about this thread. Pass it along to those you know might be interested.


May-14-2014, 09:39
Several AG-51 members flew in this and it was a hoot! Very well done and a lot of fun! Hope to see some of you there.:thumbsup:

May-14-2014, 13:31
This is open to individuals as well folks. You will not regret it.

May-14-2014, 14:22
I need more info on what version of the game . SEOW is HSFX , am I right?

Giving more info on this will probably give less support when startup

May-14-2014, 14:56

Game version: 4.12.2
Modpack: HSFX v7.02 (Expert ON)
Additional mods: BF3 MODS LIST
- either enable by using our mod profile after previously disabling any installed mods
- or by downloading all the mods as ONE PACK (instructions included)
Network settings: set NetSpeed to 40000
TeamSpeak 3: Battle-Fields 3 TS details


May-14-2014, 14:58
Recommend registering on their forum so when signup is created in next day or two, you can get your name in before it fills up.

May-17-2014, 19:33
Sign up is live now, reserve your spot!


May-19-2014, 15:43
Nice, I love these Pacific events (since Warbirds online). :thumbsup:

But not more have animus to install this "myriad of '46 MOD's" to play once ... :ind:


May-19-2014, 16:18
Nice, I love these Pacific events (since Warbirds online). :thumbsup:

But not more have animus to install this "myriad of '46 MOD's" to play once ... :ind:


It will be reoccuring

Last Battle was here:,check out the participation.


Its only like 2-3 mods, real quick not bad at all.