View Full Version : More LW attacks and targets in England

Jan-30-2012, 10:57
Would it be a good idea to have more AI bombers attacking England and less AI bombers attacking
France to make missions more like the BoB? My thinking being that the battle was more about the
RAF defending and the LW attacking. The RAF at the time was more geared towards defending
than offensive operations and I believe and the LW aircraft inventory was very offensive based as
Germany was looking to expand. I am thinking that it might be more realistic to have more targets in
England for human LW pilots and AI LW and put the RAF on more of a defensive footing. Of course,
it would be good to keep some targets for RAF bombers, but not nearly as many as for the LW.
A time limit on LW to destroy targets in England may produce a better BoB simulation. This may not be
a popular or achievable idea but I thought it might be worth thinking about. Thoughts?

Happy landings,


Jan-30-2012, 11:04

Although that would make a more historical scenario, we have to keep in mind that at some times, there are not enough planes in the air. The addition of AI bombers allows the pilots to have something to shoot at in case there is little activity in the server or they just prefer shooting at bombers.

Also, you would notice that the bombers do not contribute to the overall mission success.

I'm sure in the future, once the game is more stable, we could setup a more historical mission, probably on our secondary server.