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May-17-2014, 17:48
Tonight was fun, felt even better given that I did an entire sortie and used up most of the 109's fuel doing it (after starting at 100%).

Started at Coquelles, randomly stumble upon 4 109 fighter bombers going out. Escort them until we get to Hawkinge. A lone spitfire comes at us, I decide to intercept it alone. That doesn't go so well, since I can't get a good solution on him. I don't know why I even bother with dogfights at all, I'm terrible at dogfighting.

End up finding myself running back towards France at full throttle. Luckily the Spit breaks off before I get back to France. So I end up mosing around France with my 109. I still have full ammunition and lots of fuel. I hop onto TS, my mic isn't plugged in unfortunately. I just listen for contacts and follow what people are saying.

Try to bounce a Hurricane north of Calais from 6.5k. He has my number though, so I don't bother trying to follow him. He's not worthy of the effort and I'm feeling lazy, haven't flown in a while.

End up following TS to Dunkirk where some Blenheims are preparing to hit Zutkerque. I barely manage to find one, try to do a diving pass over Dunkirk, he sees me and just dives away; I can't follow I'm at 700 km/h. I lose sight of him but head towards Zutkerque. That's when I find him again, there's a G.50 there trying to shoot him down. So the G.50 and I harass the blenny, I can't get a good firing solution to burst down the blenny without shoulder shooting, but I still manage to get a few cannon rounds in him. Down he goes, but not after the G.50 stalled at low altitude and crashed. I hope I didn't surprise him into stalling..

I still have fuel and most of my ammo so I remain over French airfiels, loitering. I try to find someone being chased by a Spit (who ends up chasing several people, LUL) and fail at doing that. Oh well.

At this point my patience is finally rewarded when a >lot< of Blennies come straight down from England to hit the airfields (Coquelles and Caffiers). I find one going north (huh, how'd he get so far into France?), back to the coast. Get in close and at the range that must be cannon convergence I let loose a good burst, just like in practice. I end up getting a perfect firing solution on him and with a good cannon burst I shoot off his right wing. Damn, that felt nice.

There are lots of Blennies everywhere as of now. I just randomly choose a Blenny at this point to shoot at, hoping to take him out. He's maneuvering though and while attempting to get in close enough to get good hits, I clip my wing. I'm talking half of my wing. oops

Not sure what happened to the blenny but I jettison the canopy in preparation to bail out. But I realize that the aircraft is still slightly airworthy. Keep in mind the 109 has half of its right wing missing. So I try to glide down to crash land at Coquelle. The rudder allows me to bring in the 109 on its belly with level wings. Works out great, get the pilot on the ground alive and in one piece. I snap some screenshots because ego².

Picture of broken wing + sortie score. I didn't break the wing in landing, so what you see in the pic is what I had in the air after my collision with the blenny: http://i.imgur.com/N6950Ep.jpg

Picture of server stuff. Everything happened in the last 5 minutes of the sortie: http://i.imgur.com/EtfXU1g.png

Jun-01-2014, 13:27

That was a very good read. It's amazing how each time one goes up there's so much fun to be had.

See you out there, mate, and happy landings.