View Full Version : how to get the mission file name by a script?

May-22-2014, 15:47
Hi all,

Please, someone can help me to get the mission file name currently playing, (I'm working for new stats scripts).
I need to write the mission file name in a log file, example:

public override void Init(ABattle battle, int missionNumber)
base.Init(battle, missionNumber);

string missionfilename = ??????????????????????????????

sl.writeLog("MISSION FILE: " + missionfilename);


Thank you!

Jul-11-2014, 23:11
bump ??? How to get main mission file name from a submission script?

Jul-11-2014, 23:45
You can't unless is hardcoded in the script.
The reason is that the game compiles it to a "random" file name dll so even if you can get the name of the dll, it would be something like "472736953738170971.dll" (and as far as I know the .mis file name is not stored anywhere after is loaded)

Jul-17-2014, 11:01
Suggest you pop up some information in the HUD using C# and also write that to your log.