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May-22-2014, 21:16
Hello. Title says it all. I'm using realistic map, with no plane icons, and when I play the single player mode, especially with the new mission generator, how on earth do I know which airfield the game has spawned me at? Important for using realistic navigation tools! and a whole lot more. There seems no way to know; the map is zoomed out, and I can see no way where one would know where it spawns you, either via the map looking or in the briefing. Have I overlooked something? I do want to keep it as realistic as possible...and that means using no map icons etc.


May-22-2014, 22:12
Well, if you are using the game default (bad) missions no (easy) way... (1).

But if I remember correctly the only single mission that allow takeoff is the QM - Cross Country,
you are in Upavon - NW of England.

BTW - Fly South in HDG ~ 200 for 3/5 minutes and you find a famous landmark. :thumbsup:

(1) Get the V0101_Tom Channel Map and airfields schemes.


I start edit these "default" mission add this kind of info, windsock, some options...


May-23-2014, 02:38
There is a Blennie mission that starts on the ground but it states in the briefing that it starts at Northolt. The campaign missions also start on the ground but it tells you what airfield you are based at.

Failing that, get some altitude and look for the coastline and if you know which way you are looking you should be able to find your position based on the shape of the coast combined with rivers and forest shapes etc. I frequently have to do this when I have returned from France without taking careful enough note of what bearing I followed or I have chased an enemy deep into England or France without looking at my bearing so I don't even have the coast to help me, it can be quite an intellectual exercise :D

May-23-2014, 03:08
U could start the mission with map icons on just so u know what airfield u are on then exit the mission, turn the icons off in realism settings and restart the mission.

May-23-2014, 08:10
Thanks to all who replied. Very helpful.