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SoW Reddog
May-23-2014, 15:02
OK, so I realise I'm taking a bit of a retrograde step here but I just got given in brand new boxes, IL2, Forgotten Battles and Pacific Fighters. Figured I'd load the pacific up for a change of scenery.

Is it possible to patch PF up to use any of the "good stuff" around, or do I need IL2 '46?

May-24-2014, 04:08
I would just pay $10 and get IL2 Sturmovik 1946 from Steam. 1946 incorporates all the previous releases with the newer stuff. It's patched to the latest 4.12.2 version automatically by Steam. This version can then be modded with the latest version of HSFX7. There is another major mod called UltraPack which has some really cool features but it's not being developed anymore like HSFX is and not many are running UltraPack servers anymore.
Just a note about the Steam version.....there can be some issues playing multiplayer if running the game thru Steam. The fix is to simply copy and paste the whole Il2 sturmovik 1946 folder in Steamapps common to a separate location on C drive or even another drive. I just have a folder called "Games" on my C drive and have the Il2 folder in there. Once u do that u need to replace the il2fb.exe file with a "no cd crack" one d'loaded from somewhere like here
http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=1117.0 (the "download" link is at the bottom of the post)
The il2fb.exe in the original Steam 1946 folder will only work if the game is run in Steam. I think some may have been able to get into multiplayer thru Steam but I never could. Also, having a separate install will enable modding without any conflicts with Steam. Any mods will, of course, have to be installed into the 1946 folder via the pathway to wherever u put it.
I will admit that after CloD and the P51 in DCS, Il2 1946 (even modded) is certainly a step down in graphical quality and detail. Nonetheless, if u can look past that, it can still be fun.

May-24-2014, 06:47
What is your game version now ? il2 1946 is 4.07 IIRC.
I think you just have to patch it up.

May-26-2014, 15:42
Patch it to 4.12.2 and add some HSFX7 goodness. You wont regret it :)