View Full Version : ACG Pilot's Bomber Night Thursday NightS @ 19.30 hrs GMT

Plt Off JRB Meaker
May-24-2014, 11:22
Gentlemen,the British ACG RAF bomber pilots of 105 Squadron are now hosting a special 'Blenheim Bomber Night' which will take place every Thursday night @ 19.30 hrs GMT for a couple of hours.

During this special night we can offer help,advice and training on the Blenheim MkIV bomber,we also,during the evening,pick several different targets to totally destroy,so if you've always wanted to fly the Blenheim but needed some help,or you are interested in strategic bombing in large numbers,this evening is specially for you.

We only started the 'Bomber Night' this week,but we are very keen on having a massed bombing raid soon of ideally 20-30 plus Blenheims,and therefore we want to invite all those of you who are interested in the Blenheim to come along and join in the big raid.Blenheim Squadron's will be especially welcomed.We normally prefer high altitude carpet bombing from around 16000 ft plus,using the two Auto pilot's and the bomb aiming set up,but we do entertain low level precision bombing too.

Please join in our Teamspeak and fly with us, the TS address is and remember it's every Thursday night @ 19.30 hrs GMT :salute: