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May-24-2014, 13:00
The Blacksheep were established in Dec 1999 flying CFS2. We moved on to IL2 in 2002 where we enjoyed doing what we love best (which is flying off carriers in the Pacific) with a few enjoying Lock On Modern Air Combat (LOMAC). In the passed couple of years, we moved on to Rise of Flight, DCS: P-51D, and recently started flying Cliffs of Dover once the Fusion Team got their hands on it. Some Blacksheep are Early birds with Battle of Stalingrad. We truly miss carrier aviation, but are enjoying ourselves as we wait for a new generation PTO sim.

All of our members are over the age of 40. While not strictly regimented, we mostly fly Friday and Saturday nights. We have several professional pilots in the Sheep's Pen flying for the military, charter, and the airline industries. We enjoy full switch/emersion settings, and use the most accurate operations, and tactics in the community for deploying pilots and aircraft. Wanna learn how to fly formation right? How to use bearing line and reference points? How to fly properly in and airfield's airspace, as well as how to operate in an aircraft carrier's airspace... You'll learn with us.

Check out our website.

Contact use via the website's instructions and also email the staff at

Info for logging on to the Teamspeak3 server is in the "TeamSpeak" tab.

Looking forward to meeting you!



May-24-2014, 13:07
Hi and Welcome to the forum Vidar.

Great to see another squad getting in to Cliffs here.

I flew with a virtual 214th Baa Baa squadron many years ago, so long ago I cannot even remember which game!



Jun-13-2014, 08:22
S` to the BSS. Good crew and many memories of Great P.T.O. missions with you guys.