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Feb-06-2012, 16:22

I have recently decided to try my hand at video editing just for the fun of it. Here it is! I've synchronized some of the events to the music to try make it fit better. Before I do my next one I will be rearranging my chat bar so that I can crop it out if needs be. Uploaded in high def too.

Feb-06-2012, 17:37
Very well done Headshot. I just to produce videos semi-professional about 10 years ago (which just means I was supposed to get paid but didnt)

Just some suggestions

1. As you mentioned get rid of any "chat Bar" throttle" damage stats, makes it appear much more real

2.Your Music is great!!! but PLEASE PLEASE do not use background that has lyrics unless the words are part of the story (get a audio editing program like "Goldwave" the learning curve is small and you can create the music to match the shots (which you did well BTW) Nothing is worse that shooting down a Me-110 while John Denver sings "Rocky Mountain High in the background)

3. Create a story: use a "story board" tell a tale i.e. who are you: where are you from: what are you supposed to do: did you achieve the task: what was the outcome ? and the best how did it end ?? find some good music for that.

4. dont be afraid to use effects Filters: opening titles: Transitions: Credits: on the same note they can be over used:

what are you using to edit and capture your videos


Feb-06-2012, 17:52
I will have the chat bar removed for the next video. As far as lyrical background music I really have no intention of using it as I avoid that for most stuff I do. I just prefer musical. I do intend on doing more at a later time with more of a story to it but this video was done strictly for me to test some of the software that I use, and encoding and YouTube uploading as I haven't done any of that before. As for the effects and opening screens and the like I have to figure out how to do that yet. My next attempt will be more in depth but this was mainly to figure out encoding and uploading. I use Fraps to capture small clips while I'm flying in the server (which is why my bars are still there). I just start recording when it looks like something interesting may be happening for now. When I do more of a story piece I will have more setup. I'm tinkering with Sony Vegas 10 and Handbrake for editing and the like.

Feb-06-2012, 18:03
Very Good: I am currently thinking about Sony Vegas. Personally I really enjoyed doing the vids. I think it was around 2001-02 when I was editing. I actually had "Ailenware" build a video editing computer for me that costs literally thousands !!!!

Biggest piece of crap: it never worked for more than 2 or 3 months at a time, then had to ship it back for re-pair which was another 2-3 months

anyway thats another story: had adobe premier pro:

Right now I have a computer that I built that could handle video production well but right now all my video programs are the free ones.

when you come up with stories and need a second aircraft let me know, it would be a pleasure to meet up with a 109 have have you "plaster me" to bits
as they say " all for the sake of the film" they do say that dont they ??


Feb-07-2012, 17:04
Nice headshot ...... thanks

Feb-08-2012, 01:05
Nice Video,
Very nice for a 1st try. keep them coming!

Looks like I found the Bombers that night as well. Im in the chat bar working on the welly's at about 2:00.


Feb-08-2012, 03:18
Nice action sequences m8. Nazi planes bursting into fireballs, warms the cockles of
a Red pilots heart.

Feb-08-2012, 06:11
Nice one headshot, but be careful. It's very addictive!! :dthumb:

Feb-08-2012, 08:55

Here's a good example of "story board/music editing/captions